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sneak peek: yumiko sekine of fog linen work

by anne

It’s always a pleasure to travel to different parts of the world via sneak peeks. Today’s look into the home of Yumiko Sekine of Fog Linen Work takes us to Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, and is marked by a modern natural style. Yumiko says that many people who come to her home say it feels the same as her store, Fog, but with a different color scheme. Her ultimate goal: to keep her home as simple as possible. Thanks, Yumiko! — Anne

Special thanks to Debi Treloar for the photos!

Image above: Table cloths change the mood of the house, so I enjoy changing [them] to change the mood every few days. The one above is from the collection of linens I design.

Image above: It is hard to keep the bookshelves organized since I love books and buy lots of them. In order to stay organized, I have a day to get rid of the magazines and books I no longer need.

Image above: The kitchen should be simple and clean. At first I didn’t like [the] Japanese system of kitchens, but it is very practical to organize all of the equipment.

Image above: My living room. I thought I would spend more time here, but I don’t at all . . . I need to get [a] new couch instead of [a] bench!

CLICK HERE for the rest of Yumiko’s sneak peek (and to see all of the images on one page) after the jump!

Image above: Guest bedroom. Keep it simple. Someone told me it feels like a jail? Maybe it’s too simple!?

Image above: I spend most of my time in the kitchen. These days I am trying to cook more at home.

Image above: Every season I have new kitchen towels from Fog Linen’s new collection. New kitchen towels make your kitchen work fun!

Image above: Favorite dishes from my friends Sherry Olsen and Diana Fayt.

Image above: Curtain — I love patchwork out of linen remnants from production. I have published [a] book about this called “Linen work” (in Japanese only).

Image above: Bathroom. I love taking [a] bath every morning and night — the most relaxing times of a day. Now is the season for Yuzu yu (I put small Japanese oranges in the bath, which smell so nice!).

Image above: My cat Goban LOVES linen! She sleeps on the linen comforter. She used to work at Fog store, so she knows what good linen is.

Image above: My desk in the bedroom. I do some sewing here.

Image above: The little entrance space of my house — keep it simple!

Image above: My beloved cat. She has also been a good model for [the] Fog catalog for many years.

Image above: Me and [my] best friend!!

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    • robin

      can you send me a screenshot or tell me what browser and browser version you’re using? i can’t replicate the error.

      my email is designsponge AT gmail dot com


  • I’m smitten with the patchwork curtain as well. SO dreamy.

    I love the whole house, but there’s no way in this lifetime that I could have that minimalist of a home. I’m a collecting magpie.

  • I love your posts and phots but this cat is really what I liked more. Adorable!

  • Beautiful. I’m intrigued by the “Japanese system of kitchens” as mine is a mess. Can you expand on this in another post? Thanks!

  • Great space! Can you tell me where you found your bookshelf system? I love the simplicity. Thanks!

  • This is so lovely and relaxing. I’m always forcing myself to edit “things” out — I grew up w/ Country and Victorian decorating themes, so my tendency is to cluster stuff together, but then I never like it.

  • I could never keep it that simple. but it’s very inspiring to look at, so maybe in the future… you never know :)

  • This Sneak Peek makes me want to re-think my entire home. Even in photos there seems to be so much room to breathe. I can’t stop looking.

  • I would also like to know where the shelving system comes from. I was thinking of vitsoe but it’s quite pricey – this looks like a very nice option – i am sure it will be from Muji! Thanks

  • As the proud owner of two orange kitties (or maybe they own me!), I must admit my favorite part was Goban!

  • i looove the kitchen and the patchwork curtain! lovely and simple. looks like a good place to relax :)

  • I am addicted to the FogLinenWork catalog, even if I only buy hankies.
    Natural linen is somehow both decadent & austere.

  • Completely amazing. Your house make me feel good, relaxed and inspired. Congratulations!

  • Such a calsm space, I really love it – but I’m not surprised, I’ve looked through the fog linen catalogue so many times…

  • If my couch was a bench I wouldn’t spent time in my livingroom either. I can’t get past that.

  • Love that patchwork linen curtain, & the black & white rug in her living room! Gorgeous space, so serene.

  • what a totally serene home. i would love to spend a few days there–she should rent it to those who need to get all the work done that they’ve been putting off :):)

  • Simple does not have to be Stark or Uncomfortable (the “couch”). The cleanliness and order look great. I especially like the shelves with the uniformly folded towels. The use of heavy and natural linen is so wonderful, yet the overall feeling is not terribly inviting.
    At first I could not understand the shelves and their near emptiness until I saw your wonderful cat on them. Makes such good sense.

  • What a beautiful surprise to see Yumiko’s house! Love the simplicity of her style in everything she does. Her home is a perfect reflection. So beautiful!

  • Love Fog Linen and Yumiko’s style. I used to live in Tokyo and this brings back wnoderful memories of great interior shops and fab apartments!

  • I am so glad others asked about the shelving…please do advise where it is from. I was considering having some built in shelves made, but this might be better. Beautiful home. I aspire to that less is more, serene space.

  • thanks for the nice comments !
    I need to answer the question about the shelves.
    they are from Tokyu hands .
    they sell the metal parts for the walls and
    I bought the wood and have them cut as the size I wanted .
    I use same shelves for the fog store.
    with the different wood, they look different.
    very cheap and easy to make !

  • i love absolutely everything about this house. it’s minimal but still feels cozy and calm. thanks for sharing!

  • This must be my favorite sneekpeek!
    I’m decluttering for quite some time now…….but i’ve still got work to do.

    The patchwork of linen is something I would really want to try.
    Is the book available in English in the near future?

    Can you please tell me anything about the artwork at the entrance?

    Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures! Love your friend Goban.

  • I adore this home! The photos of the bare floors and minimal furnishings – yet the cozy linens – had me breathing easier. It was soothing to view the photos! Great job.

    Question: where does she store her clothing and “stuff”?

  • Sigh, love your life and your products, Yumiko! You truly practice what you preach. I collect linen but I’d never thought of rolling it up in storage. Brilliant! Now I won’t have to mess up my piles when I take one out!

  • is the Linen work book for sale anywhere in the U.S.? Even in Japanese, this is the perfect gift for a special person in my life

  • this is my favorite sneak peek ever! so simple, yet i know, from seeing her house, exactly who Yumiko is. this is so soothing and beautiful!

  • Your home reminds me a lot of the natural, minimalist living spaces that are shown in the Japanese how-to design books. Having lived in Tokyo for 2 years, I know how impossible it is for people to de-clutter. As for the guest room, I’d just add a few pieces of art and a plant to spruce it up ; )

  • our cat love bed linens too! her fave thing is when we changes the sheets! she loves to play in them! love your beautiful white home!

  • Beautiful place. I’m in love with the patchwork linen
    curtain. And it’s inspiring to see the shelves – I’m just about to
    put up a similar system in my own studio.

  • I love the plants in bowls of water…so simple! Is it just normal ivy, or is it a special type? Do you need to add plant food to the water?

  • All the guestroom needs is a gigantic drawing on the wall over bed! Not a framed painting which would b heavy-just a pinned up piece on beautiful paper 2 celebrate those lovely linens! LOVE your patchwork translucent window!

  • Simplicity creates beauty in the house. Linen bedding is so suitable for this interior. Actually, I recently saw a new web store Magiclinen. Stunning inspirations!