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more ideas for aunty grace

by Grace Bonney

I’m quickly approaching at that age when just about every one of my friends has a baby or is expecting one. While this means that I get a lot of those looks (you know the ones) from friends and family, it also means that I get to expand my shopping horizons a bit by hunting for cute baby gifts. Normally I go for more practical gifts, but lately I’ve been impressed with registry lists that included artwork, activity-based gifts and ideas for great charities. I’ve tested all three with success but my favorite is almost always artwork, primarily because there are so many cute options available. These new prints from Ubabub are some of my favorites. Sweet, simple and colorful, they’re perfect for any age and would transition nicely from child to parent areas. If you’re looking for a gift or new artwork for your own little one’s room, these prints are a great option. Click here to check out the full collection online ($69 each). xo, grace

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