tuesday designs

Well hello, adorable little embossed cards. I’m already a card collecting (and card carrying) stationery freak, so these little beauties are bound to be in my giant box-o-cards soon. Each of these sweet, little embossed bird cards was designed by Taryn and Elise of Tuesday Designs and is available at Newspaper Taxi, a great Sydney-based boutique. If you’re looking for some cute Wednesday morning eye candy, these little guys are just the ticket. xo, grace


Sadly they don’t ship these to the U.S. Would have been a perfect gift for my friend :(

Newspaper Taxi

Stef here from Newspaper Taxi, glad to see you all love the Tuesday Designs card range.
YES we DO ship to the USA…
I have just added the USA shipping option to the card listing.
Please contact me if you would like to purchase our any of our stock and I can add a shipping option for your country if it’s not already listed.
X Stef