2010 gift guides: men’s heritage

We are crazy for all of the iconic, heritage brands that are stealing back the spotlight right now. This classic style, paired with a renewed desire to get back to an authentic, hand-crafted way of life, inspired this heritage gift guide for men. If you’re looking for something a tad less “manly” stay tuned for our holiday entertaining ideas tomorrow! –bbbcraft sisters

Image above: 1. L.L. Bean Signature waxed canvas Maine Hunting Shoe (a Rogues Gallery-designed version of the company’s first ever product from 1912), $129; 2. 16 oz. Hickory handle hammer, $4.99; 3. Woolrich Civil War For Sumter blanket, $99; 4. Oxford cloth Hamilton Shirt, $195 (since 1883!); 5. Leatherhead handmade leather football, $110; 6. Opinel pocket knife, $16 (since 1895!); 7. Timex vintage field army watch, $150; 8. Filson log carrier, $75 (since 1897!); 9. Mark Twain’s autobiography, $19.22; 10. Red Wattle Frenched five rib rack, $65 (heritage pigs!); 11. The Complete Book of Butchering, Smoking, Curing, and Sausage Making, $16.49; 12. Artisan salt from The Meadow, from $3.75/1.2 oz; 13. Stanley and Sons handmade apron, from $118.


Oh darn… That “how to butcher your livestock” book would be the just PERFECT gift to my wannabe caveman, but as we are up in here cold Finland, there’s no way it would make its way here before Christmas :(

Kate from LittleBrightSpot

What a great guide! We’re planning on dipping our toes into this lifestyle as soon as we move, so I’m so excited to learn more and have the chance to support these brands. Thanks!


this says my brother all over it and his birthday happens to be the day after christmas, perfect!


Thanks for the ideas!!! I’m buying my dad the book of butchering, it looks pretty clear. Hopefully it will arrive on time…