2010 gift guides: $100 and under

The Gift Guide love continues today with a theme that’s close to my heart: $100 and Under. All of these beautiful gifts can be picked up for $100 or less and would make any of your friends and family happy this year. From chairs and sake sets to bookends and wine racks, there’s something here for everyone on your list. Happy Gifting! xo, grace

Click here and here to check out yesterday’s gift guides for ideas under $50 and under $25.

*Also- if you look to your left you’ll see we made a special gift guides home page in the meny to gather this year’s gift guides, along with previous years’, all in one location!

Image above: 1. Giles & Brother spike bangle $55; 2. Midas Collection $60+; 3. Bavarian Forest Bag $75; 4. Velvet Lined Slippers $92; 5. Kate Spade Bon Mot Owl purse $95; 6. Peacock Lollipop Holder $95; 7. Hi 5 Mittens $65 ; 8. Eve Candleholder $75; 9. Stem Vase $60.

Image above: 1. French Bulldog Bookends $56; 2. Glass Feather Ornaments (pretty for hanging in windows post-holiday) set of 7 for $56; 3. Resin Salad Servers $60; 4. Gold Hand Hook $95; 5. Pantone Folding Chair $94; 6. Sake Bomb (server and glasses) $98; 7. Passementerie Placemat $58; 8. Animal Ring $75; 9. Galvanized 12 Bottle Wine Rack $69.95.

Image above: 1. Black Bear Lunch Plate $65; 2. Lambswool Throw $98 ; 3. Blades Ping Pong Set $100; 4. Wood Tool Set $95; 5. Hand Key chain (Was $85) now $50; 6. Pear Terrarium $79; 7. Set of Coathooks $98; 8. Wooden Rolling Pin $88; 9. Bird Alarm Clock $61 ; 10. Large Whale Chalkboard Decal $100; 11. Crushed Bowl $75.

Image above, clockwise from top: Mark Hearld Cushion Cover $85, Frazier & Wing Mobile $75, Hippity Hop Lamp and Squirreled Away Lamp $88.


The links are missing for group 3… I’d love to know where that whale chalkboard is from!!


I love the pear-shaped terrarium, but I don’t see the link for it?

Love your gift guides – I use them every year!

Sarah C.

Help! I need links to the third set of gifts…none show up.


I think the links are missing for the third set of items. Some of them look cool, what are they?


You seem to be missing the item info for the entire third picture.


Lovely Grace! I have been obsessed by the DWR Midas collection. Heaven! They are high on my wishlist! :) love the French bulldog bookends too!


I wanted that squirrel lamp the minute I saw it in the Anthro catalog. Too bad it is backordered (and has been since I first tried) until 12/24. Boo Hoo.


I ordered the wine holder for my husband. Can’t wait for it to get here… is it actually for him… I’m not sure haha


Oh, SO many lovely things! The gold decanters and glasses, the tessellated bowl, the bear plate, more than I can list… but my heart beat a little faster with that Pantone chair! And in my absolute favorite color!


The Kate Spade owl purse is great, the way the natural curve of a plump little coin purse is transformed into a stylish bird!


oh! I love Sue Tirrell (the bear plate) and have given several of her pieces as gifts. Awesome to see a Montana artist on design sponge!


Love it!! Other gift guides aren’t eclectic enough. They’re like scarf, necklace, scarf, necklace. THIS is lovely and has a great range. Thanks so much for sharing, it’s been bookmarked for my shopping needs :)


Great picks! I am curious about the wood tool set. It links to a D*S post from 2007 though.


the hi 5 mittens make me smile…maybe i need those for myself…what if everyone wore them…would make for a happy world :)


As if my Frenchie’s wish list wasn’t already long enough now isuppose I’ll just have to get him those book ends…. Fabulous collection, what an eye!


Oooh, thanks for the inspiration. I bought the french bulldog bookends for my sister in law for Christmas based on seeing them here. We both have frenchies and it was a case of living vicariously through her gift!
Cheers, Brittany