more ideas for aunty grace

I’m quickly approaching at that age when just about every one of my friends has a baby or is expecting one. While this means that I get a lot of those looks (you know the ones) from friends and family, it also means that I get to expand my shopping horizons a bit by hunting for cute baby gifts. Normally I go for more practical gifts, but lately I’ve been impressed with registry lists that included artwork, activity-based gifts and ideas for great charities. I’ve tested all three with success but my favorite is almost always artwork, primarily because there are so many cute options available. These new prints from Ubabub are some of my favorites. Sweet, simple and colorful, they’re perfect for any age and would transition nicely from child to parent areas. If you’re looking for a gift or new artwork for your own little one’s room, these prints are a great option. Click here to check out the full collection online ($69 each). xo, grace


Love these prints. And they have such a great design that they can be for kids, or those of us who are just kids at heart!

Lynn-anne bruns

These are so special and really spectacular in a quiet way. Plus, I think they’re very likely to bring a grin tona child’s face – love that!


These are so sweet! Definitely something to remember next time I have a baby gift to get. My friends are just at the beginning of the ‘baby boom,’ so I’m sure I’ll get the opportunity :)


30-something years later I still have and love an etching that an artist friend of my parents gave to me when I was born. Art for a babe is such a great idea…

Karen E.

Here is a relevant question for all you smarties on d*s — I have loaded up my 7-month-old’s nursery with great prints and artwork, but what about framing for safety? Isn’t it kind of risky to have glass frames up on the wall of a room where (once they become fully mobile) kids are bounding around? Thoughts? Do I have to go and frame everything with plexi (ugh)?

Matt Hex

My favourite thing about these photos is that the prints are hung on the wall at kid height. I would love to walk into a kid’s room and see the frames sooooooo low.

Suzy C

the toadstool is by Anne-Claire Petit. I’ve been drooling over it for my little one :P


i have dotty, and it is more beautiful in real life than even on the screen … I keep moving it though as i like it in lots of different rooms


OMG, I am so at that age, too :) Thanks for the recs – love them & can’t wait to see more!


I keep getting “those looks” too. Just shrug ‘em off & be happy to buy cute kids stuff, leave it with others, and go home to peace & quiet :)


I recently bought a crib from ubabub – if you like the prints you’d love the cribs. They are really cool. I need to get a matching print too!


Muito interessante como o ambiente interage com a percepção da imagem dos quadros (lindooo muito lindo)