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sneak peek: brian everett

by Amy Azzarito

Industrial designer Brian Everett, who also created a line of wall art for CB2, 2Modern and Design Public, and his wife Lori, an architect, found this mid-century modern home in Shawnee, Kansas, three years ago with the help of a local realtor who specializes in mid-century homes. The previous owner lived here for 46 years and updated very little. So the couple has redone everything from top to bottom. Literally. In the upstairs bathroom, they ripped out the entire floor in addition to installing a new sink, toilet and countertop and in the basement they ripped up the old carpet, replaced it with FLOR tiles and painted the entire space! Whew! Thanks Brian and Lori! And a big thank you to Jamie of From Me to You for the lovely photographs!Amy A.

Our style for this house is a mix of mid-century and simple clean-lined modern. The biggest project was the screened-in patio on the back of the house. Luckily it was all cedar construction, so the structural elements were in good shape. But we had to replace the roof, all of the screens and outside paneling along with new cedar trim. I then replaced the ceiling and added new lights and a ceiling fan that are controlled with switches on the inside of the house. And a new sliding glass door, which I mentioned earlier. That project has given us the most joy, because it is now such a large and bright space. When it is warm enough, we sit out there every morning and on the weekends. A great place to read! In addition, we started a compost pile that was used to create our organic, raised vegetable garden. We installed a rain barrel to water our plants and we made trellises for our climbing plants.

Image above: I built the dining room table from a sheet of birch plywood and chrome legs from Room & Board. We are slowly collecting Eames chairs to go around the table. The wood chairs are from IKEA and the pendant is from CB2. Lori has a great eye for decorating! Also, it might be hard to see but the little plastic pumpkins as the base of the flower vase were something I designed for the company in Illinois.

Image above: The vintage record player console was a great find from Craigslist for only $50! We use it all the time. The rocker is an Eames rocker.  The wall art are pieces from my collection. The small, frosted candle near the flower vase is something that I designed for the company in Illinois.

Image above: A view of the newly remodeled patio. The white, tall planter box in the back was also a product I designed for the company in Illinois. The coffee table is something I built recently, and the top of it is wood from my parent’s barn in Illinois. The rocker and bench were Craigslist finds. We designed and built the trellises in the background.

CLICK HERE for more of this mid-century Kansas home!

Image above: I love that fireplace. In the winter it is constantly used. The white swan was carved by my father. The wall art is from my collection and we found the foot stool at an antique store in a small town in Missouri.

Image above: One of the guest bedrooms. Lori made the duvet cover. The lamp was found at a thrift store and got a new coat of paint and lamp shade. The bird pillow is from CB2 and the curtains are from IKEA.

Image above: The “vintage” looking sofa is actually new, from Macy’s. Lori made the bolster pillows. The antique cameras on the shelf in the background were found at various antique stores, estate sales and on eBay.

Image above: Some of my old cameras that I am collecting are sitting on the West Elm branch shelf. The chair we found at a thrift store but we cannot find who the designer is. My mother made us a new cushion for it with Maharam fabric.

Image above: The kitchen, which has not had much work done to it yet besides new paint and a new fan.

Image above: The prints at the top were photos I took for the company in Illinois. I purchased the small teapot, designed by Muji, on a trip to China and the tall teapot is designed by Tonfisk. The banana wall art behind the teapots was designed by one of our good friends who also worked at the company in Illinois.

Image above: A small collection of Russel Wright tea cups and saucers. The print was also for the Illinois company.

Image above: The outside of the patio. We had a drought here this summer so the plants look pretty rough

Image above: Cutting the last rosemary out of the garden. We had quite the garden this year, with lettuce, carrots, radishes, green beans, various herbs, cucumber, tomatoes and onions.

Image above: I built the trellises from simple cedar boards and wire cabling. They worked perfectly! (Plants front to back: sweet pea vine, clematis, pinata rose.)

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  • Thank y’all so much for this wonderful feature! I’m completed inspired by how Brian & Lori made this home so bright and unique to their style. What is so great to me is how everything was made, built, created or salvaged by them.

  • Everything looks so fresh. I don’t blame you for spending so much time on the porch! I really love the [Macy’s] couch – style and color! I’m in the market for a new one – is this one comfortable?!

  • @Amelia – The Macy’s couch is super comfy! And affordable. I know it goes on sale a couple times a year too, and also available in a longer version.

  • Wow! I am in love. Your home seems so comfortable and liveable – just my kind of place. You both have a great eye for design and I will be sure to look for your art the next time I’m in CB2. And your kitchen table: perfection! Have got to get me some chrome legs!

  • Being a close friend of the couple and fan of Brian’s work, I must say…you guys have done such a nice job on your lovely home! Congrats on the feature!

  • I love this feature. I love the simple appeal of white walls, but I am so happy to see colorful walls all over this post! My house is full of colorful walls and I sometimes get sick of the white walls that permeate every design blog.

  • We have the same kitchen cabinets, and are trying to figure out whether it’ll be better to strip all of the lead paint (which currently creates piles of lead dust in our pots and pans) or just replace them. Would love to see your kitchen “after”!

  • LOVE this peek! Beautiful house. May I ask where you got the ceiling fan in the kitchen?

