2010 gift guides: for the animal lover

Pet toys share a common trait with children’s toys — the big plastic monstrosities are often the real crowd-pleasers. But I’ve rounded up my favorite items that are sure to please pets and design-conscious owners alike. And if you have a pet-less animal-loving friend, I’ve found some fun animal-themed items, too. — Amy A.

Image above: 1. Martha Stewart Space Dye Sweater, $19.99; 2. Found My Animal Harness, $54–58 (made by Brooklyn-based Found My Animal, which donates 25% of all profits to the Louis Animal Foundation); 3. Pup Pies, $7.99; 4. Horace the Pig Cutting Board, $39; 5. Dog Bed Bones, $195; 6. Seed Bombs, $6; 7. Marmalade Cat Scratcher, $42 each; 8. Cat Attack Scratching Post, $40; 9. Holden Design Pet Feeder, $94; 10. Zoo Year Calendar, $24.99; 11. Fashion Pack Note Cards, $18

Image above: Native American Teepee, $24

Image above: Pedigree Bowtie Collar, $18

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Image above: 1. Corrugated Cardboard Canadian Cabin, $24; 2. Tube Birdhouse, $28; 3. Crocheted Cotton Kicker Toy, $12; 4. Adjustable Found Recycled P.E.T. Rope Leash, $43–$52 (also made by Found My Animal); 5. Leather Dog Collar, $39; 6. Sally Sisal Mouse, $6; 7. Cat Grass, $9; 8. Wildfield Dog Bed, $148

Image above: Donate $25 to Best Friends, the largest sanctuary for abused and abandoned animals with a nationwide network, and your gift recipient will receive the organization’s monthly magazine. You can also sponsor an animal with a one-time gift, or commit to monthly support for the care of some of the neediest animals at the shelter and become a Guardian Angel.

Image above: 1. Photobooth Dogs, $10.17; 2. Curve Mounted Wall Pet Bed, $199.99; 3. Le Sportsac Dog Bone, $12; 4. G0 Cat, Cat Catcher, $8.98 (This mouse on a wire is one of my favorite cat toys and is guaranteed to get even the laziest cat moving!); 5. Nantucket Bike Basket, $118 (This basket is so awesome, it almost made me want to get a dog just so we could bike around the city together.); 6. Pup’s Trench Coat, $48; 7. Mustache Dog Toy, $10 (Your dog will look like it’s sporting a mustache when it carries this ball!); 8. 3-Piece Dog Bowl Set, $10.99–$18.99


I love the idea of the seed bombs. My boyfriend’s parents love their garden and I’m always needing gift ideas for them!!


oh i’m so so excited!!! we’re going through the adoption process right now to rescue a Greyhound and we have nothing yet! this is perfect :)


I want to get the teepee or cabin for my cat, but I’m afraid he’ll be too fat to fit through the opening! :-/


I agree with EmmyL, I want either the teepee or the cabin! So adorable!


I bought a different variety of the garden in a bag a couple years ago for all my friends and none of them worked. Everyone came back and told me that they couldn’t get anything to grow. So, perhaps go for the teepee over the Catgrass.


Hi Danielle – Maybe it depends on where they live – which is certainly a good thing to keep in mind – I got one for my brother-in-law a couple of years ago and it worked well, but he lives in Southern California – I think you can get pretty much anything to grow there! :) xo Amy


db – I got the mustache dog toy for my sister’s pit bull and it was SUPER cute! xo Amy


That teepee is so cute (especially with the grumpy-looking cat inside)! The bike basket is awesome – should get one of these when I finally get my mini doxie. Thanks for all of the cool finds!


I bought the dog mustache for my brothers french bulldog this christmas…as well as a bottle of dog beer! He has a patch of white in the shape of a necktie to boot. He’ll be a right gentleman!

The Bella Life

Oh my goodness!

The above photos made my afternoon. I have a Boston Terrier, so anytime I see a photo of one my heart melts.



those bowtie collars are too adorable! and that leather collar is such a great find – love the idea of the push release buckle. great picks!

Kate from LittleBrightSpot

This is my favorite. I’m revising Lyle’s gift list as we speak. santa paws is growing lyle a mustache for sure and a tepee might be in order. and i just realized that’s a bike basket. fantastic list


So excited to see pet items featured. I have a cat blog called I HAVE CAT – about being a single woman in the city – with cat (s). One of my BIGGEST challenges is finding aesthetically pleasing cat stuff and I’m so excited by some of your finds! Can’t wait to see more!

*Ashley Terese*

Aww everything is so cute..

Grace I was wondering is AC going to do another guide to guys gifts this year? I have a few things in mind but it’s always neat to hear a guys perspective of cool things on the market I might not have noticed this year. I’m looking over the 25 under $100 guide right now too.



aw, you left out the bunnies.

that said, my pet house rabbit’s favorite toy ever has got to be cardboard toilet paper tubes, with apple tree twigs running a close second, so maybe he doesn’t need too much innovation. keepin’ it simple.

Piper M.

My kitty’s had his cat cabin for months now. He doesn’t hang out in it as much as I’d like him to, though… I might line it with a blanket to encourage him to nap there more often.

sara @ the by & by

the one thing i really and truly want for christmas is a cat – and thanks to my upcoming move out of my current, animal-unfriendly apartment complex, i can FINALLY get one!!! i’m thinking a cat tee-pee will be in order….


I just bought my cat-child a cardboard tree house. Christmas will be very kitty-centric this year. Huzzah!


sorry christina! next year i’ll spread the pet love a little bit more! :) xoamy

*Ashley Terese*

Thanks Grace! I’ll wait to check it out before I finish the boyfriend list :)

Literary Dog

Fantastic list. Thanks for including Photobooth Dogs! (it was one of my editorial projects at Chronicle) A fascinating collection of vintage images and ephemera and a great gift.