2010 d*s scholarship winners!

After weeks of entries, selecting finalists and voting, we have our 2010 D*S Scholarship winners! This was an exceptionally talented group of students, and I’m so grateful for all of the amazing young designers who took the time to enter. It gives me such hope for the next generation of great artists — I can’t wait to see what comes next for all of you. To everyone who voted, thank you for your passionate support of these students. Your encouragement and votes were so valuable, and I look forward to showcasing more of their work in the near future.

So, on to the winners! Over 7,000 votes were cast and our top 4 contestants are decided. Congratulations to:

Our Undergraduate Winners!

1st place ($2,500): Misha Kahn
2nd place ($1,500): Beth Ann Cott
3rd Place ($750): Ange-line Tetrault
4th Place ($250): Luke Shuman

Our Graduate Winners!

1st place ($2,500): Marie Bachoc
2nd place ($1,500): Thorunn Arnadottir
3rd Place ($750): Kristina Gerig
4th Place ($250): David Ross

Last but certainly not least, a very big thank you to our sponsors! Their generosity means that these talented student designers will be able to fund new projects, internships, supplies and anything else that aids in their creative processes. Thank you to Glos (Glos kindly provided our first-place prizes for both undergraduate and graduate students), Room & Board (Room and Board has kindly provided our second-place prizes for both undergraduate and graduate students) and The Monacelli Press (The Monacelli Press generously offered to sponsor our third place and Honorable Mention prizes for the 2010 scholarship).


Congratulations to all of the scholarship finalists and winners! I voted and had a really tough time deciding… so much talent. I wish you all well in your artistic endeavors.

Caitlin Kelch

Yeah! Congrats to all and thanks to Design Sponge for such an worthwhile endeavor!


yay! i voted for misha and i’m stoked that she won. if i ever make it to grad school i’ll be sure to enter someday :)

Kristina Gerig

What an honor!!! Congrats to the nominees and winners. Thanks so much to the voters, D*S team and sponsors. Really appreciate the support and encouragement. Happy holidays!


Every one had really amazing idea & it was hard to
chose one – all your work is very forward thinking &
beautiful! :)


Thank you so much Grace and Design sponge, and sponsors for
this amazing opportunity! I was really amazed at how talented all
the finalists are, and what a broad range of skills!


What a delightful surprise and honor to have been selected! Thank you so much Grace and Design Sponge for the opportunity! And thank you everyone that voted! And congratulations to all the other winners and nominees, I am chuffed to be among all these talented designers! :)


What amazing work from all of the artists! Very impressed
by all of the work, interesting ideas by Marie!


Congratulations to the winners! I was really honored being part of the undergraduate finalists, among so many talented designers. Thank you for this great initiative.

Best of luck to all! :)