2010 gift guides: d*s ideas at currency + mylifescoop

We’re still in full gift-guide swing here at D*S, but a two of our editors are carrying on the gift-giving spirit outside of our main page. Kate and Amy having been writing columns at MyLifeScoop and Currency for a while now, but over the past week or two they’ve been sharing great gift ideas with those readers. I just wanted to give those guides a quick shout-out in case you’re looking for more ideas. Kate has posts on: 12 Great Gifts for Under $30, 25 Gadgets & Tech Accessories for Travelers and her Top 10 Headphones. Amy has a wonderful post on 4 Simple Homemade Food Gifts and Packaging Tips that would be great if you’re looking to make something homemade and special this year. I’ve preview images and their links below- thanks to Amy and Kate for spreading the gifting love outside of D*S this month. xo, grace

Images at the top and above: Kate’s gift guide for Under $30 picks

Image above: Amy’s homemade food gift and wrapping ideas

Image above: Kate’s Top 10 Headphone picks

Image above: Kate’s Gadgets and Tech Accessories for Travelers

Molly Payne-Hardin

Hallelujah! I’ve been looking for another 5 year diary for years! One of the lists had one on it — and it’s modern and lovely! THANKS! Molly (mph3555 on twitter)


The link for the glass jars is not correct; can you share who they are by and where to get them??


Any idea on the source for those gorgeous woodgrain tins in Amy’s collection? There wasn’t a source for them in the link.



we started weeks ago ;) you can see the previous 18 guides we’ve published since december right here: http://www.designspongeonline.com/category/guides/gift

i really don’t believe in starting gift guides prior to december. that doesn’t leave time for celebrating thanksgiving and all things NON-gift.
most of these gifts can be purchased online and there’s still plenty of time for shipping if you’re aiming for dec 25th.


Krista @ Blue Eyed Yonder

YES! Bucky is on the list. I just got mine in the mail yesterday. I ordered the white one to complete my winter whimsy display. I just love that thing. They even come in a miniature size, very tempting…


I can’t link to the tin logs either, all the other listings for the wrapping ideas are printed in linkable blue and the wood grain tins are printed in black. They would make a pretty funky log stack!