d*s at currency: furniture with multiple talents

If you live in a small space like I do, you understand the importance of furniture that can pull double duty. Couches that turn into beds, tables that fold into the wall — anything that will give you an extra foot or two of space is a lifesaver when you’re in tight quarters. Today, D*S editor Kate Pruitt is rounding up five of her favorite furniture designs with “multiple talents.” If you’re looking for seating that doubles as a side table or a desk that becomes a compact dining table, click here to check out the roundup. I’m partial to that patterned bench/daybed below; it’s perfect for little ones who are visiting and need a space to sleep.

*Image above from Trine of Ferm Living’s Sneak Peek.

Seattle Architects

The storage ottomans are great, and this is an important point: if you have a sofa bed with a traditional coffee table, then you always have the issue of where to put the coffee table when the bed is pulled out. An ottoman can be tucked into a corner or can become a little seat. It is so much more flexible.

elizabeth gay

I love the gray dot bedspread in the photo above? What and where is it, pls?


I love the Norden table from IKEA and wanted it for our dining area. Unfortunately my husband declared it ugly and refused to get it.

Oh well, I’ll get him back by taking up the entire closet…


Darn it…I also love that dotted bedspread…but it is SO expensive!
Any cheaper alternatives?


I see that the furniture is numbered, like it corresponds to your typical identification of items, but I don’t see it for this grouping.

I love the couch and would like to know where it is from.



hi colleen

the pieces are IDed in the post over at currency. just follow the link and you’ll see all the info/buy links :)



I’ve got the Norden table from IKEA and all I have to say is that it has been the best buy of the year.


The sofa is a cute one. If you all are looking for something more affordable, check out the Charles sofa from the Sofa company. Also, that bedspread is from Dwell Studios. They have a line of fabric for Robert Allen that is available at the Sofa Company in Santa Monica, CA. Check it out. If you can’t afford the bedspread, make some cute custom throw pillows out of the same fabric at The Sofa Company!