doing more with less + phone giveaway!

by Grace Bonney

Images above, clockwise from top left: Striped cocktail napkins, $4.95 for 20; Wire baskets, $98–$125; Float martini glasses, $100 for 2; Iomoi lucite tray, $100; Hendricks Gin, $29.99

Over the last few months I’ve been cursing my cell phone to anyone who will listen. It keeps dropping calls, taking what feels like three hours to open an application and refuses to deliver texts within 15 minutes of me sending them. So I’ve been on something of a phone rampage lately, asking everyone what phones they use and how happy they’d been with their phone’s performance. Normally I’m not a big fan of giveaways on D*S, but when I heard from our ad network that they were offering up a free smart phone to our readers, no strings attached, I listened. I half wondered if I was eligible for the free phone but of course, I’m not. But thankfully most of you are. Phones and laptops are such crucial pieces of our work lives and I know what a pain it can be if yours isn’t working or you’re struggling with one that’s out of date. So I thought it would be nice to pass along this small giveaway to anyone who’s in need. The full rules are below after the jump, but all you need to do to enter is leave a comment below describing your most recent phone frustration or a time when you really needed your phone to work and why you’d like a new phone (you don’t need to name a phone brand/type — I’m not looking to bash any company or specific phone) and you will be eligible to win a new Windows 7 phone! The comments will be open for two weeks, until November 29th.

Also, as part of the giveaway we were asked to talk about “doing more with less.” Rather than do something tech- or phone-related (since that’s really not my speciality), I decided to focus on one of my favorite pieces of versatile furniture: West Elm’s Parson’s table ($219). My version of doing more with less or getting more for less is to use furniture that can be changed up with a few small modifications to serve a range of purposes. If you’re like me and are living in a limited amount of space, this table is perfect as a desk, dining table or impromptu bar. So I thought I’d roundup accessories you can use to transform this inexpensive piece into each of these purposes. Hope they’re helpful! xo, grace

Image above, clockwise from top left: Teak flatware, $189+; Amanda tablecloth, $110; Red Graniteware pitcher, $29.99; Rabbit napkin ring, $7; Gwen napkin, $8; Inkwell dinner plate, $24

Image above, clockwise from top left: Galison pencil cup, $7; Striped folder, $7.50 for 6; Carpenter Lamp, $69.95; Eames Aluminum Management Chair, $1,749

*Contest Disclaimer: This giveaway is brought to you by the new Windows Phone 7. You can learn more about Windows Phone online and see it in person at local T-Mobile stores today.*

CLICK HERE for the full rules of the giveaway after the jump below!

  • Comments will be open for two weeks, until November 29th, 5pm EST.
  • Applicants can only enter one comment during the contest period (repeats will not be counted).
  • Design*Sponge will randomly select one winning comment using Random.org.
  • The winner will be contacted via email and will have 5 days to respond with their contact information for mailing the phone.
  • Contest open to US residents only.
  • Click here for the official rules.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Legal residents of the 50 United States (D.C.) 18 years and older. Ends 11/29/10. Void where prohibited.

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  • My phone’s battery doesn’t even last an entire day. It’s hard to get a new battery for it as my company just encourages me to get a new phone, since this one is 4 years old. Curses.

  • My phone actually only currently charges when sitting vertically on it’s end (propped up between books so it stays) AND has 3+ hair ties jimmy-rigging the charger into the phone. It also decides when and where it will turn itself off (several times per day, for no reason). I’ve decided it just hates me, but I try not to take it personally.

  • Let’s see…where to begin! My current smartphone has started to freeze just about once a day, and always at the worst times. To correct this, I have to take the battery out. I organize my life in Outlook, and keep everything on my phone, so this is a major pain-but I haven’t decided which new phone to buy! Winning a new windows phone would be awesome!

  • I wish my phone worked underground more. On the subway is where I do most of my blog reading, podcast listening, etc.

    Would love to try the new Windows phone!

  • My husband has the lovely BB Storm 2 and the phone hates me! When he calls me, I get this choppy voice, sometimes it just disconnects us and whenever he tries to text me, it shuts off! Why, oh why, does that phone hate me?

  • When I first got my Iphone 3G I was IN LOVE… it did everything I needed and more. But as time goes on and my phone gets older, it becomes slow and even freezes! I’ve had enough of waiting for 10 minutes for the screen to catch up with my fingers!

  • My phone is the basic flip. Half the time it doesn’t get reception or drops the call. My only form of communication is text… please help me get into this century with a smart phone!!

  • I love sending picture messages of fashion mishaps, wonderful design, or fabulous outfits. I have a phone that would freeze every time I wanted to use the camera. Super sadface! I need a new phone that can help me communicate with my far away friends in a fun way!

  • my phone likes to randomly forward texts to people and hop on the internet as it pleases. it drives me crazy! i think it’s haunted.

  • Unfortunately I smashed up my smartphone pretty badly a few months ago and do not have phone insurance or the $400 it would cost to replace it! The phone still works…somewhat…but the touch screen definitely leaves much to be desired now that it is covered in cracks! Boo! A brand new phone would be amazing! Great giveaway!!

  • my current phone tends to get stuck in a “system error(?)” so that you can do nothing and have to turn it off and on again to get it working…arrrgh!

  • Phone grief? My old phone (which I think everyone had in about 2002) likes to not show missed calls. Being a tutor in New York, this means a lot of upset parents (especially since most of them don’t understand HOW I could own a phone that doesn’t get emails). So, besides having to tutor all of these 15 year olds with phones cooler than I can dream of, I also need to deal with parents, supervisors, and co-tutors asking me why I’m not calling people back. IT’S BECAUSE I DON’T KNOW! PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE! But no, the next week, the SAME MOTHERS without FAIL will contact my supervisor (instead of me via email) and complain that I’m ignoring them. It’s hard enough to get the concept of “I can’t check my email 24/7” through their heads, so forget trying the “No, really. You have to leave a message or there’s no way for me to know you called.” All I want is a phone that will show missed calls…please.

  • My phone has a nasty habit of shutting itself off without warning. It makes me so nervous that I’ll miss a call about my kids :(

  • my phone is so difficult to use for accessing the internet! I’d love to be able to easily do that..

  • My car was broken into – window smashed, trunk popped, purse stolen – in front of a funeral home the night before my grandpa’s funeral. My new smart phone was stolen. I can’t afford to replace it (stupidly did not get insurance). Now I am using my sister’s elderly flip phone, which keeps dropping calls. It stinks.

