the native trees of canada

AC and I are looking for a new apartment and part of that process has involved cleaning out our office and living room to cut down on the clutter we’ll have to pack. On the downside, it’s resulting in some serious dust-allergy attacks, but on the upside, it’s resulting in me spending more time with my books. For some reason, I tend to file away my books and forget to dive back into them, but lately all the cleaning has left them out in the open, waiting to be flipped through again. Among some of my favorite older books (which I’m going to round up for a holiday post), I have a new favorite in my stacks, Leanne Shapton’s The Native Trees of Canada.

Published by Drawn + Quarterly, The Native Trees of Canada is an amazing collection of paintings that would make a wonderful gift for the artist or nature-lover in your life. Devoted entirely to artwork, the book focuses more on the beauty of the images than words. If you’re looking for something different and truly special this season, I highly recommend checking it out ($13.46). It has been my morning “read” for the past few days — it’s like taking an imaginary trip through the forest. Happy (imaginary) travels! xo, grace


My sister would appreciate this, her undergrad degree is in forestry. For one class they had to collect leaf samples from all the trees in East Texas and learn to identify them by the leaf and dry and assemble all the samples in a book. The next class they did the same but with a twig from the tree. I am going to have to see if she still has these books. She got her graduate degree in U of Manitoba. I most certainly will have to get this for her, I am the art twin she is the science twin. :)


Bold, carefree, and very Canadian. I have a feeling that if I left this on my coffee table, my guests would perk up faster than if I gave them coffee. Love.


This book is so beautiful. I happened to see it at the NY Art Book Fair this past weekend. Would be getting it as a birthday present for my Canadian roommate if we weren’t already giving him Reaktion Books’ volume on the history of the sandwich, which is not quite as beautiful but amazing nonetheless.


Can you recommend any art books that are similar to this one? I own “The Native Trees of Canada”, and I love it. I have turned the pages of this book into several focal points in my home. I have mounted the pages onto wood planks. I would love suggestions on other books.