  • I wish you had included a shot of the whole exterior of the house. I just love looking a mid century homes

  • Hooray for gorgeous design in Johnson County! We live not far from Shawnee. I may well be driving around looking for this mid-century gem. In a non-stalking way, of course!

  • What a great house! I think the dining room is my favorite. It has such an easy, comfortable vibe to it. The mix of contemporary and vintage is terrific. And I really like the trellises, I have been thinking about doing something similar myself, good to know that it will look nice!

  • @Beth – I would recommend replacing the doors. Cabinets from this era of home (1961) tend to not be worth refinishing. Hopefully one day we can get to replace our cabinets!

  • Oh, I meant to say @kayblevarrgh – the fan was from Lowes. Not sure if it is still available.

    And the mysterious company from Illinois is Design Ideas

  • Brian — thanks for the tip re cabinets. I had a feeling that would be the case, but was hoping not to have to landfill them.

  • this is absolutely lovely and chock-full of personality! well done!

    my eye automatically went to the aqua window treatment over your sliding doors (looks like a roller shade, perhaps?). i have yet to find a stylish option for our sliding doors. would you ever share what it is and where you purchased it?

  • What’s the paint colour in the kitchen and where is it from? Sorry if it’s above, I couldn’t see it. I love it!

  • i live in johnson county, too. i’ve always been interested in the mid century homes that we have, especially in the overland park area.
    brian, could you disclose the name of your realtor?

  • Funky, clean, light and bright! That console cracks me up…my parents have one with a late 60s tv and stereo built in that my dad refuses to get rid of even though there is a flat screen perched on top of it! I’ll tell him it’s a keeper!

  • Very cool. I instantly appreciated the kitchen table. My husband created my desk in a similar fashion (the legs came from an ancient computer printer table).

    I see in the caption that you got the legs (that i love) from Room and Board, but how/where etc. Would love to find some same/similar table legs to build the dinning room table that we so desperately need!

  • I love the punches of color they use! I am dying to get a shade like the green one in the first picture, where is that from?

  • This reminds me a lot of things I see at pottery barn and west elm! Wow, they can really pull it off with some amazing accents!!

    Good job, guys!!

  • I do adore your patio – this is great inspiration !
    The swan is amazing – what a talented Dad ! What is it made from ?

  • Nice to see a sneak peek at somebody’s garden, too! Excellent trelisses.

    I nearly wept when I saw a record player console like that one in Greenwich market last time I was in London…with no car :(

  • HOLY MOLY! Beautifully done home! It’s not too often to see the modern and country/rustic blended so seamlessly!

    This home is a true inspiration.
    And I am so building that trellis ;)

  • I, too, would love to know where to find the chrome legs from Room & Board. Searched their entire website and did not see them. Help!

  • Responding as a parent of Brian…these two kids have done an amazing job with this home! It is their first home purchase and they wanted to do it all by themselves. When my husband and I first saw it we struggled to put aside our “parent advice” and just let them see where they went with it. We both sort of grew up in homes like that and new what the pitfalls might be. We just pitched in to help wherever we could and watched a gem evolve…

    The kids are both very talented and not afraid to try anything themselves! We are quite proud of them both for what they have created and it has turned out far better than we ever imagined!

    I have been excited to see Lori get creative with sewing…We bought her a Christmas gift of a used sewing machine from Craig’s List and she has really jumped in with both feet and done several projects! (for the house and other personal uses)

  • Love your home. May I ask what is that amazing art/photograph on the shelf with the vintage camera?

  • Dear D*S Sneak Peek Editors: Almost every house you show has Eames dining chairs and/or an Eames rocking chair. Isn’t it time for something else? Otherwise I love this website for it’s ideas!

  • Such a beautiful home! I love that you have made or craig’s listed so many things. It really has so much personality. I do love the coffee table with those hot pink legs!

  • Love love love your home, it’s beautiful! I have a record player that was passed down from my grandma and I love the idea to use it under the tv, where do you put your components, ie. dvd player, cable box…etc?

  • Beautiful home! But why the last of the rosemary? Doesn’t it live forever in the midwest?

  • Love the look! That company you worked for in Illinois must have really offered you some great opportunities. The art director there must have really let you bloom into the great designer you are today!! He or she must have been fantastic!
    Hope you get to that kitchen soon.
    – Peter

  • Love the comfortable easiness of your beautiful home! Wondering where you got the twin ceiling fan in your kitchen. Love, love, love it!

  • I love your home! It’s so warm and fresh. I would love to know the name of your dining room wall color. It’s a beautiful latte shade and I am thinking of doing the same in my kitchen. Thanks! Amy

  • I hope you two are designers because if your not you should be!! Love every room.

  • Love your home! We live in a 1950’s ranch, your home is very inspiring. Do you know the name of the orange paint that you used?

  • I live on the north side of a Apt complex, is there an plants that grow there. thank you

  • I am an interior design student from Shawnee! Stumbled on this while doing some research for an upcoming project and absolutely love your design. Very inspiring to me! It’s not often you see spaces like that in mid-western suburbs like Johnson County!! Way to make it work!

    • I clicked on a link for DIY trellises that brought me here. Love yours, but where is the DIY element I would like eto know what kind of cable/wire you used.

      I doubt I will get an answer as the same question above was never answered. Rather frustrating.