  • When I moved to DC, I needed a job, and FAST. I’d finally been called in for an interview, and prepped carefully beforehand – including charging my phone and mapping my route. Even so, I missed the bus connection I needed. When I called the interviewer to explain, my phone dropped the call on her – and worse, the battery died! It miraculously worked later, but it would be nice to have a phone that will be reliable when it counts!

  • I was on Prince Edward Island, wandering the busy capital of Charlottetown. I had no clue where I was and my map app just wasn’t cooperating. It had me walking down dead ends and through buildings. Recent construction in the city had thrown everything way off. Then I remembered a Starbucks I passed in the Taxi ride from the airport. I opened my Starbucks app and found my way to hot coffee and friendly directions from the staff! Starbucks is highly motivated to keep their maps up-to-date!

  • Would love to get this for my husband. He has to stand outside our house anytime he gets a call.

  • I have only had a cell phone for two years and I have a candy bar phone; no muss, no fuss. Except when it does muss and fuss and drops calls like it gets PAID to drop calls, especially when I’m at MY job, trying to get paid and it doesn’t even get reception in my office. How does that work exactly? Listen here, Mr. Candybar, you are about to be SERIOUSLY upstaged if you don’t clean up your act.

  • My phone consistently dies when I’m trying to search the internet for directions or something equally important! I hate it!

  • My phone seems to hold a charge for half a day at the most. I seem to have my phone charging more than actually using it! A new phone would be a joy.

  • Yikes, based on the other comments I’d say my phone behaves quite nicely. It is however, a used phone cast off by my teenager that I am stuck with. It works, and it’s fine. But, it’d be nice for Mom to have a cool phone for once! :)

  • UMMM, this is a daily battle. I try to just deal with it, and dropped calls are a norm for me. And I definitely cannot expect my phone to work anywhere, even under a cell phone service tower…

    That being said, THE WORST experience I recently had (believe me there are many) would be waiting for a phone interview. I work in NYC (which apparently, my phone carrier “does not cover very well”.. ok?) I was sitting in Bryant Park WAITING for my phone to ring at 4:30, my scheduled phone interview time. I waited, 4:45, 4:50, 5:00. Finally, at 5:20, I decided I wasn’t getting the job. As I disappointedly headed down the steps of the subway station to go home, my phone vibrated with a voicemail— from 4:34!!!!!!! How this is possible, as I was literally staring at my phone with full service bars, is a mystery to me.

    Its crazy to have a phone that can just about do everything – except make or receive a phone call.

    Needless to say, I didn’t get the job. Now I’m all aggravated again reliving that day!!

  • My puppy chewed the phone, so now the display doesn’t work. The phone still rings, but I can’t see who is calling, which is super-annoying because I have some weirdo friends that I sometimes don’t wanna talk to.

  • Oh a new phone would be lovely!

    My phone just randomly turns off from time to time, which is a problem when I have reminders and alarms set!

    Plus I don’t have internet on mine, so I can’t update my blog or twitter on the go… oh how I wish I could do that!

  • I hate just about everything about my phone. Most recently, a certain snoring sound coming from the other side of my bed caused me to retreat to the couch. Not being in my room, I needed my cell phone to act as an alarm. I set it. I saw the little alarm icon on the screen. I double checked the time. And who was late for work because the alarm never went off? This girl.

  • I have the world’s cheapest Samsung. I really hate it when my friends voices are garbled and I have to pretend I heard what they said instead of asking them, “what?” yet again. Thanks for a chance at a new one, ha ha

  • What a great giveaway! I would love to be able to have a phone where I can use the internet instead of calling my brother to look something up on his computer for me! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  • First, thanks for all you share on design sponge – clicking to see what’s new and beautiful is always one of the bright spots in my day.

    As far as my phone, it has all the capabilities out there. But it’s so complicated, it’s almost turned me into my mom – I use it for outgoing calls, only. I loathe having to type on it because of the auto complete and the slippery keyboard. It’s a bad phone relationship!

  • The last cell phone I had was a pre-paid, until they triple billed me for a month. Now I’m phone-less again. I both want and don’t want a cell phone, but think they are becoming a necessity in this day and age. I wish they were not. I sort of like being unreachable. But I also like feeling safe.

  • My phone randomly shuts off and on from time to time! It’s a pain when you are running late for a meeting and can not call to say you’ll be late. Or when you need directions, and reach in your pocket, only to find your phone off.

  • The battery pops out every time my phone is dropped and I often don’t get texts until hours later.

  • my phone just decided to quit working yesterday. i have ALL of my appts. in the calendar and rely on it daily but it just died. i can’t retrieve any of the information off it. i’m reverting back to an old flip phone for the moment, which makes me want to cry.

  • My phone freezes between 10 and 15 times a day. It particularly loves to freeze after I’ve typed a really long text message and I’m just about to hit SEND. Then it conveniently takes 15 minutes to reboot. Sometimes it will take an hour to send out a text message. Most times I will just call, but some things just need to be texted!

  • My phone’s battery only lasts for a couple of hours. Would love to be able to check email and update my blog with a new phone

  • mans. has anyone been to the gorge? it’s a beautifully stunning outdoor concert venue in washington state. i’m an avid dave matthews band fan and travel there every year for thier weekend of labor day shows. once you get into the venue, my phone loses all signals, which…if you get separated from your peeps, can be a NIGHTMARE. it happens every year. and every year, i see everyone able to locate their friends because their phones work. every year i say i’m buying a new one…but, it never happens. i’m cheap, what can i say? this phone loses the signal in the northeast corner of my living room for crying out loud. same me!

  • I don’t have a phone. I think it would be really great, though. It would help make my life a little more convenient.

  • My phone decided to start randomly turning off, but was under warranty. But when the company mailed me a new one, it was stolen from my doorstep, in the box, after it get delivered. Come on people it wasn’t even a fancy phone!

  • After deciding to upgrade to a phone where I could check my email, I inadvertently selected a phone which takes five minutes to connect to my email accounts. Now, I don’t even use the function. It would be nice to have a phone that delivers!

  • I work “in the field”… and most of the the time that’s literal, I’m in the middle of a field. And I would love having a completely reliable phone so I don’t have to worry about being in trouble and not being able to make a phone call.

  • My phone loses its charge constantly & unexpectedly… it seems like no matter how much I charge it, it can die at any moment. Definitely not fun for traveling/anytime I don’t have access to an outlet. And I’m dying to have a phone with internet! I’ve been waiting until I am due for an upgrade but I’m so sick of my cheap, terrible phone!

