simply color: nikole herriott

Wowza! Nikole Herriott from Herriott Grace has the most incredible home (no really, make sure you check out the rest). The natural and rustic décor is nothing short of perfection. The slate brown wall in her bedroom looks gorgeous with the mint green pillow and pop of pink from the photo. Not to mention the cluster of treasures on her wall — Nikole is killing it! There are so many inspiring ideas and color palettes in this home, I can hardly take it! — Lauren

A. Tomato Bisque (Valspar), PMS 472; B. Frontier Road (Valspar), PMS Warm Gray 11; C. Garden Mist (Valspar), PMS 566; D. Wheat Bread (Behr), PMS Warm Gray 3; E. Faithful Rose (Valspar), PMS 1767

1. Lovely Ladies Print by Abby Powell, $25; 2. Lemnos Clock, $85; 3. Roving Rays Lamp, $498; 4. Purl Soho Silk Ribbon, $3; 5. The Wild Unknown Prism, $65+; 6. Large Vintage Antler, $125; 7. Ribboned Half Garland, $10


So fun to see my ribboned garland in Nikole’s gorgeous home. Really makes me smile. Such a gorgeous space.


I’ll do that for my new house which will be ready middle december. Creating color paletes helps a lot when taking decor decisions. Thanks for this great tip.


We have a lot of antlers in our home…all sheds that my husband has hauled out of the forest when he’s worked on fires or other field work. I like them on top of our armoire. They add some nice height in a room with a ceiling that feels a little too-high for me.


This is beautiful, but I would really worry about jumping out of bed and accidentally knocking into those antlers…


Colors are beautiful, but i have to say those antlers are a little low, might get poked in the eye. ;) ouch!


What a lovely post-thanks for including my photo with such phenomenal items.
Super inspiring, Lauren!

Lisa A

Lovely color combo. I am concerned about the placement of those antlers, too. Not something I’d want to encounter in the middle of the night.


this is definitely one of my favorites! so much style and i am loving the color scheme! lauren + nikole=powerhouse team! love it!


I’d be less worried about the antlers and more concerned about putting my fingers in the fan if I stretched in my sleep. Very pretty but a little staged for my taste.


Really pretty, if only the antlers were more above head height. The true meaning on getting up on the wrong side of the bed. Ouch!


Yes I could imagine hitting my head off the antlers when getting in and out of bed. Very sore I would imagine.