under $100: end of summer yellow

as summer winds to a close i find myself clinging to just a few things that remind me of hot summer days: iced tea, beach towels, flip flops and my favorite color for summer: yellow. so in honor of the last few steamy weeks of summer, i thought i’d round up a collection of my favorite summer yellow products: all under $100. happy end-of-summer!

[image above, clockwise from top left: striped yellow tumber $19.99 for 8, curry dots wrapping paper $2.95 per sheet, marilyn fabric by rubie green $90 per yard (worth the splurge), sunflower stamp $6.95, yellow and white pillow $44, craspedia (available at most flower shops for a steal), echo custard chair $79.95, fruit box $18 (how cute is this?), “holgawood” camera $48]

[image above, clockwise from top left: lucky number knob $8, palm paperweight $68, daisy sticker $5.95, kaarskoker candle sleeve $16 per pair, carpenter lamp $69.95, patterned pencils $15, totem cup set $60, striped “sofia” ikea fabric $7.99 per yard, pride & prejudice $20, nal coat tree $99.95, pencil pouch $14.95, woman in yellow perfume $28]]

[image above, left to right: sailor tote $33, yellow C table $99.95, yellow japanese washi masking tape $9.36]


Love, love, love this post!!! Yellows is my favourite colour and I have the most amazing yellow bedspread that I bought at Winners. My next decorating goal is to make my bedroom even more chic by painting the walls gray. Yellow and gray are so beautiful.


I* agree with LindseyBee’ this post is the best thing that’s happened to me all day” whoa, great!!


Great stuff, I love all the shades of yellow, and yellow combined with black is just perfect match.


I bought the sailor tote a couple weeks ago, I love it! It’s from a seller in Turkey, though, so allow plenty of time for it to arrive! It has lots of pockets on the inside, and the rope straps are really soft and comfy, not like actual rope. Cheers!


Craspedia!! I ‘m go glad that I now know the name of these flowers! I always see them in design blogs/magazines, and I have searched for them, but didn’t know what to call them. Thanks for sharing!

Floral design school girl

I have to agree with Mia on this one. There is just something about that lemon yellow that gets my spirits up every summer. In fact I just went running this morning and saw a beautiful yellow rose! Now that’s what makes me swoon ;) Speaking of which, what kind of flower is that in the photograph? I don’t quite recognize it, but I really like it a lot. Makes me want to go to a floral design school to know more about them.