  • My friends tease me all the time that my phone needs to be archived in a history museum. It drops calls, its losing its color and the internet (I pay for monthly) never quite works right. So I understand your pain on a cursed cell phone :)

  • My phone woes never seem to end! But to spare the long rant, I will share my most recent phone phreak. My phone goes in spurts of not holding a charge, while this is a problem, the real trouble is my charger no longer properly “connects” to my phone. It takes a dozen trys to delicately insert the charger and then precisely set the phone down to charge. Thenyou must cross your fingers and don’t dare touch the table!

  • I don’t have a smart phone which means that when the MUNI leaves me stranded in the middle of SF or when GoogleMaps fails me, I have to rely on the kindness of strangers, frantically call friends hoping they’re online, or simply wander around hilly san francisco till I reorient myself on the grid pattern and make my way back to BART. A smartphone that has GPS would be a godsend!

  • oh, a new phone would be lovely! my battery never holds for more than 18 hours and i hate the online/internet applications that come with it. i’m ready for a smartphone!

  • Lets see…I have a phone that takes 5 minutes to turn on and be able to make a call. Email…browsing the web..ha..wish I had that! I would be happy with a phone that has more than 2 ring choices, mine – only normal or silent.

  • My non-smart phone’s screen likes to turn into an impressionistic painting a couple of times a day. It makes texting extremely fun :)

  • I have an older version of a touchscreen phone that no longer acknowledges when I touch it, making trying to do anything on it pretty frustrating.

  • My phone is really heavy, slow and used to be tech savy but now can be added to the suicidal watch list. It won’t new or update apps and gets confused when I open and scroll through my email.

  • i’m commenting with a pretty darn selfish reason for wanting a new smart phone – i just really want to be able to log on to and update my blog whenever inspiration hits or an idea pops into my head that i can’t write down fast enough and for when it isn’t fashionable to have a laptop attached to my hip … ha.

  • The phone I had began shutting itself off randomly, the first time it shut itself off was overnight while it was charging and acting as my alarm. I woke up halfway through the workday.

    Eventually, the phone stopped working altogether and by that time, it was a month outside of the warranty window.

    My parents had an extra phone lying around and now I have my grandma’s old phone. Yes, at 85 years young my grandma has a better cell phone than I currently do.

    This phone isn’t much better than my old phone during its dying days. While it hasn’t randomly shut itself off yet, it has failed to send or receive texts on several occasions. I need a new phone.

  • Strangely, when my husband calls, my phone doesn’t make a sound, but when other people call it comes through loud and clear. What’s up with that?! I try re-booting, but to no avail. It’s kooky.

  • My phone is fine. My HUSBAND’s phone on the other hand… He still has one of those 10 years ago flippy things. He can never feel when it goes off. Incoming calls will be sent straight to voice mail for no reason. He wont get a text under 3 hours later. Frustrating to say the least!

  • My Blackberry fell into a glass of water and is dead. I need a phone because I am a mother, and I am starting a new microenterprise.

  • I must say, my phone isn’t as bad as some of the others who have commented.. but it takes forever for it to boot up when I turn the power off, and it also randomly shuts off on its own without notice.. and I’ve gone almost a whole day without noticing (I really thought no one wanted to call me or text me that day!). It would be nice to own a problem free phone..!

  • Can you say force close? Just about all apps. I jump from charger to charger starting at home, then to my car charger, then to my work charger, ect. plus my son will pick it up and throw it down saying “ball” probably part of the problem… lol

  • I have a basic flip phone that I love. But I have been dropping it, not on purpose, now I have to be extremely careful when I open it up to answer calls. A new phone would be great compared to my falling apart one.

  • my phone is a touchscreen. but the touchscreen doesn’t work at all. the battery will have a full charge but by the time i make the ten minute drive to work, it is completely dead. to pick up a text message, when the screen isn’t working, i have to turn off the phone and turn it back on in hopes that it will “glitch” and the screen works properly… it ‘s kind of an epic fail.

  • My son got to my phone and sucked on the end of it- he’s one- so now I usually have to listen to it on speaker phone, otherwise you can barely hear the person talking on the other end :( … ps, love your site! So informative! :) Thanks!

  • A vent session about phone problems! What a great idea!

    My main frustration with my cell is that for some reason it no longer notifies me when I get new messages of any kind. Leaving it up to me to go in and check periodically. It has definitely added up a lot of wasted time.

  • I would love a new phone. I have a regular flip phone right now. With a new phone, I want to be able to schedule my family’s busy lives, take care of business and “do more with less”. A smartphone is perfect for what I need.

  • my phone battery doesn’t even last through a call! i have bought a new battery _two_ times already, but the phone is just a battery eater.

  • I have an old iPhone and while I love the usefulness of it, unfortunately it is starting to feel dated as well due to performance issues. It can take forever for apps to open and so forth that I’ve started using it less because of this. I need an upgrade!

  • My phone works great but my ATT friends in San Fran drive me nuts as they keep dropping calls giving me this annoying loud dropped call beeps everytime! :(

  • I have an old flip phone. One problem with it is that if I try to ignore a call by pressing the ignore button, it instead turns on the speaker phone! so much for trying to ignore! Another problem is that sometimes I will look at my phone and it says it is an hour later than it actually is. Then 20 minutes later it’s back to the real time. Can’t use it for an alarm!

  • I’m an apple girl but would, after daily dropped calls on my 4g (even with the bumper) give another company a shot… especially for free.

  • Since I could barely hear on my old phone, I decided to splurge and get a new one. Which is great, because now my boyfriend can call me … but he can no longer receive my texts. They come out blank. Not for everyone, though, just for him.

  • besides my phone randomly shutting down, it likes to reset itself entirely. But the latest is that the touch screen decides not to work when I check my voicemail so I can’t see the screen to punch in my password… such delightful technology. ;)

  • For the past two nights my phone has decided to repeatedly drop my calls. If I was in a place with bad reception that would be one thing, but I’ve been at my house the whole time where for the past two years my phone reception has been great. Could definitely use a new smart phone!

  • I can’t claim to have the same problems some people have mentioned, but I get terrible reception (it dropped twice on me when I was trying to set up a job interview–needless to say, I didn’t get the job), it’s not a smartphone, and the fact that I can’t change the tone for incoming text messages drives me crazy.

  • I hate that cell phones seem to be disposable these days. Mine is 2.5 years old and people laugh when I take it out, like I stole it from Zach Morris. Sadly, my current phone is becoming more and more opinionated about when it will place and maintain calls, so I’m afraid it’s time to join the smart phone revolution.

