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sneak peek scarlett of saffron and genevieve

by Amy Azzarito

Scarlett Reed’s cottage in Santa Cruz county used to be part of a chicken ranch. It’s a little bit country, but situated only two miles from the ocean, it’s a little bit beachy, too! It’s an aesthetic that has carried over into her shop, Saffron and Genevieve, which sells antiques, such as rusted iron rods from a garden fence paired with stacks of beach rocks. Scarlett aims to only buy what she loves and frequently rotate items from her home to the shop. She says that if she had a larger home, there might not be quite so much for sale in the shop! Thanks Scarlett! And many thanks to Raya Carlisle for the lovely photos! Amy A.

When I moved in eight years ago, I went from sharing a huge McMansion with friends to 600 square feet with two cats. I just wanted it to feel like home to me, a place to house my favorite things. I ripped out the carpets and painted the concrete floors, removed any new fixtures and cabinets I could and disguised the rest. I tried to make it feel more like a mini-farm house, my favorite style.

Image above: I have a love of vintage landscapes, but they must have a windy path. The antique pine desk is supposed to be my craft area in the bedroom, it holds so much, but admittedly, most crafts are done on the coffee table. Also see another crate full of magazines I can’t part with. The basket holds my many boots. Love that vintage stool! All antiques from Saffron and Genevieve.

Image above: Miss Felina on her throne. All bedding is from my ridiculously large collection of vintage linens. Every room in my house is a different shade of aqua. My bedroom faces north, so this brighter one is pretty in the morning.

Image above: Geraniums are one of my favorite plants, and I love this variety as cut flowers. An old bottle is the perfect vase. I found the vintage Gueridon table at Alameda.

CLICK HERE for more of Scarlett’s Santa Cruz home!

Image above: A vintage industrial cabinet houses books, acts as nightstand and hides another heater. FYI — the second coat in a different color of concrete floor paint never sticks well, hence the uneven look on all of my floors.

Image above: The square over the bed is an old drawer filled with some of my favorite things, including one of many nests that customers bring me, an old oil painting of bluebonnets that someone has cut into the shape of Texas and two watercolors by my friend, Brian Rounds. I made the round shadowbox in a class at Saffron and Genevieve taught by Courtney Cerruti.

Image above: An old hat mold-made-mirror, flash card, flower frog, tintype and magnet make a simple vignette.

Image above: Stack of books with the rock and driftwood on top. Little Women — the first book I read on my own, my mother’s childhood dictionary, Walden, oh and vintage “Author” cards. My family played that game all of the time! This is just one of many stacks of old books; I love them so much.

Image above: Things I stole from my shop and am so happy I did — vintage steel dresser, drum-stand lamp, perfectly paint-spattered stool. A most beautiful antique rock hammer lays on the chest next to a bowl of stones from the beach. The image of Mary as a child I’ve had for years, and I still love to look at it every day.

Image above: I made the screen that hides the heater with old windows and reverse-painted the glass. The lamp is made by a friend of mine out of old farm parts; it throws the best shadows on the table and the ceiling. Table, perfectly rusted/painted Bertoia chair and vintage purse were found at the antique fair in Warrenton, one of my very favorite places, I go at least once a year. The doll’s name is “Jean,” and I know this because it is written in pencil on her tummy. She has old gauze bandages on her owies, I found her like that at the Santa Cruz Flea. Rug is Dash and Albert, available at Saffron and Genevieve.

Image above: Old sepia-tinged Ironstone — normally when something becomes a trend I move on to something else, but I looooove it! On the top shelf is a three-stemmed faux bois vase from Germany; it has the BEST mark on the bottom. I’m a sucker for stamps and marks. Also here are my vintage artichoke plates. If you eat artichokes with aioli, this is the only way to go.

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  • I absolutely adore everything in this house! The aqua shades of paint and the antique books are my favorite- oh and the cats too! Can I move in?…

  • beautiful sneak peak! everything is so comfortably lived-in but perfect at the same time:) love the faux bois all the vintage

  • Another request for the bedroom paint color. It’s the perfect shade of blue! Love this place– so effortlessly stylish. Amazing.

  • I did a double take at the first pic of the living room. The painting on the left looks remarkably like one at my Mother in Law’s house, done by a artist relative.

    Uncle Williard…is that you????

    LOVE the whole look of the place…every single bit of it.

  • Scarlett’s style is an inspiration, the way she refuses to “copy”! She has truly made a name for herself the right way—hard work, talent, sacrifice and natural creativity! Well done Scarlett, I love your home and your store! Now we need to get you into some national publications!

  • Oh how lovely, I was just out in this neck of the woods, wish I’d known I would’ve stopped for a bit of shopping. I’ll be back in mid-January.

  • I’ve passed by this place so many times in SC and I’ve never stopped in! Definitely going to go take a look. :D

  • Everything works so well together and I love that the space is small and intimate…it requires restraint which I admire.

  • Y’all are so sweet! I specify paint color for clients easily, but for me I need to mix it myself. The aqua started as Benjamin Moore “Icy Moon Drops”, and I tweaked it from there until it was right. I will never tire of it. @Norine, Cotton duck stapled to a 1 x 4, cheap reed shades from OSH, and vintage linen curtains underneath. @Ness, the painting is by a neighbor of my grandmother Genevieve’s, but I found it at Alameda after she passed away. That was weird.
    Thanks for the kind comments!!!

  • So fun to see a locally owned shop from my own town. Drive by the store frequently, and will be sure to stop in soon!

  • what a lovely, bright, comfortable, interesting, and charming home! of course scarlett’s home would be so sweet.
    small spaces are the best and she did it perfectly. not cluttered and a very special collection. can i house sit?!

  • The sneak peeks that inspire me most show not only impeccable taste, but judicious editing. Scarlett, you’ve knocked it out of the park! If I weren’t pathologically scatterbrained, my house might look something like this. Super cute.

  • Scarlett, your style is amazing. I like how you incorporate patinas and textures into sky blue spaces. Nice to know those watercolors have found a good home.

  • My boyfriend bought a purple couch which I’ve been trying to integrate into our home (nothing else was purple colored), and something about the look of that orange couch with the white antique blanket really spoke to me! We happened to have a very similar white blanket which is now on our couch, and it really lightens up the room! Thanks for the wonderful idea.