living in: hannah and her sisters


Woody Allen’s Hannah and Her Sisters is my ultimate Thanksgiving movie. It doesn’t get better than a cozy New York apartment filled with sisters, friends, turkey and a piping hot portion of family dysfunction. Beginning and ending with one family’s Thanksgiving dinner, Hannah and Her Sisters follows three creative sisters and their intertwined relationships with their significant others.

Image above: 1. Vagabond Horn-Handled Carving Set, $140; 2. Round Red Terrine, $48; 3. Vintage Transferware Turkey Platter, $90; 4. Acorn Shakers, $58; 5. Hammered Brass Napkin Ring, $3.50 each; 6. Turkey with Sage; 7. Assorted Vintage Brass Candlesticks; 8. Mikasa Gravy Boat, $45; 9. Toast UK Silk Jaquard Dress, $637; 10. Madewell Oxfords, $178

I’m always smitten with Allen’s classic view of New York, especially around the holidays — a little bit quirky, a little bit uptown, a little bit creative and intellectual. This Thanksgiving, I’m going to be far away from home, so I’m getting my NYC fix by any means possible, even if it means repeated viewings of Hannah and Her Sisters. There are worse ways to spend a holiday than visiting with Woody, Mia and Co. Bonus — you may come away from this movie thinking your family is less dysfunctional than ever. — Amy M.

Image above: 1. Vintage Folding Leather Library Ladder, $1800; 2. Stetson Tortoise Frames, $15; 3. 18K Gold Wedding Band, $300; 4. Painter’s Stripe Mug, $14; 5. Aubin & Wills Leather Satchel, $650; 6. Timex Classic Watch, $35; 7. Red Flannel Scarf, $15; 8. Dents Leather Driving Gloves, $60; 9. 100 Collected Poems by e.e. cummings, $10; 10. Paintbrush Set, $3.55

Anna @ D16

I LOVE this choice for “living in”!!! Hannah and Her Sisters is just so fabulous and so stylish and so touching—I’ve seen it dozens of times, and I never tire of it all.

By the way, that’s Mia Farrow’s actual parkside apartment in the movie, and I believe it was shot pretty much as-is, with very little styling or redecoration.

Max von Sydow/Frederick’s loft has always been my fantasy image of a real New York artist’s living space. So perfect.

Woody Allen always gets the interiors just right in all of his movies…


I *love* Woody Allen and this movie. I love the ambiance he creates and the images of New York. I fell in love with New York through his movies though I have never visited the city.


Oh, this is so cosy, makes me want to celebrate Thanksgiving! We don’t here in Norway… Yum yum turkey…. :) And so many nice things!


I’ve never seen this, but it’s arriving today from Netflix as part of my pre-Thanksgiving movie marathon. Looking forward to it!


Wonderful! I want everything in the second section. And just a small suggestion, if possible: Do you think you could live in “My Life as a Dog”? I’ve been in love with the furniture and Saga’s clothes for the longest of times.


This truly is a great looking film. Another movie that really captures that 70’s boho-meets-80’s preppy feeling is Endless Love–it’s on Hulu!


I LOVED this film and the New York loft is the ultimate fantasy. Have you seen Home for the Holidays with Holly Hunter, Robert Downey Jr., Anne Bancroft… directed by Jodie Foster. It’s a total gem.


loooove that you chose this — such a great movie. and an unexpected choice for a”holiday movie.” i love watching when harry met sally around the holidays too.


I now have a goal to watch this for my Thanksgiving break. I have loved all your suggested movies to live in up until now, I can only assume this one is grand as well!

Have you ever seen the foreign movie “Water For Chocolate” ?
I seriously feel like you would want to “live there”.
haha. :)


My favorite Woody Allen movie of all time. Love it. Looking at this post you can really see the warm autumn colours and the vintage feel. New York City in the 80s. Thanks. I love your blog.


the first picture in the second set of the rows of houses … oh my heavens. where is THAT in new york?!


Fantastic! One of my all time favorite films! Will be watching it later this evening while baking a pumpkin pie.


Wonderful movie. I fell in love with movies and New York in the fall at the same time.


One of my all time favorite movies and I agree with Tina, awesome soundtrack. But, I will admit Annie Hall is right on up there too.


This is such a strange coincidence! I watched Hannah and her Sisters for the first time last night and loved it, then just read this today! So great!


Amy…you’ve done it again! Only my favourite Woody film, everything about it is brilliant! xx


I only recently watched this film for the first time and have been waiting for someone to break it down stylistically as it is so now in terms of design. Thank you.

Art of RetroCollage

One of my favorite movies of all time. The best scene is
when the three sisters are eating in a restaurant pratting on, and
the Barbara Hershey character is so guilt-ridden as the camera
slowly circles the women. The acting by all three women is

John March

I’m wondering if anyone can help. I have been trying to identify a work of art in a scene in “Hannah and Her Sisters.” It’s hanging on the wall in Woody Allen’s character’s office, in a scene with Woody and Julie Kavner. It a geometric abstract with bright colors and shapes on a black background. I have a screen capture of the piece that I can send if anyone thinks they can help. Thanks!


What a movie chock-full of amazing actors/actresses! I really wish they made more quality movies like this these days. Thanks for sharing.