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sneak peek: eric teng

by Amy Azzarito

Eric Teng is a managing partner and creative director at DMD, a marketing agency in New York City’s Financial District. While he might wear many hats during the day, Eric is passionate about design.  Eric works long, hard hours in the city. This home in Ghent, New York, is where he and his partner Joe come to relax on weekends and during the summer. Eric has shared his design chops with us before, with a little Before & After — last summer he turned an Ikea nightstand into a mid-century modern nightstand with just a bit of paint and new hardware! Thanks Eric and Joe and a big thanks to Rebecca for coordinating! Amy A.

Fundamentally, we love mid-century modern, but we definitely love mixing styles, and mixing the new with the old. The old, or “well-worn” stuff warms up the sleekness in some of our furnishings, which is the perfect juxtaposition for this 150+ year-old house. It’s “Mad Men in the Country!”

Image above: We’re big foodies, so aside from the kitchen, the dining room’s a very popular room in the house. I scored the rug from a client photo shoot. As much as I hate to cover up the beautiful wide plank floors, the yellow and gray striped rug is just what the room needed — a little happy.

Image above: This is our family wall. We’re very close to our families, and they’re frequent visitors to the house. This was the best way to display all the pictures without them being in different frames strewn all over the house.

Image above: Two of our favorite vintage finds — a Boston bus transportation scroll sign, and a map of Soho, NY (before it became Soho), circa 1786.

Image above: We found the “Bring it On” print at one of our favorite antique stores in town, called the Hudson Supermarket. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and try not to let the house feel that way either. (Don’t miss Eric’s nightstand Before & After!)

Image above: The basket is actually a handmade hamper that Joe bought in Portland, Oregon, years ago. When we first moved in, we hung the basket on the door partly to get it off the floor as we were unpacking. Over time, it looked so good there, we decided to keep it where it was. Another happy design accident moment.

CLICK HERE for the rest of Eric’s sneak peek after the jump!

Image above: We like to tell people we found this dresser by the side of the road. Technically, it was sitting on the lawn (close to the curb) at an estate sale, so close enough. Fifteen bucks later, the wobbly, red, paint-chipped dresser that could has a new life in our second bedroom. The painting of the ship was also a “side of the road” purchase. It screamed Americana kitsch from a mile away. Perfect.

Image above: I’m an avid collector of Russel Wright dinnerware. If you see someone hovering/fawning over RW dinnerware the next time you’re in an antique store, you’ll know who it is.

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  • Fay: I bought the gray couch about 7 years ago at Jensen Lewis in NYC. It was siting in their basement in the sale section. It was love at first sight…I’m pretty sure they don’t carry this style anymore but it doesn’t hurt to look. http://www.jensen-lewis.com Good luck!

  • Really lovely home. I really like the bookcase. Very simple but add a bit of character to the room. The colours in the living room are lovely too. The dark brown wall works really well with the rest of the white walls and the grey sofa. It’s a really lovely home!!

  • Love this! Brilliantly simple and uncluttered yet totally charming, personal and memorable. This subtle mix of bold colors and clean whites is inspiring!

  • Anyway to find out where those three small bookshelves were purchased that are in the Boston scroll pic?

  • Great home, love the design. Favourite has to be the Russel Wright dinnerware hutch.

  • Thanks everyone for the great comments, I’m flattered! Here’s some answers to some of your questions:

    The pillow cases are from Dwell Studio: http://www.dwellstudio.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=chinoiserie&x=0&y=0

    The small white bookcases are from Target: http://www.target.com/Carson-Bookcase-Collection-White/dp/B0025VDP8G/ref=sc_qi_detail

    The striped yellow and gray rug is from Shaw. But unfortunately, it’s designed for the hospitality market. I was lucky enough to be able to take the “prop” with me after the photo shoot was over. Sorry!

  • Love the two table lamps with the orange and gray stripes…where did you find those? Thanks so much for sharing…great style! :)

  • Fabulous house with so many beautiful views. Please tell- where did you find the black sputnik chandelier? It’s exactly what we’ve been looking for- and second the love for the Boston T sign. Would love to know where you found that as well. Cheers!

  • What a welcoming space. You must love spending time here! I am wowed by the handmade hamper. Would Joe mind sharing his source in Portland, OR? Big thanks.

