2010 gift guides: old fashioned feminine


Okay, okay, so this guide is nothing more than a thinly veiled list of the things I’d like to give and get this year. It’s no secret that I view the world through a romantic lens and the same goes for presents under the tree. Whether it’s a charming print, some unexpected little-old-lady slippers or a perfectly hand-thrown vase, I’m itching to give all my favorite ladies a bit of old-fashioned sweetness. — Amy M.

1. Vintage Alabaster Lamp, $135; 2. Print from the book Anonymous Was a Women, $10; 3. Florentine Rose Water, $12; 4. Catbird Heart Ring, $88; 5. APC Wool Hat, $225; 6. Frances Palmer “Phoebe” Vase, $135; 7. Fleur-de-lis Needlepoint Loafers, $142; 8. Gingher Stork Scissors, $8; 9. Antique Carpet Bag, $595; 10. Vintage Celluloid Fountain Pen, $24/set of 2

ginnybranch stelling

love! i treated myself to the rose water from brook farm!


I am right there with you. I definitely LOVE the romantic old-timeyness of the items you chose. I pretty much live my life surrounded by such things!

Rachel M.

I am a collector, but I’ve never found any things this cool
(except the scissors, which I own)! Thanks for sharing. :)


I feel like I’ve seen the scissors on d*s before as a gift guide or some other feature, they look familiar. hmm…


lovely!! such a perfect collection! I would love the lamp, print, stork scissors and that carpet bag is speaking to me. It’s saying ‘A handbag, Mr. Worthing?’ :) Here’s to romantic lenses – me too.