the whole story photo albums

AC and I always laugh about the fact that we have close to no pictures of ourselves in the house. Not even wedding photos. We have a few strips of black-and-white photos that sometimes end up on the fridge, but other than that, we tend to be pretty photo-free. Mostly because I sort of lost my love of making photo albums after college. But this new design from Debra Folz might make me rethink my album boredom.

Debra just finished her grad studies in furniture at RISD and released a project called “The Whole Story.” Because so many people store photos digitally these days, Debra wanted to design something that would make albums a more sculptural element within the home so you’re more inclined to revisit them. Each book stands independently on a reinforced front and back cover and has a removable binding that lets you expand the contents to view them accordion style. You can check “The Whole Story” albums right here and pick up your own for $180. Happy album-making! xo, grace


Wow. This is a really neat idea. And such a simple twist.

I love the way when they are standing, they just seem to say “Pick me up and look through me!”


i love the album’s accordion mode. i still think photographs look best as prints, when they have dimension, texture and touchable-ness.

Karen E.

This brings up interesting ideas about the relevance of photo albums nowadays. I’ve heard from other moms that their kids do love looking through photo albums, so I hope to hold on to the tradition now that I have a baby. I think this might be the way to go!


Beautiful look, interesting concept. Unique. But am I alone in thinking that $180 per album is a bit high?


I love this idea so much and I think hard work and ingenuity should not be cheap but I would never ever ever pay $180 for a 6×8 album. That’s hilarious. $15 – $25 is more like it.



i understand that not being in everyone’s budget, but please don’t underestimate the time that goes into making something by hand. at $15 that’s barely paying someone a living hourly wage. if you factor in the materials and labor, i’m pretty sure she wouldn’t break even at $25.