  • my phone likes to pretend it’s working when it’s not. normal looking screen, batteries are fine, reception great, but it won’t ring. and it won’t show missed calls or messages until i take out the battery, reinsert, and turn it on again. it does this spontaneously. it is not an old phone.

  • I think the problem with my phone is the provider, not the phone. I woke up last week to find I had 8 voicemail messages. Some of them were two weeks old. I think I should get my VM faster than it took Apollo 8 to travel to the moon, orbit it for a day, and return to earth.

  • I still have an old-school clam shell style phone. It has no internet access, cannot access photo messages, and the “3” key doesn’t work on my keypad!

  • Most recent frustration? How about ongoing frustration! My phone has been on it’s last leg, but being a student, I have other things (ahem, art supplies) to put my monies to. A new phone would be just divine :)

  • My cell phone (my only phone!) is now five years old. My laptop is 6-1/2 years old and barely works. Having a smart phone would change my life!

  • I accidently dropped my phone in a puddle. It just slipped out of my pocket. And now everytime someone calls me. All I can hear is static. Just static. And the battery will be at two bars and then suddenly just drop down to no bars and die, this usually happens when I am trying to meet someone one someplace.

  • I’m a grad student without a budget for much of anything beyond books… so I definitely do more with less! I’m a loyal Design*Sponge reader for help repurposing and vamping up my beloved second hand furniture and artwork. However… I’m also rocking a flip phone that is 4 years old, and it was on its last leg about 2 years ago. Insult to injury: It won’t get reception in the library, my home away from home. Help, Design*Sponge! You always do!

  • Well, my phone doesn’t work because it decided to go swimming. It was hot, and the pool just looked so darn refreshing…

  • I have been loyal to my 3 year old flip phone, but recently she has lost her will to live. I keep holding out on buying a new (and fancier) phone because of cost, so winning this phone would be very exciting!

  • my phone decides to shut itself off whenever it would like – turning the screen into a bunch of horizontal lines. needless to say, it’s time for a new one – something that actually works!

  • I wonder if a Smart phone wouldn’t drop calls as much as mine does. My youngest son recently had surgery and now has chemo every week. It would be nice to have a reliable phone!
    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  • Phones are definitely one of those things that I have to run into the ground before I can justify buying a new one – even though I use it everyday. My last phone was the “free phone” with my provider and I used it until the screen was so scrambled you couldn’t see who was calling. This one doesn’t send/receive texts or pictures in a very timely fashion and doesn’t hold its charge for very long. Ah, technology! Would be bowled over if I was the recipient of the smart phone!

  • My phone is so old….I think it’s funny the phones that have trouble accessing the internet, etc…..mine doesn’t even take pictures and texting ???? forget about it. One thing is for certain, I don’t have to worry about anyone stealing it.

  • I hung on to my beloved old Nokia for as long as I could. It always worked and seemed indestructible. Alas, the iPhone called to me. Now I have dropped calls ALL the time, among other issues, it’s latest trick is deciding it’s not charged when it is, interrupting everything I do to tell me that it’s low, that is until I take the 8 minutes it takes to complete a reboot. It has lasted a while, but it’s time is up! I also use it as my music source as a dance instructor in schools, and when does the low batt thing it is very embarrassing problem!! Thanks for this opportunity!!!

  • I would like a phone that sends text messages on the first try! I always end up re-typing texts or giving up since I keep getting the same “unable to send – retrying” message, argh!

  • not sure where to start! For one . . . the battery lasts about 3 hours . . . and my phone gives me fits every other day or so, and I end up having to restart it :( Also, I dont get reception at my house! Ahhhh! It might be time to retire my old flip phone :)

  • Wow, what a giveaway! My current phone isn’t terrible, but it is just a basic model– no smart phone capabilities. I’m finding that I could really benefit from having access to my Outlook email, the web, etc. on the go… and I’d also love to be able to sync up my Windows OneNote to a phone… imagine how organized I could be! :)

  • I moved to a rural place 4 years ago but my work clients and friends are all in sunny south Florida which means they are on top of the newest and best tech. I on the other hand can’t even receive a txt message! I’ve been in situations where I need to art direct something happening in Florida but couldn’t because my phone is such an old model. I could really use an update to keep on top of things!

  • Ooohh this is an awesome giveaway!
    I’m still using a phone that was made in the dark ages – my friends affectionately call it the Red Brick.

  • Unfortunately, I am the victim of cell phone misers. My husband (and before him, my father) are firm believers in the idea that “a phone should just be a phone.” So I’ve always been at least two years behind the technological curve. It would be so nice to have a phone with a few extra bells and whistles!

  • i have an old school flip phone. it takes me years to text people back and the only grainy photos i bother to take are of my cat! accessing the internet from my phone?? you must be a crazy time traveler from the future!

  • I have a phone that I generally keep on the setting that vibrates before it rings. In the last month, I’ve noticed that even after I answer the call, the phone will vibrate one more time. Not only is this a weird feeling against my ear, but its always an awkward explaination to the caller because the sound resembles the sound of passing gas…

  • wow, i thought i was the only one with cell troubles…certainly one of the few in the country sans smart phone. my touch-screen consistently mis-dials, the battery falls off on a daily basis, and the phone refuses to report missed calls/voice mail messages. i’ve been holding out for a verizon iphone, but not sure if i can wait that long!

  • I have a very basic phone with very limited battery power. many times I have seen something fantastic and wanted a photo, but no photo capability on my current phone

  • My phone lately has been freezing whenever I try to a call someone. It is SO frustrating. And because I am super impatient and keep hitting the same call button, it some how manages to call the same person more than once and conference them into themselves. How I would love a new phone!!!!

  • This is my fault, but I accidentally dropped my phone and the track ball fell out. I naively tried to super glue it back in, and then quickly learned about how a track ball works as I had actually glued all the rolling mechanisms tight! My thumb muscles have suffered as a result.

  • I am a web designer, and have become increasingly frustrated with and embarassed of my cell phone. It’s one ofthe ones the company offers free when you sign up online – aka a cheap (not smart) phone. I dropped it once and lost the cover for the battery, so the battery falls out a lot. I also really need to be able to check my email on the go, and of course I cant do that with this phone. I could really really use a new smart phone!

  • My phone battery is awful, I have to charge it all the time. I hate that feeling when I’m out & the battery is low, ugh!

