thursday morning inspiration

There are some mornings when the idea of making over a room in my apartment seems like a paralyzingly difficult task. I look at my idea clippings and swatches and then just put them back down on my desk and decide to start fresh again tomorrow. But today I’m inspired to get up, pull my pattern swatches out of my desk and get back on the decorating horse. Why? Because of this picture. The lovely Jen Hill turned her studio/dining room (I love when people get resourceful with space) into a Moroccan-inspired bedroom. Jen and her husband Dave spent their honeymoon at Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech, where Jen loved the patterns she saw so much that she decided to recreate the same look and feel on an outcropped wall in their room.

After stripping down this amazing dresser (there were no “before” shots of the dresser to be had, sorry!) and removing the nasty brown varnish, Jen and Dave refinished the dresser, changed the knobs and started to work on a mural behind it. Inspired by the murals at Peacock Pavilions, Jen picked up a stencil from Royal Design Studio and created the shimmery masterpiece that is now her bedroom wall. I’m so in love with this dark gray-meets-metallic color palette that I’ve decided it’s exactly what we need to do in our new bedroom whenever we move. I’m ready to try something different and Jen’s project has totally inspired me. Click here to read more about Jen’s process over at the JHill blog. xo, grace


that is beautiful! Is it stenciled? The patience that must have been required for that is impressive.


I don’t know if I could leave my house if I did this. I’d just want to stare at that gorgeous wall all the time. That’s the most beautiful stencil work I’ve ever seen!


I think this room is beautiful, but the (reverse) swastikas of the pattern keep popping out to me…


i love the overall look…..but am i the only one that sees a swastika in there?!?!?!


me too. I’m seeing swastikas.
Will give the designer the benefit of the doubt, but…



i didn’t see that at first but now i see what you mean. i know that there are some truly terrible things associated with that design, but the swastika actually has a rich history in design before any of the atrocities that it is now associated with occurred:

i’m not in any way endorsing its current connotations, but i’d hate for classical designs that used that pattern to be associated with the actions that came way, way after it. the swastika shape was actually used quite frequently in ancient Eastern and Medievalart (I actually learned about it during my art history classes in college) and this pattern’s eastern influence is probably pulling from those original roots.


Nikko Moy

Great mix of patterns. I love the rawness of the dresser and wood floor, and how it softens the black on the wall and floor. Really like the touch of white on the baseboard too.


This stencil has me excited. Thank you, Jen, for being progressive with beautiful swastika patterns! Bravo!


I see the swastica now that several have mentioned it, but it was not what I noticed at first. What I did see was what a spectacular job Jen did – the wall is exotic and elegant at the same time, not to mention unique – you won’t be seeing this anywhere else!


@quintessence – of course you won’t be seeing it anywhere else, that symbol reflects hate (even despite the history that came long before it) and most people aren’t keen on having that in their home.