2010 gift guides: grace’s picks

Today I’m wrapping up my gift guides (stay tuned for 12 more guides next week and the week after!) with a roundup that’s a bit more personal: my own wish list! It’s funny — whenever my family asks about gifts for me each year, they have a hard time telling which of the things I write about I’d actually like to bring home. It’s hard to narrow down my favorites from all the beautiful things we get to write about every day, so I thought I’d share the pieces that made my own personal list this year. I’d be lucky to get any one of these things, and I thought there might be a few items here that would make great additions to your own lists. xo, grace

*Click here to check out this week’s gift guides (gifts $25 and under, $50 and under, $100 and under and splurge-worthy gifts), as well as all of the gift guides from earlier this season and years past.

Image above: 1. Tarte Lip Stain, $24; 2. Brownstone Bag, $126; 3. Lizzie Fortunato Pin, $220; 4. Swiss Dots Tights, $30; 5. Tiny Colorful Locket, $62; 6. iPhone Dock, $98; 7. Flannel Block-Printed Sheets, $140; 8. ExfoliKate, $15 (best exfoliating cream I’ve ever used); 9. Anna Emilia Print, $60; 10. Customized Calling Cards from Rifle Paper Co., 25 for $50; 11. On the Dot Bangle, $40


Wow I love the Anna Emilia print. Definitely adding that to my list!


I love the Anna Emilia Print – and the iPhone dock! I’ve never seen anything like that before – gorgeous! And the locket! Very nice picks


I’ve been obsessing over those sheets too – they’re fantastic!



i stole some of amy azzarito’s when we shot a video (i looked like a super pale ghost and needed a little color) and it was lovely :)



Great guide! Love it all – but I almost died laughing at myself. At first glance, I thought the “swiss dots” tights were a leg-lamp, like the one labeled “Fragile” from A Christmas Story. The skirt looks like a lamp shade. I’m still giggling over here.


I am obsessed with Rifle Paper Co’s products! Their cards are absolutely delightful and high quality – they just have this gorgeous, smooth feel. The Anna Emilia print is amazing as well. And that Madewell bag! This is going to be a very expensive season.


Love exfolikate, wish it was avail in Toronto! I stock up whenever I am in the states! – perfect gift guide! :) xx


I just discovered your blog- great place to find some inspiration and holiday tips!
lovely items..



Funny, my family recently said the exact same thing! “Which of those things that you feature do you really want, which do you already have, etc.?”

Love your wishlist — those tights were on my list too! ;)


The docking station is amazing. My parents run a b&b and they are always looking for a classier way to decorate around all of our tech needs. It’s just that they’ll need 14 of them ;0)



oh what a fun idea! i hadn’t thought about those in a hospitality setting- very cool :)



Exfolikate is seriously crack for the face. Or, a facial in a tube. Or, citrusy scrubby GENIUS. So glad you agree, G!