  • Well, let’s see. My current phone has a mind of it’s own! It freezes whenever it wants to, the camera just doesnt work at all anymore, takes 10 years to open an app, takes 10 more years to download new apps and most of the time it doesn’t load new apps properly at all. I can’t use the web on it cause it doesnt load pages properly. Dang, I think I need my money back!

  • My phone barely holds a charge anymore. Last week, I forgot to charge my phone over night, so I had to bring my charger to work so it wouldn’t die. Unfortunately, I left the charger at work and had a day off the next day. I had to keep my phone off to save the little power it had left for an emergency. Luckily, I didn’t have one, but it sure was a pain!

  • I have a dinosaur of a cell phone and only got it upon the prodding of my boyfriend, who travels widely and likes to keep in touch while we’re apart. Nearly everyone I know has a slicker phone and I admit to a bit of gadget-envy when I see them accessing websites, navigating us through the city, booking tickets and doing endless other things at the touch of their tele’s. Most embarrassingly, my mom even has a more advanced phone than I do. I’d love an upgrade and know it would revolutionize the way I do things. “Work smarter, not harder” as the saying goes…

  • My phone is tiny, but it doesn’t do much. I’m the last person to jump on the texting wagon because it takes me so long to write anything on the keypad.

  • I picked out my last phone by asking the attendant which one could handle being dropped the most. I did not love or care for my phone. However I have begun to really appreciate electronics and I want a smart phone, a sassy device to help me stay connected, travel, plan meals and keep my calendar straight.

    Slowly technology is passing me by, help me stay plugged in!

  • I sell specialty food to restaurants and my phone has dropped more customer calls mid-order than I can count, which is uber frustrating and a huge time suck. I’ve been rabidly reading information on the Windows 7 and it’s looking pretty good. Crossing my fingers!

  • My phone is somewhat new, but I will be mid-conversation and I can hear the other person just fine and they cannot hear me at all. At first I thought I had hit the mute button by accident, but it even happens when I am on speaker! I have no confidence in my phone, and am afraid to make any important call on it.

  • This is my third phone that’s broken in half! It’s currently dangling by a wire that allows it to still work, as long as I can properly snap it back together every time I open and close it. Which means I’m not allowed to touch it after a few drinks!

  • my phone is the pocket dialing king. Locking it is be really cumbersome, and it comes unlocked with a few bumps in my purse, so my outgoing call list is full of calls to friends, family, and random hashes of numbers and symbols. I would be very happy to be rid of it.

  • A couple weeks ago, my phone decided that it didn’t like the way it was programmed. When I’m typing or just moving around, trying to open applications, the buttons switch their functions around. I press the select key and it locks the phone. I press ‘H’ and a ‘p’ shows up. The letters switch around all the time and sometimes random letters lock up the screen as well. It’s super frustrating and barely functional. I just hope I never need it in an emergency; my phone would just end up calling a pizza place or something.

  • I would LOVE to win a Windows 7 phone for my boyfriend.
    He is stuck in the 90’s with the most basic flip phone that one could have.
    Sure, it takes phone calls, but that’s about it. And even then, it doesn’t work all of the time.

    My bf as ADD, and at almost 30 that is a big challenge for him! He talks about how he used to have Palm Pilot to help stay focused and organize his life with. I think that having a smart phone could help him with this again and stay on track of projects and to-dos.
    Help Adam overcome bla phonage and the effects of ADD with a Windows 7 phone!

  • My phone drops every call I try to make! Drives me CRAZY! Not only that, but at a huge event I was unable to find my family and spend time with them due to my phone being jammed.. no phone calls and no texts! UGH!

  • my phone stutters! it adds spaces in where they aren’t needed, and multiplies letters so that I have to go through and re-edit every text message that I send. It’s driving me crazy!

    • hi guys- just a quick but important note:

      if you DON’T follow the guidelines above about what to leave in your comment i’m afraid we can’t count your comment in the contest. please be sure to describe a bad-phone-drama situation you have and why you’d like a new phone. “i want!” won’t count, sorry :(


  • When my friends and I talk on the phone, it’s for marathon catch-up sessions. The problem? My phone becomes uncomfortably hot after I use it for more than about ten minutes. Putting it on speaker doesn’t seem to help either, as people always have trouble hearing me that way.

    I’m hitting the road in a few months and will be without steady access to the internet, and would love to have a phone that not only WORKS, but will also let me keep in touch with people in more ways that one.

  • My phone has a personality of her own, and loves to chime in when she isn’t wanted or needed! To clarify: there is an ultrasensitive touch pad on the outside of the phone, so when I have my phone in my pocket (always) and the touchpad makes contact with keys, a coin, the seam of my jeans… anything, either the female automated voice asks me to input a phone number or contact name, or I start hearing annoying bells chiming (I like to say my phone is giggling– funny, but not really.) It’s pretty embarrassing, especially when I’m someplace quiet like a library and suddenly the little box in my pocket starts chiming and prompting me to do stuff (does so even when ringer is off)! I put a piece of duct tape over that section of the phone, now there is just a sticky, lint collecting mess on the face of the gal. Time to let ‘er go!

  • My biggest frustration is that my phone isn’t a smart phone… I drool over all these amazing apps out there and curse the fact that I can’t use them.

  • This isn’t for me but for my husband. He’s been paying for my smart phone for several years, while getting by on a cheap basic model for himself. We’ve talked about him getting a smart phone, but this would be perfect.

  • Not my phone, but my husband’s – on a recent month-long field exercise (he’s in the military), his was the phone that didn’t work, and he had to rely on borrowing others’ to give me the (very) occasional call. So sad!

  • I am a full-time working new mom. We can’t afford a smart phone but one would help me communicate with day care and with Dad (who is a full-time student) Thanks!

  • Ever since the iphone 4 was released, my iphone 3 has been ridiculously slow! For hardly any additional benefit, I now miss exits because the next part of the directions won’t load, or don’t get all the necessary info from an email because it’s taking so long and I can’t wait!

  • I own a brick of a cell that turns off randonly and takes up to 10 min to turn on (if it wants to). I travel for work and can never keep in touch before boarding a plane. I show up and hope I can call home for a ride. Super fustrating!
    A new phone would help me make a phone call home.

  • I dropped my phone & it split in half. It wasn’t under warranty & my contract isn’t over til Feb. We decided we couldn’t afford to break contract, so I got a Go Phone. Let’s just say there’s a reason they can sell them so cheaply. It’d be so nice to have a phone that works well (& isn’t an embarrassment)!

