imaginenations globes

When I was going through the D*S book edits last week, I realized how many globes are in the homes we feature. I knew they were popular again, but it didn’t really hit me until I saw them all together just how pervasive the trend has become. So when I saw these pretty globes from Wendy at ImagineNations, I thought they’d make a perfect start to the day. Wendy updates vintage globes by making new designs on top of them with recycled materials. I’m so smitten with the Bon Voyage design above (some lucky duck already snagged that one, argh!) but there are several to choose from — and more on the way — over at Wendy’s site.

Also, Wendy posted this fun video of how globes are made on her blog. If you’ve ever wondered, now you can watch them in action! So cool. xo, grace


that was very interesting, now I know is even harder than i thought in first place to do a globe of those


Love the butterfly globe. I’m glad to hear globes are making a comeback. I still refuse to get rid of the my globe from elementary school.


i am in love with the Where The Wild Things Are globe! i put in an inquiry about it, so it might be mine soon!

Sandra @ DebutanteClothing

I had no idea globes were popular again, but I should’ve because I just picked one up at a thrift store. I have this knack for picking up on trends before they happen or without knowing they are a trend. It’s a gorgeous mid century globe complete with a tall stand. It’s probably about 3 ft. tall. Hubby loves it!


as a map maker, i love this! i’m currently working on some globes myself…this was great inspiration — and thanks for the video!