new: cartolina holiday iphone greetings

I couldn’t resist this quick piece of morning eye candy: Cartolina’s new holiday iPhone app! When I posted their debut apps in September, I think I heard a collective swoon from readers and D*S team members alike. So I was happy to post this update! Cartolina just released a collection of holiday-themed greetings that you can customize and then email or text to your friends and family (in multiple languages). If you’re hosting a holiday party or just want to send a little digital hello, you can pick up the new app at the App Store for $1.99.

*The new app upgrade gives you four lines of type, so you have plenty of space to write your seasons greetings.


I thought it couldn’t get any better after Cartolina’s first cartograms, but Fiona’s done it again, love them!


Oh how I wish this was an app for Android phones as well! I’ve never had a reason to be jealous of the iPhone until now!