just potters

Last week’s trip to Terrain got me on another plant kick, so I’ve had plant markers on the brain. My summer flowers always croak this time of year, and I’ve got a new collection I’m hoping to nurse through the colder temperatures. These beautiful plant markers from Just Potters caught my eye because of their simple, earthy feel. But when I heard about the organization’s mission, I enjoyed them so much more.

Just Potters is a Vancouver-based non-profit organization that aims to provide studio space, instruction, support and employment opportunities to people in the neighborhood who, due to economic or social barriers, have no access to a creative space. I watched a video about the group (I embedded it below if you’re interested) and was reminded again of the deep emotional ties people often have to this particular medium. Needless to say, it makes me appreciate the pottery even more to know the stories behind the people making it. Click here to shop their pottery online. The plates are particularly stunning; I love their smooth, organic feel. xo, grace

Toni Marie

These are great! But it looks like the first marker on the second picture says Srinach, instead of spinach, lol :D


I absolutely love these, and the story behind them. Thank you for this inspiring link! I just ordered a set of the herb markers for my husband to put in my stocking :)


I have the herb markers and love them! It’s such a great group :)

Ann Dillon

I love handmade and I really love white. I think food looks best on white plates, that way it is easier to decorate around!
Really loving the pottery!

paulette adams

Having a fascination with playing in clay
in unexpected ways, I found these herb markers to be simple, chic & fun !
Thank you for sharing fresh inspiration !

Molly Payne-Hardin

THANKS! I’ve put the terra cotta herb markers on my Christmas wish list! I love learning about new ways to support organizations important organizations like this one!

Sandra Mackey

Yay! So excited to see my home community here on DesignSponge! (= For locals, check out the All-Handmade Sale this Friday and Saturday at Grandview Calvary Baptist Church, East Vancouver to get a sneak peak at the pottery!