new: hello handmade four season calendar

This weekend we were treated to some of the most beautiful fall weather I’ve seen in years. AC and I hopped in a Zipcar and picked up Jamie and Kevin so we could all head down to Pennsylvania to see the Barnes Collection before it moves to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The artwork was amazing (though I found myself equally transfixed by some unidentified Navajo wall hangings) and if you have a chance to visit before it moves, I can’t recommend it highly enough. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that personally connected to artwork at a museum before — Jamie and I both remarked that it was an honor to even step into that space and see the work so closely. In addition to the artwork, fall’s finest colors were on full display and I was afraid to blink because the leaves were so beautiful; it felt like a dream. So all weekend I’ve been on leaf-watch, trying to find leaves in Brooklyn as pretty as those in Pennsylvania.

I haven’t had any luck yet, but when I saw the beautiful leaves and fall themes in this new calendar from Shanna and Betsy at Hello Handmade, I was hooked. Shanna and Betsy’s new 2011 calendar is designed around the four seasons. Each sheet represents three months and is hand-written (not printed) by Betsy, making them truly unique. Shanna created illustrations to represent the four seasons in a quiet, thoughtful way, combining them with excerpts from Mary Oliver’s poetry.

Each sheet is printed on cream-colored Dutch felt paper and the full calendar is packed in a kraft paper envelope that is sealed with black wax. Because this calendar is a more minimal approach to keeping track of dates, the seasonal pages were designed to be trimmed to 5″ x 7″ prints so you can continue to use them (without the months) for years to come. If you’re looking for something simple but special, this beautiful calendar is definitely worth checking out. Each hand-written calendar will be available for $42 right here at the Hello Handmade Etsy shop. xo, grace


I am also looking forward to visiting the Barnes Museum before the move! We have gathered a few family members (even from Kentucky) that want to make sure they view the art in its original gallery space!


oh that’s great, danielle! i think you’ll really love it. :)

ps: do the audio tour- it’s way more informative than the walking tour.



The Barnes is fabulous! By the way, it’s moving to its own new building on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, and not to the Philadelphia Museum of Art (which is also a great place to visit)!


i love it, I tried to do one each moth, for the next, but never convices me and I have to do a new one every 30 days!


So glad you visited the Barnes in its original space. I tell everyone who visits my hometown to check it out (and the Mütter Museum – both are gems).

Oh, and the Hello Handmade calendar is super-sweet, too!

DC Sarah

thanks so much for sharing this calendar, grace! i think shanna and betsy are two INCREDIBLY talented ladies and mary oliver is my all time favorite poet…naturally i had to order this calendar :) we are moving to seattle in january so i’m thinking of it as an early housewarming present to myself!


That is a beautiful calendar! I’m glad you visited the Barnes as is. I’m from Philly and I’m upset about the move. I understand why people want to, but I got a chance to see it as is and it was breathtaking…I encourage everyone to see it!