sneak peek: mike and emma of m+e

Emma & Mike’s Brooklyn Home Tour from David Land on Vimeo.

This is one busy couple. Mike and Emma have only lived in this home in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn, for a little over a year. Michael Fusco runs a design studio out of the house, where he designs book jackets, record covers and identities. Together with his wife Emma Straub, they operate M+E, designing and silkscreening posters for bands such as The Magnetic Fields and Broken Social Scene, as well as custom wedding invitations. Emma is also a fiction writer, and her first book of short stories titled Other People We Married will be published in February. Photographer David Land sent us this great peek with a little video! It’s so fun to to see all the angles of this 100-year-old home! Thanks Mike and Emma! (Photos by David Land, styling by PJ Mehaffey)Amy A.

The house is 100 years old, and we wanted to respect that while keeping it as cheery and colorful as possible. We love to mix prints and fabrics, and having a house meant we could finally use things we’d been storing in the closet for years. We live in the house with our two cats, Killer and Gravy Boat. Killer appears as a black blur and Gravy Boat was no doubt hiding under the bed when these photos were taken.

Image above: We bought the flowery fabric for the cushions on eBay and had been waiting to use it. We bought the furniture cart coffee table out of some guy’s garage in Madison, WI. The Alex Katz print of Kenneth Koch also came from eBay. We got a good deal because of a small tear on the lower right edge of the print. The sofa was the biggest purchase we made when we moved into the house, and it’s still exciting to be able to lie down simultaneously. The rug was another bargain. It was a floor model at Anthropologie.

Image above: We made the headboard ourselves with fabric from Ikea. Emma bought the chair for $20 in high school and we just had it recovered, also with Ikea fabric.

Image above: Our friend Michael Hearst drew these incredible portraits of our cats. They are our favorite works of art. The rest of the art on the wall came from 20×200, the A.I.R. Gallery, Tugboat Print Shop and Disneyland.

Image above: The guy who owned the house before us was a professional woodworker and built this platform bed for his son. Emma now uses it as her office, and Killer often likes to visit.

CLICK HERE for more of Mike and Emma’s Brooklyn home!

Image above: The house came with a treehouse. How anyone could not buy a house that came with a treehouse is beyond us. It sold us immediately. Last spring we built a deck and put up a hammock and now it’s Shangri-La.

Image above: We call this room our library. The painting over the sofa is by Susan Bee. The Pendleton blanket on the back of the couch cost us $30 at an antiques mall in Wisconsin.


Love it. So clean and simple with unique pieces. I love how IKEA fabric is used here and there.


Such a lovely and amazing home. I love the backyard so much!

If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the paint color on the living room walls?

Is it a gray-blue color?


Maria Valdivieso-Pakozdi

Absolutely stunning, I love all the colors and patterns. Impecable taste!


yes! lefferts gardens! my studio apt in this area is so affordable… its a GREAT area to buy a lovely old victorian style home. :)


Emma did our invitations for our fall wedding this past October, and they were fantastic! They have so much creativity that really comes through their work and these amazing photos of their home.


Fantastic living room! Amazing find on the coffee table!!
Can you give me more info on your couch? I’m looking for one just like it.
Thank you!


are they taking applications for roommates? i will gladly occupy the treehouse

Tammi P

Ah! They found the couch of my dreams. I’ve been on the hunt for this couch for a year of so. Now that I know its out there I’m on the hunt again. Great house.


This is one of my favorite sneak peeks, ever. Such a beautiful home and I’m loving that hammock and treehouse.


I love the Disneyland double silhouette! I have one in my apartment too, but mine is from Disney World. There’s nothing like having your silhouette cut by a seventeen year old wearing colonial garb in the 100 degree florida sunshine.


The The Pendleton blanket on the back of the couch has got to be a Hudson’s Bay Blanket!


what a beautiful home! I had to save all the photos that have fabrics in them. Especially like the first photo with the pretty rug in it.

Emma Straub

Thanks, all! The sofa is the Jane Bi-sectional by Gus, a Canadian company, and the living room walls are Wedgewood Gray by Aura.


such a great home! Mike designed our wedding invitations and save the dates. They are very talented!!


Oh, I love this home. Such a wonderful and unexpected balance of color. And it’s fun to see your happy faces in the space too! Congrats on creating such a lovely place together.


What a fantastic use of color throughout their place! I am obsessed with the built-in bed in the office–such a great use of space!


LOVE IT!!!! And man, I complain how the two of us do not fit on my couch, and as soon as we move a nice big couch is the first thing we are getting.


Can you please fix Michael Hearst’s link (cat art)? I would love to see his work!
Wonderful home!


Hi! I love the paint color in both bedrooms. Would you mind sharing the paint name? Thank you and lovely home!

Bottled Blondes

I love the unique look of the platform bed picture! Living in CA, we rarely get to see any unique designs in homes. Everything is so generic.

Myrtle Beach Photo

What a lovely home, I really glad to used this post, what a beautiful home! I had to save all the photos that have fabrics in them.thanks for share it.


I love the house, the combinations of colors. The colors are soft and warm. It’s a happy home like the couple!


amazing house & hammock & tree house & platform bed alcove…..& you’ve done the previous owners proud ~ hope they get to see it :)


another paint color question …it is difficult to find a pink that is not obnoxious and you have done it. do you recall the brand and name of the paint in your room with the window alcove? thanks.


I LOVE that bed in the window nook. If that were mine, I’d never want to leave that cozy nook!


Those slim side tables are wonderful! Where are they from? I need something like them desperately! What a beautiful, inspiring home!

Laura Gaskill

What a creative backyard design for a small space! Love the interior, too – I wish I could come over and have coffee with Mike & Emma :)


Love it! Loved the video, and their style. And I’m totally jealous of the little treehouse/platform.

Ali Smith

I also would love to know the buttery yellow color of paint in the bedroom! We have been searching for the right color for our all-white bedroom and what you’ve done is very inspiring!


Beautiful home, and so tidy! All you need is a Bedouin rug to complete the color scheme.


Yes, please fix the link for Michael Hearst! Love the cat art and I would be interested in getting a portrait of my cat. Very lovely home!


Love the house & totally cool backyard. Where did you get the string lights hanging over the hammock?


Nice to see the Wisconsin-found stuff. I’m from Madison and we certainly do have some great artisits and vinatge/ antique shops. The color of the office looks very similar to that of our kitchen. (Ace hardware- Orange Smoothie) Thanks for sharing your home!

Dani Kreeft

i can’t imagine i’ll add anything new to this feed, but i agree with EVERYONE.
so lovely. especially the little nook and the wall color…sigh, so stunning.

Cookie and Kate

I love everything about this home, especially the cheerful colors and the decorative molding! Such a charming little house, I’ve saved this in my future home inspiration files!


Can you please share where you got the throw on the gray sofa (the red and blue plaid). Love it.


So… where is the couch from? The large dark one with the


sorry, jumped the gun, read the rest of the posts and found
it. Love everything about this home!


Loved every single image. What a lovely, talented couple. Truly a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing!


I love this space! Where did you get the couch? I would love a similar one. Thank you, Kari

Thân Hạ

Tuyệt vời quá Tôi rất thích không gian này ước gì mà được thưởng thức ở đó nhỉ


I wish I could learn what the red color and that shell pink was….So lovely.