  • I would like a new phone because they keep updating the darn things TOO OFTEN!!! Just when I think I’ve got one that does ‘all I need,’ they come out with the next ‘latest & greatest.’ I keep getting left behind! :(

  • first, i don’t really have my own phone. hubby and i share one. second, the one phone we do have. the up button does not work and the number 2 does not work. i’m just glad it’s 911, not 922.

  • I’ve had the same flip phone for 5 years. When it stopped receiving picture texts and started randomly shutting off, I switched to a two-year-old hand-me-down model from my sister…which took a dive out of my pocket and into the toilet on Saturday. Turned the flip phone back on, and the default date was January 2005. Awesome.

  • ghosts in a very tiny machine. It turns off suddenly, it sends emails that i haven’t finished, decides what words i’m trying to type and won’t type what i really want to, then waits an hour to send me responses. I can no longer surf the internet due to…well…not really sure and the bluetooth connection is nil. It makes working on the go very difficult(especially when i have to drive everywhere)

  • I want a new phone because I can’t seem to type a text on mine without hitting “return” instead of “space.”

    All My
    texts end
    up looking

    It’s a text message, not a freakin’ haiku.

  • Well, I do belong to the cult of Blackberry, but sometimes it goes rouge on you. Case in point; about 2 weeks ago I noticed some calendar appointments duplicated (I would explain the entire google sync + iCal set-up, but I’d end up pulling my hair out). After searching for solutions online to clean things up I decided to uninstall/reinstall google sync. Easy breezy – but actually not. Mid reboot after deleting the app I get a message from my desktop manager that I didn’t have an operating system (what the what!!!) and I would have to load one.

    So for the next 2 hours I reloaded the os, and all my apps that are free. I then had to search for receipts for all my purchased apps and start the process of getting those switched over. I’m still missing one, and the Blackberry App Store has yet to respond about where that disappeared to.

    I hope this doesn’t sound familiar to you, but it’s probably something you’ve experienced.

  • I’ve worked in the cellphone biz for years and I can’t wait to turn mine off every night.

  • ALWAYS within a year of getting a new phone I develop this annoying problem where the battery gets loose (at least I think that’s what happens) and the phone will randomly turn off. This is annoying in and of itself, but even more annoying is when I can’t find it, and can’t even call it to find it because it has turned itself off! I would love a smart phone because I am a busy Wife, Mom and Nurse. and it would help tons with organizing my busy on the go life!

  • For my “day job” I work on a military installation where phones & music players are not allowed in the buildings. So, by the end of the day I am STARVING for any & all information – information that my 5 year old phone is incapable of giving!

  • I am a BlackBerry user who recently attempted to “simplify” life by switching from a smart phone to just a regular old cell phone– and I hated the new one so much that I reactivated the BlackBerry I’ve used for 2 1/2 years now. I can’t think of any other reason to get a new one except for the fact that it has got to be SO dirty and disgusting inside it makes me sick just to think about it. I really should just get some alcohol swabs and clean that thing up!

  • I just ‘love’ when my phone shows me that it’s got a full 3bars of power, and then halfway through a normal length call it will suddenly realize it’s 1min from being out of power. Like, until I picked it up it would’ve been fine for the whole day, but the second I need it to do it’s job it decides, ehh, I’m too tired. Grrr… A phone that actually holds a charge for, let’s say 72hrs, would be nice. And one that properly updates you on it’s remaining juice, also nice :o)

  • I have a blackberry and I hate it. Drops calls, never opens up Facebook, opens about only 1/4 of attachments, the scroller selects the thing above or below the actual choice I want. I want to run it over with my car!

  • I have 5 bars! I have no bars! I have 5 bars again…and then no bars. Stupid erratic service. As a new mom, I worry that one of these days I’ll actually *need* to be able to make a call without dropping it, and I won’t be able to.

    Apps are nice, but shouldn’t it be a phone first and foremost?

  • I have a Samsung Alias which is pretty basic as far as modern cell phones go. It flips open to become a keyboard, but I’ve had it for two years now and I’m ready for something new!

  • Well my comments are random! I always purchase the ‘free’ phone with my plan, so I am annoyed when it comes with things I don’t really want such as a camera that takes crappy pictures. Also, I am annoyed that my children LOVE the fact that I have a QWERTY pad (which I did choose to get so I can write notes–not really text–for very important things such as the price of a champagne I love or a book/movie title I want to remember) and my son can’t even ‘write’ yet!

  • Oh I forgot to add my bad phone story… iPhone 3G and I downloaded the newest operating system so now nothing loads/works quickly at all. Including placing a call, which is super annoying when there is nowhere to pull over and you are blocking the street and you can’t call your friend to let her know you are there. hmph.

  • My current phone stopped working when I downloaded a software update over the summer. Applications just close when they feel like it, sometimes they won’t even open at all! I also keep getting random calls from people saying that I just called them when I didn’t. Basically, it has a mind of its own and not in a good way. I like to joke that my phone has a poltergeist!

  • Well, where to begin…. I have one of those phones that flip open and have a keyboard and screen inside. I loved this phone until about 3 days ago. My phone was sitting happily on my desk for about three hours (as is always does) and then I opened it up to send my significant other a loving message. This never happened b/c the screen inside suddenly just cracked! I can now no longer take photos, text using the keyboard or see texts I’m writing! :(

  • ugh, this couldn’t have come at a better time! i’ve had the same phone for about 3 or 4 years–a very long time. i’ve been holding out for a certain smart phone to become available with my provider, but i can’t wait any longer! my old-as-the-hills phone has no battery life anymore. my phonecalls now last at max 15 minutes before ol’ gal has to be plugged back in. it is putting a serious damper on talk time with the fam. help!

  • I have a type of berry phone that makes it super hard to do the automated phone tree and it always makes my time on the phone take forever, more time = less minutes = overage!! I would also like a phone that it a little larger so I can stop leaving it places at not noticing that I left it ..meaning its too tiny!

  • On behalf of my boyfriend, and for my own sanity, please offer him a new phone!

    His phone model is so old, it was around before “flip phones”. The screen has 2 colors….grey and black. Picture messaging…what’s that?

    The bonus: it lights up in neon colors when someone calls/texts (which is only cool if you take a time machine back to 1998 and are at a rave).

    At some point this was a free phone, but even free products should not punish the user with bad design. Poor user interface and functionality leads my boyfriend to swear off 90% of all text messages because it’s too difficult to write back. Instead he calls, which is not always optimal (usually why I text people in the first place).

    Please save him (and me) from the embarrassing and poor design of this product.

