thanksgiving centerpiece ideas: quince

by Grace Bonney

I’m thrilled to continue our guest series dedicated to sharing creative ideas for Thanksgiving centerpieces with Liza from Quince! I hope her beautiful arrangements will inspire your holiday table this year. xo, grace

Thanksgiving is the greatest holiday. What’s better than eating, drinking and lounging around with friends and family all day long? And if your family is anything like mine, this can go on for days until the leftovers have taken every sandwich, soup, goulash and stew form possible. Each year when the leaves start changing, I begin mulling over stuffing ideas, new ways to jazz up the cranberry sauce and, let’s be honest, how the table is going to look.

This year, we wanted to show you a little mock-up of what we were planning for our own homes. We loaded up a car full of goods and headed out to Sauvie Island to the Bybee Howell House where we set up a lovely little Thanksgiving picnic in the apple orchard on the park’s public property. Dreamy. After the jump, I’ll give you details on how you can recreate this look for your holiday table. — Liza

Flowers and styling by Quince. Photos by Leah Verwey. Napkins by Elizabeth Bentz. Shot at The Bybee Howell House on Sauvie Island in Portland, OR.

CLICK HERE for more beautiful images and Liza’s how-to steps for recreating this look after the jump!

Here’s the little list of goodies we found from our local flower market and farmers’ market to create the lovely spread: Persimmon branches are in season right now and the perfect accent color for Thanksgiving. We used those as the base of our arrangements and added in some kale for structure; dusty miller and seasonal leaves as filler; and wheat, begonia leaves, ranunculus, roses, hydrangea and mokara orchids as our star players. We grabbed gourds and pumpkins to fill in some holes on the table and laid some branches right on the table to add texture and color. Our general rule of thumb for your table décor is to use what you have and use what’s in season. You’ll save money and time, two very precious things around the holidays.

We’re currently obsessed with burlap table runners. They’re the simplest and easiest thing to make, and they add a little rustic touch to the table. Runners are a fabulous idea in general but even better on Thanksgiving when you want to bring some focus to the center of the table.

To create a centerpiece similar to the ones we created, start out with a container of your choosing and a flower frog. You can substitute foam for a flower frog, but frogs can be used over and over. Start with your heavier structural elements like the persimmon branches, kale, hydrangea and foliage to build the shape of the arrangement. We like to make them a bit asymmetrical to mimic the natural movement of the flowers. Once you have the foundation with the larger elements, you can fill in with the flowers, adding in a cluster of roses or a few ranunculus. There aren’t too many “rules” about this part of the process. You can have fun with it and move flowers around a bit to find your rhythm, keeping in mind the balance of shapes and colors.

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