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under $100: fluffy, shiny, toasty and cozy

by Grace Bonney

Sometimes, I can be a little bit like a bird or a small child. How so? Well, in many ways, but primarily because I can’t resist anything shiny and/or fluffy and soft. As I’m wrapped in layers because our apartment is freezing, I’m wanting to surround myself with things that are either soft and cozy or pretty and shiny. Because when it gets cold and gray, I need something to comfort me and keep me happy. So I thought I’d devote today’s Under $100 to things that make the fluffy/shiny/cozy-lover in me happy. If the cooler temperatures have you feeling down, hopefully these will cheer you up and keep you toasty. xo, grace

Images above: 1. Bell Garland, $32; 2. Ludde Sheepskin, $39.99; 3. Fox Ornament, $12; 4. Hot Chocolate Spoons (love these!), $69 for 20; 5. Cream and Sugar Set, $45; 6. Owl Cast-Iron Andirons, $57; 7. Snowshoe Photopad, $12.49; 8. Feather Pen, $65; 9. Feather Wreath, $38

Images above: 1. Dots Stamp (looks like snow!), $15, and Sequin Rabbit, $25; 2. Cross Pillow, $98; 3. Etch Candleholder, $55; 4. Pipe Match Strike, $42; 5. Fir Tree Candle, $28; 6. Sheep’s Milk Calendar (how cute is this?), $12; 7. Captain Mug, $24

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