  • I have had issues with my phone from day one! Specifically its habit of calling, and even texting people on its own. This has happened with previous phones, but never with such frequency! This is why i desperately need a new phone!

  • I’m a small business owner in dire need of an upgrade to a smart phone! My phone at this point just isn’t cutting it and I’m finding that as my business grows rapidly I’m needing to be connected all the time. Would be lovely to be able to answer Etsy convos & emails right away! Oy! I feel like I’m stuck in the stone age! haha!

  • oh lordy, don’t even know where to start. my phone has taken a beating over he past two years, and i can’t actually even turn it off anymore – the power button doesn’t work! i have to let it die in order for it to reset. which is a little hard to do when the battery meter isn’t working, so it shows it as low battery even though it’s fully charged! i have had many a difficulties reaching people when i’m trying to meet them or trying to use the gps function, but my biggest fear, esp. with a toddler, is that i need to call 911 and the stupid thing won’t work!

  • The touch screen on my phone is slowly stopping to work. I can’t touch anywhere along the edges anymore, and have to press a few times in order to get it to work anywhere else on the screen.

  • The usual…I’m talking to a friend or family member, having a long winded conversation on my end and then realize without notice the other person is no longer on the other end. Dropped call again. And then I think, Oh shoot…how long have I been talking to no one?
    New phone would be great! And since I have an old school flip phone…no texting or email, I would love this phone. I think I’m the only 20 something who doesn’t text.

  • First off, I love your website. I recently discovered this site and I always comeback for all the interesting posts.
    As for my phone, let’s just say that it everyday I hope my phone works. I can’t afford much since I don’t make a lot but I would love to win this phone. Good luck everyone :)

  • i was gem of gem and the rockstars for halloween when my big star earrings fell in the parking lot, and apparently i put my phone on the roof to fix it then forgot to take it off my roof when I started driving. So i was using my headlights to try to find the phone on the road in the dark….sirens come and pull me over for swerving…had to get out on the road and do sobriety tests in my Gem costume…I explained to the officer the situatin and he let us go. Phone is lost to the Halloween goblins— Needa newun. :(

  • Latest phone trauma was a family ‘situation’ that involved 2 parties with phone problems. One with a dead screen who could only call the first contact in the phonebook and the other with a phone that will ring but not connect requiring constant call-backs.
    My only difficulty would be deciding who gets the big upgrade. :)

  • wow, that’s a big giveaway! My husband would be ecstatic if we won that, since I refuse to allow him to get an iPhone. I hate how people have stopped communicating when they have their phones out.

    I dropped my phone recently and now the readout screen on the front doesn’t work, which is a bummer because it used to tell me who was calling…and now i have to guess!

  • My phone battery inexplicably goes dead. I have to check it all the time to make sure that it’s still functioning. And, yes, I’ve replaced the battery already.

  • I have a Motorola Razor from 2007. For a while it worked fine and it was enough for me. Now the battery hardly lasts even after a long charge (I’m constantly hooking it up to my car charger) and I wish I could start getting emails and tap into the internet. My clients look at me funny when I tell them I don’t have a smartphone.

  • I’ve had many frustrating phone over the years, but my current phone will do this no sound thing. I’ll call someone and when they answer I can’t hear anything, but the person on the other end can hear me just fine. So I usually have to hang up and try again… or again.

  • My Phone turns 4 yrs old in 3 days! it needs to go into retirement…have a younger peppier phone replace it. yay!

  • My phone just doesn’t ring somtimes… My husband has been standing 5 ft from me, called me, and my phone won’t ring. The ringer is on, the battery is charged. Nothing. Insanely frustrating. How many calls have I missed that I don’t even know about?! Grrrrrr.

  • My most frustrating experience is when my iPhone screen broke after dropping it. Almost everyone I know with an iPhone has experienced this. Here’s hoping for a more durable screen in the near future.

  • I drive from Dallas to Houston on a regular basis. There is a HUGE patch on I-45 where my phone just does not work. If I were to break down or have a wreck, I would be out of luck!! Comforting…..

  • I’ve mostly been happy with my regular phone. But now I’m freelancing and schlepping the kids around and just need to be more available. I hate having to tell potential clients that I’ll be away from email all day. So many people don’t understand that anymore!

  • My husband is a total nerd and would love this phone. I twould make the perfect Christmas gift.

  • I live in Los Angeles and have an iPhone. Need I say more?? The “call” feature for us in LA is more or less “talk until your call is dropped…and repeat.” From a business perspective, nothing is more delightful than being on a conference call with a group of people and being “that” person whose call keeps dropping, which then sets off the auto conference alert to say “Kendra has left the call”….every…single…time. Even better, you have to keep calling back into the conference line and interrupt everyone else with the automated conference call alert message of “Kendra has arrived.” Please, oh please pick me!

  • My phone turns itself off, so I miss calls and texts all the time. Sometimes it turns itself off as I’m in the middle of texting or emailing. And I’m thinking this kind of defeats the purpose of having a phone that has these capabilities in the first place.

  • I recently tried to sign onto my email with my phone because my super old laptop refused to connect to wireless. Then I remembered that I don’t have a phone with email capabilities. The thing barely lets me text.

  • Obviously, the whole reason to have a phone is to be able to call and text people, and to have them call or text you back. Also, I bought my specific phone because it’s supposed to be the best for playing music. Well, only 3 months old and it doesn’t do ANY of that! The music part never worked, and now the only way I have to keep in touch with friends and family is through the internet, because my phone just plain doesn’t work! One wonders what the point is of paying for service anymore…

  • My phone reandomly shuts off…so annoying! It also doesn’t have very much memory so when I want to take a picture, I have to delete one beforehand (and I have a 14month old so I take quite a few pictures!)

  • My phone is about as reliable as a terrible roommate when it comes to delivering texts and voicemails. I won’t get any for ages, and then a message will come in, and my phone’s all, “Oh, by the way, I think some other people tried to call you? A couple of days ago? Here are their messages.”

  • I have a great phone, except I never get to use it. My boyfriend’s phone is outdated, so he’s always stealing mine. Tons of missed calls and texts so that he can play tetris? I’d love to win — he can keep mine, and I’d have a phone I can actually use!

  • Sometimes my phone will come on in my purse and accidentally call the last person I talked to or the person at the end of my address book. Unfortunately that person happens to be someone I went out on a date with once and so I have now erased his number so he doesn’t think I’m being weird by calling and not talking to him!

  • I share many of the commentors phone frustrations but am particularily frustrated when I don’t receive texts in a timely manner. Sometime I will get four or five texts hours after they were sent which can mean missing out on something important….

