d*s at terrain: crafty fun!

Whew! This has been a crazy weekend, but it has also been so much fun. On Saturday, Amy and I hopped in a Zipcar and drove down to Terrain for our DIY and book preview event. On what must have been one of the most beautiful fall days ever, we gathered with D*S readers for a dual DIY/holiday drinks event, followed by an exclusive preview of the D*S book. We had so much fun meeting everyone and seeing the beautiful bags they made that I couldn’t resist sharing pictures from both events here this morning. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to drive out and have fun with us, and to everyone at Terrain who hosted us so graciously and helped put together a truly gorgeous afternoon. And a special thank you to Amy who played a big role in the day’s success. I can’t wait to get started with our other events this winter. See you all soon! xo, grace

*A special thank you to all of the shop owners and designers who donated goods for Saturday’s raffle: Screech Owl Design, Wayne Pate, Skinny Laminx, David Stark, Alyson Fox, Curiosity Shoppe, Basic French, Horne, EmersonMade and Three Potato Four.

Amy and I fell in love with the antique Indian doors behind our craft demo table. If I had $5,900 burning a hole in my pocket, they would totally be mine.

Finished versions of the bags we made for the DIY event. Chrysta at Terrain put together this project with us so everyone could go home with a custom stamped bag to use for wine, preserves or plants.

We learned how to make easy infused vodkas and drank a tasty infused Rosemary and Pear Cocktail inspired by this recipe.

Some of the gorgeous bags made by everyone! I was so impressed by the repeat fox pattern above — it was one of my favorites from the day. But everyone had such great ideas. You can see more examples below, after the jump.

CLICK HERE for more images from the event after the jump!

We all gathered in the event space at Terrain to see a preview of the D*S book.

Some of the raffle prizes our book subjects graciously donated for the event.

I wanted to move into the DIY event space. The light in there was AMAZING.


The event was fabulous, and it was so great to meet you (teddy twin)! Looking forward to your book & your next visit to PA. ;)

Modern Country Lady

This looks lovely- I wish I had been there but you are too far away :-(
What a great idea. those jute bags with the staps/ stencils.Looks a great day !!!


This looks like SO much fun. I wish I could have attended! I wish you were in N.C. with me! Thank you for the fun ideas


It was a lot of fun!! The book sounds absolutely amazing! Speaking of amazing, those raffle prizes rocked! Thanks again to the shops that donated them. :-)

Lynn Dirk

Can I ask what type of ink or paint you used on those bags? I have a ton of burlap and would love to have it come out so solid. Was it staz on? or?? They are all beatiful!


I’d love to echo Lynn’s question – I’m trying to figure out the best way to stamp/lino print onto fabric, and my first attempts were…not super great. Any further info would be MUCH appreciated…

Sarah A.

The crafting/book event was so fun! It was lovely to meet you, Grace & Amy. My friends are definitely getting some infused vodka for Christmas. Thanks for coming to PA! I am now dying for the book to come out, it looks amazing!


Thank you Grace, Amy, and Terrain for such a fun and wonderful event! The hubby really enjoyed himself, and to me that is a huge measure of success – haha! ;) Thinking about what to infuse leftover wedding vodka with now….

I CANNOT wait until the book comes out!

Jenny Alexander

It was a beautiful day! So great to gather with other diy-ers and to hear the journey of your book’s birth. Love my Emerson Made flowers! Thanks for everything!


How much fun! The tweets from you and posts make me want to pack my bags and head to NY to be close to these great events.

Cat Horn

Looks like so much fun, I really wish I had gone. I meant to go, but totally forgot about it :-( I love the bags. And I will have to try out the rosemary and pear cocktail, it sounds delish!


Seriously?! This looks like so much fun! Minneapolis could use a good dose of this awesomeness :)


thanks dana!

i’m actually coming to MN next spring so i’m going to try to set something like this up :)



Oh I can not wait for your fabulous book!! What a glorious day we had at Terrain and it was so much fun seeing you and Amy in action. : )



The event was great and I can’t wait for the book to come out! Thanks for coming out this way (as someone who lives near by)!


Thank you for having this event! I’d never been to Terrain and I had a great time. I am soooo excited for the book especially after hearing how much work went into it. Oh and I am loving my EmersonMade clutch that I won in the raffle.


I know that you know this, but you have the best sweetest most amazing readers in the whole world. I attended the event and met lots of interesting talented ladies who made me feel right at home even though I came by myself. Thank you for putting together this event Grace. I had a wonderful time, and I am so excited for the designsponge book!


Grace – I love your J.Crew skirt! I added it to my shopping bag earlier this morning before visiting d*s…it looks really great on you. Plus, the sale price is awesome, so I should probably grab it before they’re all gone. The event looks like a blast!


Grace – What a great day! I’d forgotten to take into account folding over the top of the bag so my design is way high… but then I got home and decided to make a pillow out of it. You definitely got my creative juices flowing – thanks!


Wish I could have gone, looks like it was a lot of fun! If you need to do some book promoting, come on out to the San Francisco area! :)

Rachelle Roberts

Thanks Grace for sharing your book preview with us. Wish we could have gotten into the craft event, but the day and setting itself, and the cookies were lovely enough.
Regarding your ribbon theme, I thought you might be inspired by a fellow PhilaU Textile Design graduate student new website. She uses a lot of ribbon in her repeat patterns.


Also my friend Desiree wrote about our fun adventure on her blog:


You tease us with Terrain all the time and each time I check with high hopes of International shipping!


I love the pics of Terrain and the articles. They are so interesting!! Can’t wait to visit the actual store!!
I especially love the bags above, sooooo earthy!!
Thank you!


Fantastic designs! Set me off for more inspiration of ways to play with my coffee sacks!