  • I love this house. It’s so unique and beautifully put together. Of course, I’m hoping to be invited back, soon, but it looks even better when you see it in person.
    So cool!

  • The basket picture is perfect. As well as the floors in the picture, its all character filled and lovely… mmm mmm good.

  • A few more answers to your questions:

    The sputnik chandelier was purchased in Hudson, NY at Neven + Neven Moderne http://nevenmoderne.com/
    Look for Scott (the owner); he’s a treasure trove of information on all things mid-century. And his selection is incredible.

    The large handmade hamper is, we believe, from Baskets from Oz in Portland, OR. We can’t seem to find a website for them. There are two address listings for them though if you Google their name. Sorry for the blurry recall, we bought this hamper over 15 years ago!

    Thanks again, for all the great compliments. It’s much appreciated!

  • Okay, some more answers:

    Bree: The Boston T sign was bought in Hudson, NY (can you tell we love Hudson?) at Hudson Supermarket http://hudsonsupermarket.com
    Some of the most eclectic furnishings I’ve ever seen in one huge space. You have to go!

    Jennifer: I got the lamps at a photo shoot a few years back. These are vintage, and I have no idea where they came from. The only thing I know is that they’re mid-century Danish. Sorry!

  • I marvel at the picture wall recalling the day you spent starring at my blank walls in Richmond, VA and forcing me to put pictures on the wall…..thx, a few years late! Stevie B

  • Eric: I have the same “Bistro Antoine” mirrored serving tray in my kitchen (displayed above my cabinets). I bought mine at my local Goodwill for only $4… It was covered in dust when I bought it, but cleaned up quite nicely. It’s one of my fave pieces! Love your home… so warm and inviting!

  • Christopher: I actually bought the “Bistro Antoine” tray at Pottery Barn years ago, but I’m sure you got a far better deal, good for you! Thanks for kind words too, really appreciate it.

  • Beautiful home! I don’t typically favor interiors that look so masculine, but this really works for me. I especially love hte lines of the dining room furniture (where’s it from???) and all the soft grey tones throughout the home. It’s gorgeous! :-)

    Added to my “future home ideas” bookmark list :-)

  • Kate: The dining room chairs are from the Armory (large space with antiques dealers) in Hudson, and the table is from West Elm. Not sure if that style is still available, bought it quite a number of years back. Thanks for “bookmarking” me :)

  • Hi Eric! I love the colors on your walls (the light grey… it’s beautiful)!! What is it called?

  • Eric, love, love your home. It’s your handwriting on the wall.
    I do remember the lamps, perfect for
    the room!!!!

  • Your whole house is exquisitely decorated, but I’m particularly in love with the lighbulb chandelier in the dining room…can you tell me where you got it?

  • Karen:
    The chandelier is a vintage Sputnik lamp I got in Hudson, NY at this great mid-century furnishings store called Neven + Neven Moderne. The owner, Scott, takes great care in restoring mid-century furniture and his collection is extensive. Definitely worth checking out! http://www.nevenmoderne.com

  • The bed is smiling at me!

    You have a similar aesthetic as me, and this gives me a lot of inspiration. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ‘Cause I really needed it.

  • Eric, I’m desperately searching online to find out where you got those great handles for the Rast makeover. I can’t find anything remotely as cool, here in London. Could you please put me out of my misery and let me know where you sourced those beauties? Thanks very much.

  • Jess: Sorry I didn’t see this sooner. I actually got the handles at the Home Depot. Let me see if I can dig up the exact model but I’m pretty sure the brand was called Liberty. In any case, the HD website would be a good place to start. Good luck! http://www.homedepot.com

  • Thanks very much, Eric. Much appreciated! And if you do ever happen to stumble on the model number, that would be extra rad. Great job on the flat, by the way. Cheers, Jess

  • Eric – I found the knob model! It’s the Liberty Asian Hub Knob http://www.libertyhardware.com/search/default.aspx?lg_KeywordSearch=Asia&searchtype=retail
    They have a few of these at Home Depot, as you mentioned, including one in tumbled grey metal which is discontinued:
    I was wondering if you would mind telling me which colour you used – I can’t quite make out from the photos whether it’s the silver, brass or the discontinued version. Sorry for all the hassle… Thanks, Jess

  • The color of the knob was either brass or an antiqued bronze. My guess is the latter. Definitely NOT tumbled gray. Glad you found the knob model!