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sneak peek: stacey sargent of love and photographs

by Amy Azzarito

A little over a year ago, Stacey Sargent moved with her husband from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Ladera Ranch, California, which is just east of Laguna Beach. The couple’s apartment building overlooks Ladera Ranch and they can even see the ocean from their balcony, which is slowly transforming them from snow people to beach people! Stacey has kept the walls white to play up the bright southern California light and she brings in color with furniture and accent pieces. Thanks Stacey and thanks to Vogo Image for the lovely photographs! Amy A.

When we moved into this apartment, it was just a plain white box with absolutely zero character. So, I wanted to first and foremost give it character and life, and make it feel like us and [less] like an apartment. We were on a tight budget, so I furnished the place with lots and lots of goodies from local thrift stores, and revamped them to make them my own. I love decorating with vintage and thrift store items; I feel like it instantly gives the place more character, because the pieces have been well loved and have stories behind them! I have always had a love for interior design. My mother is an interior designer, and I grew up watching her work her magic on our homes and those of her clients. I have helped friends and family redecorate their homes, and decided it was time to branch out; I am just starting on redecorating my first home in Utah next month. Design is something I have a serious passion for, and I truly believe that even if your residence is just an apartment and not something you own, it is important to decorate it and make it a place you love being in.

Image above: This door is one of my favorite things in the whole place. It makes the room even better. My brother found, painted and distressed this for me! These chairs are my prized possessions and something I will keep forever! They are from The Gatehouse in Orem, Utah.

Image above: I love maps, and found this 1935 World Atlas at a vintage consignment shop. The coffee table belonged to my late grandmother. I also love photography, so all my cameras are displayed throughout the house.

Image above: This piano was the best deal ever! I purchased it for $80 at a thrift store, and it sounds and looks amazing (but it did cost us triple the purchase price to haul it up the three flights of stairs to our apartment, but it was well worth it!). My husband loves to play the piano, and I got it for him as a surprise, while he was gone on a business trip. The four paintings above my husband bought for me at a local vintage store for my birthday.

CLICK HERE for more of Stacey’s sneak peek!

Image above: I love books and bird cages, so this area of my house is one of my favorites. Most everything is thrifted and cost next to nothing! We are both from Utah so I bought my “I heart Utah” print from Q.A. Designs (they have all states). The photo is from a one-year anniversary photo shoot we did with Nicole Carman Photography.

Image above: I love the white in our small kitchen and just added a few personal touches. The old screen door holds my favorite Polaroid pictures, and I also hung my first oil painting and wedding photos taken by the uber-talented Jonathan Canlas. The bar is super high, so we vetoed barstools, and I hung a print from 20X200, and I painted the “XO” on white canvases for some visual interest.

Image above: When not occupied by friends or family, I use the guest room as the headquarters for my online clothing consignment shop! Most of the wall hangings and accessories are from IKEA, and the headboard and desk are thrift pieces.

Image above: The dress form is from eBay, and the dress is vintage from San Francisco. I hung vintage maps of places that mean something to us. We are both from Utah, and Chris served at an LDS mission in Brazil for two years.

Image above: The dresser is a thrift store find!

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  • LOVE this space! Great use of color and textures.

    I just moved from Southern California to Utah for a job opportunity, so I love the thrift shopping tips and store names – I will definitely have to check them out!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Loved this when I first saw it on Stacey’s blog, and still love it today. Such great thrift finds, and an overall really cohesive look. Love the pops of color too!

  • Where is that pillow in the photo with the orange door from. I love that floral! Beautiful job curating your abode.

  • This is a girl after my own heart. I love Salt Lake and Laguna Beach – my two homes away from home. I love the decor, except the flowery pillows on the blue chairs are a little grandmotherly when combined.

    Ann-Marie, check out the SLC guide here. It’s got a lot of great listings for stores and thrift shops.

  • I love seeing sweet Stacey’s amazing home on here!!!
    She has fantastic taste.

    And I love seeing my ‘Pretty Girl From Cedar Lane’ photograph up in her guest room! Thanks again Stacey!

  • Thanks everyone! Means a lot!
    R. Pyper: Both the bedding quilts are from Anthropologie (I got them when they went on sale)
    Jen: The pillows are from the Liberty of London for Target collection!

  • Love it! I really like the media credenza- it looks great!

    I’d love to see the mirror over the sofa painted yellow or blue.

