thanksgiving centerpiece ideas: poppies & posies

Today I’m thrilled to kick off a special week-long guest series designed to share creative ideas for Thanksgiving centerpieces! I’ve invited a handful of my favorite floral designers to share their takes on Thanksgiving flowers. Hopefully they’ll be able to lend some help (or some inspiration!) to your table this holiday. Poppies & Posies are starting us off today so take it away girls! xo, grace

Over at Poppies & Posies, we are all in agreement. Thanksgiving is the best! Escaping the blustery days of late autumn and gathering around a cozy fire with heaping plates of food — what’s not to like? This year, the ever-elegant pheasant feather inspired us. With its rich chestnut brown and gorgeous bowing lines, it seemed just the thing to grace the table. The feathers were in perfect company with a palette of creams and sage greens complemented by a little touch of russet to finish the whole thing off. Get creative and design your own fabulous centerpiece for your family and friends to enjoy on your Thanksgiving table! — Sierra and Juliet

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DIY Your Thanksgiving Centerpiece


  • vase
  • flowers (we used patience rose, scabiosa pods, olive branches, tree peony, and chocolate cosmo for our arrangement)
  • pheasant feathers
  • floral foam
  • wire
  • floral tape
  • cutting shears


1. Soak a piece of floral foam and place it in your vase.

2. Tape across the vase two times from either side.

3. Place greenery around the edges of the vase to hide the foam.

4. Place a few feathers on either side of your arrangement. Keep in mind that the feathers don’t have to be in foam since they don’t have to drink. You can simply wire them flush to the foam to get them in the perfect position.

5. Add some of your focal flowers, whether they are roses or peonies. These will make up the body of your arrangement.

6. Fill in with remaining greenery and secondary flowers (e.g., chocolate cosmo, scabiosa pods or any other more delicate detail flower).

7. Last, stand back and look at the composition. If you need to move or add a few feathers/flowers as needed, you can do so at the end.

Katie D.

This centerpiece is beautiful! Does anyone know where to buy this type of vase/urn? I love it! Thank you!


not only is this centerpiece worth a thousand clicks, but i have to thank you entirely for introducing me to sierra and juliet. these two have so much talent, and their style is so clear! what an inspiration! THANKS!

Tammy Hawkins

Great ideas BUT just a reminder. Emily Post would wag her finger at this one as the #1 most important rule of centerpieces, etiquette wise, is that they are low so that guests are able to see across the table and not feel awkward that they might have to talk around something large it they have something to say to the person opposite them. I love the idea and think I will try to make a shorter version :)

Sierra Yaun

Thank you for all of the comments! It’s really fun to read them all. We found this vase at a wholesaler called Jamali in NYC. They refer to it as an urn. Hopefully that is helpful if you’re doing a google search for a local store.


Beautiful. Someone above said like a Dutch still life. Indeed. Very rich & sensuous…wonderful ideas.

House of Istria

wow i never thought about using feathers as a centrepiece, which is silly as I work with them so much!

Thanks for the inspiration,

Charlie @ House of Istria xx


Soo soo pretty! I will be in Hawaii for Thanksgiving so, we’ll see what I can come up with, probably something far less traditional.