sneak peek: anne mcclain of mcmc fragrances

In 2005 while living in Brooklyn, Anne McClain became so inspired by the creativity and enthusiasm surrounding her that she decided to follow her own budding passion — perfumery! It was difficult to find courses on the topic, so after studying on her own for several years, Anne applied to the Grasse Institute of Perfumery in southern France. The Institute accepts only twelve students a year. Even though she only had six weeks between learning of her acceptance and the start of the term, Anne packed her bags and moved to Grasse. She graduated with honors in 2009 and returned to Brooklyn to start MCMC Fragrances. Anne creates all of her fragrances in this Greenpoint apartment with its shingled walls, rooftop desk and greenhouse — it must smell amazing! Thanks Anne! And a big thank you to Jewels of New York for the photographs! (Don’t miss the Jewels of New York Sneak Peek!) Amy A.

I lived in this apartment for three years prior to going to Grasse. When I decided to move there, my boyfriend moved in so I could keep the apartment. On his second visit to France, he proposed while we were in Paris. José (co-founder of public art initiative Trust Art) and I were married this past June in McGolrick Park in Greenpoint, and had the reception (and dance party!) on our roof. The Jewels of New York catered. The wood shingles were already in place when we moved in, and from the beginning it looked like a tree house. Our apartment is the only one in the building, so we’re lucky to have so much outdoor space, including a large greenhouse and rooftop to ourselves. Consequently, we like to think of it (and decorate it like) a secluded treehouse.

Image above: This is my lab, and where I create almost everything for MCMC Fragrances. My husband built the glass shelf for me as a gift when I graduated from perfumery school.

Image above: We have a really big bedroom that opens up right into the greenhouse, and roof beyond. It’s the quietest and calmest room in the house. The dreamcatcher is new; I got it at the Brooklyn Flea for $3 just a few weeks ago!

CLICK HERE for more of Anne’s Brooklyn apartment!

Image above: We call this our “shrine” — it’s where we keep our mementos like postcards we’ve written each other, ticket stubs from cool trips and shells.

Image above: I have an antique bottle collection that I use when people order custom fragrances, or if they need a really cool wedding gift.

Image above: The ink drawings behind the sink are by my Mom.

Image above: A friend of ours was working on an art project to purify Newton Creek in Greenpoint (it’s one of the ten current Trust Art projects). This is the boat he used, and we’re storing it for him while he’s in Providence. I love the way it looks on our roof!

Image above: José also built these beds for us, so we could grow herbs in the greenhouse. The herbs love it in here! José and I had our wedding reception on the roof, and we hung these photos of ourselves and our family for that occasion. The morning glory vines crept over them in the summer and it was so pretty we decided to leave it!


Is that coffee table a flat pallet? I’ve been looking for some of those. where did you find it?

Also, gorgeous apartment, I especially like the shingled walls.


Wow, what a gorgeous, tranquil space! I love all of the nature elements. I love the balance of rich color with a light, airy feel. Beautiful.


I love the branches in the living room. I have a pile of branches that I’ve been trying to figure out how to use, but this sparked an idea! :)


The way she softens the hard surfaces and angles with flowers and comfy linens and cushions is great! Love the sleek combo.

Diana Yen

Awesome Anne, everything turned out great. Keep up the good work! xxd


I would never have left photographs out in the greenhouse, especially when plants started growing over them – but I love it! They have such a great confidence in their design sense. I love this little treetop apartment.

Anne McClain

hi everyone! thank you so much for the sweet words about our home. i’m so excited to be sharing it with you!

hannah – yes, the coffee table is a pallet! i found it on the street outside a factory in the meatpacking years ago…

shanon + more – the couch is a recent hand-me-down from a friend, but i know she got it at moon river chattel in williamsburg


I love the master bed! I’m trying to convince my boyfriend that we should get something low to the floor like this, where did you get yours?


Love the white sheer window panels with the embossed-looking trees. Do you remember where you got them?


wow, i live in PDX…but i bet a lot of brooklyn’ers are green with envy of that space in the city!!! lovely!

Anne McClain

Kasey – for some reason I cannot recall at all where I got the bed, but it would be something very easy to make! I also love beds low to the floor.

Leslie – the curtains match the branches behind the couch perfectly. I picked them up from an estate sale up the street along with about 6 other pairs of amazing vintage curtains!


great use of ghost chairs, in fact the whole place is subtly haunting…in a good way


this is most calm and cozy looking place I’ve seen in a long time. i’m officially jealous :)


you have a gorgeous home! everything’s beautiful. i like the boat too!

i think that the “shrine” is the cutest, sweetest, most romantic thing everrrrr! it makes me want to cry.


I’ll be moving back to NYC in January after being “away” for 2 years. This is one of those apartments that you hear of, but never see and therefore you question their existence. They do exist! Though I’m fairly certain that it’s one in a million (or rather 8 million?)
Thanks for sharing!


The space is, indeed, great. However, the best looking thing in the house is Anne!


What a wonderful apartment. I love love love your living room- the branches, couch, pillows, and throw. More info on the pillows please…


I love the trees with the birds behind the couch? How did you make those?

Anne McClain

Hi Natasha – the white pillows are actually just ikea but I loved the pompoms on them; and the small arty pillows are my mom’s from the 70s! Vintage is always awesome…

Amanda – the branches are just spray-painted white, and the little birds come from the garden district.

Anne McClain

Hi Emily!
The large photograph is by Nick Cope ( It’s so calming to have a big natural print like that in my bedroom!