    Oh- and those chairs are amazing!

  • Cute and colorful! Love the old chair at the piano and the old door. I have a really old door propped up behind in my living room as well, and it’s my favorite spot. There’s something warm about it.

  • Stacey Sargent lives in my dream house! What a BEAUTY! She should style aparments for a living.

    Forget personal stylists, this is the new black!

  • Wow!! Such a beautiful space! This apartment truly does feel cozy and like it has lots of character! I love the use of old doors. Thanks fir sharing!

  • I love this! And I just bought that IKEA rug and am so happy to see it looking so pretty in your room!

  • The mirror is so beautiful. And I love the vintage items. The piano itself astounds me.

  • Absolutely fabulous! This is exactly how I want my home to be – every single detail down to the bird cage, which I just bought. I love how she mixes thrift with art and practicality.

  • Love the rooms. The orange paint on the door is nice, but I don’t really like “stuff” that doesn’t do “something”. Otherwise-cute place!!!

  • I can’t express how much I love this. This is my ultimate favorite that I have ever seen posted on here. It’s lovely. Every part of this makes me happy. Except, I might prefer hardwood over the carpeting, but I still love the color of this carpet.

  • The door is pretty cool alright. But the sideboard cabinet beside it is really lovely.

    Stacey did you buy the cabinet as it is or did you have it painted and add the cool door knobs yourself?

    You have a really lovely home by the way!!

  • I can’t believe that started life as a boring white apartment! It’s so full of life and character. Thrifting gives you license to experiment, doesn’t it? doesn’t work? out with you $12 chair!

  • Now this is my cup of tea!!! This room is gorgeous. Eclectic, assorted materials, and a room that overall looks liked it is well loved and well lived in. What a spectacular post. Thanks for sharing!

  • You have some lovely finds. That door is amazing–what a sweet brother–and great color choice! Your chairs are beautiful… love the color and pattern. You’ve done a great job making the place your own–it’s beautiful. I think your mom would be proud!

  • I love your decorating. Great vintage finds! I love photography too. Placing the cameras here and there in your apartment is a fantastic idea.

  • this is quite possibly my favorite sneak peek. I feel like I’ve found a soul mate when I look at your home! Absolutely beautiful pieces and, ah, just love it!

  • I guess I’m the odd man out here. I love the fuschia dresser and the distressed door and even some of the other pieces on their own, however my first impression of the living room is grandma’s assisted living apartment. Sorry, that’s just me…

  • Where did you find the beautiful bedding…I love both beds.
    Also, for SLC peeps…Emilie Jayne on the corner of 8th and 8th is awesome for vintage consignment.

  • This is amazing! I am currently living in Provo, UT and I sometimes feel that we are starved for decent design and furniture spots…thanks for the references!

    Also, I love your couch! I’ve had my eye out for a nice, neutral couch but haven’t seen too many I like…where did you get it??

  • Kitchens: I bought it and painted it, and added anthropologie knobs.

    Kim: Bedding is from Anthropologie

    Erika: I got the couch at DownEast right in Draper, Utah.

  • I have the same atlas! I framed the european county maps in Ikea frames for the guest room, love the orange and aqua color scheme.

  • This is amazing and I love the piano! I have so much trouble designing around my childhood piano – a black lacquer upright that dominates and dictates the feel of my small home. I would love to see more examples of small spaces that incorporate the piano :)

  • As a fellow South OC gal, I’m really loving this tour! It can be difficult to inject character and personality in our cookie cutter apartments and you’ve totally pulled it off. Sometimes I see these tours and think, with that architecture, anything would look good! Love that you worked with it. Do tell where you shop here!! My fav thrift store out here just closed and I’ve been in a funk! I need a new place to stalk ;)

  • this mish mosh of color splashes and patterns work so well together. The clean contemporary lines of the apartment compliment the vintage look of the decor. Love it!

  • I LOVE your color palette. It struck me to the moon. I agree that this is one of the loveliest sneak peeks I’ve seen here! Beautiful!

  • I love the color palette too! I also love how you used the Target pillows, and I couldn’t tell where they came from – you made them totally your own.

  • One of my all time favourite sneak peeks! You have a real sense of beauty, particularly in your choice of textiles.

  • Very Inspiring! Love all the colors and prints, furniture, and vintage/thrift store finds! I hated the idea of living in an apartment that is boring with no character, but this is just amazing!

    Thanks for sharing!