  • I have always known that I was destined to be a curator. I set my sights on it, and, with some luck and a lot of determination, I finally achieved my goal two months ago. The job sounds glamorous, I have intellectual and physical responsibility for a collection of several thousands objects housed in 5 different museums. i love it! I “connois,” I lecture, I organize exhibitions and… I clean. Yes, being curator also means I have the pleasure of cleaning 4 of the 5 buildings, and the thousands of objects in them. This includes but is not limited to, floors, curtains, furniture surfaces, and objects… which are particularly tasty to bugs such as clothes webbing moths and carpet beetles. Not wanting to take the beasties home, I bought a pair of Dickie’s coveralls to wear as I play Cinderella. (I’m blonde, my office is in a tower and we have mice. You get the picture) Last week, I industriously finished mopping, changed into my nice clothes, and tossed my pair of coveralls (which housed my time piece, I mean my cell phone, in the left breast zippered pocket) into the wash. I didn’t realize the error of my ways until that evening. The water damage voids my warranty, and as an arts employee, I have precious little cash with which to buy another. Thus, I am stuck with a water logged cell phone or I am blessed with a new gadget to help keep me, my collection and my beasties connected with the modern world.

  • My phone is an old school, grainy pictures, no internet brick. My biggest frustration with it is its lack of storage. I have to constantly delete texts so that my new ones won’t get erased.

  • I just received my Ph.D. in neuroscience last week. While I would like to take some time off to make my house look less like a tornado blasted through it, I really would like to find a job I love. Unfortunately, my evil cell phone does not ring when companies are calling and drops ALL calls unless I am standing on my tippy toes on the porch. It has started snowing here in Denver, so I am getting rather chilly while taking calls.

  • I gave up my phone when I temporarily moved out of the country & didn’t have an international plan. Now, my husband & I share one phone between us. It would be nice to not have to plan each morning, “now which of us needs the phone more today . . .”

  • I live 1500 miles from my family, but only get to talk to my mom for a few minutes at a time, because the combination of my cellphone + her cell phone = everything sounds like we’re underwater (we both have the same mediocre phone, which I won’t name because I’m nice like that). It would be pretty awesome to be able to have a conversation with her that wasn’t half “what?… WHAT?…I’LL TELL YOU AT CHRISTMAS”

  • All my phone can do is text. And even that is terrible! Takes forever and often sends the wrong sentences without me realizing. Gotta lose the predicted text mess…

  • Overall I like my phone but I have to say I am definitely interested in the new Windows Phone!!

    My biggest difficulty with my current smartphone is that the screen freezes periodically and I have to turn it off and then back on again to get it to work. This always seems to happen when I am in a hurry or rapidly looking for directions to where I am going. Super frustrating!!

  • I too suffer from delayed message gratification. Hours, and sometimes a day will go by before I am alerted to new voicemails. Since I also use this phone for my business line, it is problematic…but hey, at least I have a phone, right?:)

  • My phone is crazy weird. Sometimes people will call and they get a disconnected message or sometimes it’ll just have blank spots in the calls or sometimes it just beeps three times and hangs up on people. It’s a far far cry from reliable.

  • I love my blackberry for work purposes but I hate how slow my internet is! It takes so long to load a page that I usually just wait until I can reach my home computer.

  • I have gone through five of the same phone in a year. it’s really time to switch phones…

  • I’ve actually yet to own a smart phone (weird, I know), but my LG Dare is on its last leg. The touchscreen itself is peeling off the rest of the phone, and with no buttons, it’s completely useless. Crossing my fingers for an early Xmas present from D*S!

  • My phone is mostly just a phone… but reception is not good in my apartment and it’s my only phone! And lately when I leave voicemails, I’m told the recipients don’t get them until a day or two later. Well..that’s just not helpful! :) I think a Windows phone wouldn’t do that!

  • I use a Motorola Razr and while I love the simplicity of it (calls and texts only!) I am completely unable to keep up with the social media for my own brand growth.

    A cab driver stole my iPhone after the first was stolen at a New Orleans music festival!

    I just don’t have the funds to replace it…

  • My phone is practically from the stone ages in comparison to what’s out there now (no internet etc…) and it seems to need to be recharged about every 60 minutes (i’m serious). Because it’s so unpredictable I’m actually reinstalling a land line this week. A new phone that’s “with it” would be amazing to have when I’m out and about.

  • I was so excited to get my Envy 2 a few years ago. I worked for a small non profit then so I saved the $50 dollars that it would cost with my 2yr contract, which was big spending on my tiny budget. When I got it I was so excited to have a full keyboard and picture text messages to keep up with my sister’s new baby. A month later it started turning off randomly and now just shuts off completely whenever. Once again I will have to save on my tiny budget since teaching in a B.D room is not to far off from a small non-profit salary.

  • I really want a new phone because my Blackberry is on its death bed. However, I would probably give the new phone to my aunt. All key labels (such as the letter) are gone from her phone. She had to memorized where the numbers are on her phone and she can’t send text messages anymore.

  • My phone battery has died, and will only work when plugged into a wall outlet! It’s like having a corded phone again.

  • I really, really need a new phone. I am currently using a four year old hand-me-down phone which is still a step up from the last one, which died. This particular phone likes to say it has a full charge and then die. It also doesn’t have a great key lock feature and I have “butt dialed” someone on more than one occasion. Not good.

  • Oh my, my current *smart*phone freezes…all…the…time. It has a very irritating little black box that goes around like a clock until I pull the battery out and make it start up again; which of course takes FOR-EV-ER. I pray I never have to use it in an emergency, because I know that black box of death would make an appearance.

  • Every day I take a photo of the Manhattan skyline from the Pulaski Bridge in Greenpoint for my friend living in the Netherlands. Lately the camera just conks out on the most photographic of days. Sad I cant share my New York because of my spooty phone.

  • Lost on my way to a client meeting, pulled over on the side of the road trying to get directions watching the phone think for 10 minutes while it looked up directions only to have it say the function took too long and I would have to try again.

  • Oh! What a gift! Completely enabling of my facebook addiction. We all could use a little enabling

  • Oh my goodness this came at the right time. I’ve had my phone for 2 years. There must be a self-destruct function in it because it has been slowly falling apart – I have to put it on speaker when making or receiving calls because I can’t hear from the earpiece. And then yesterday the screen started blanking and I had to keep resetting it by taking the battery out. To top that all off, now the alarm function isn’t working, so I’ve been waking up and making it to work on sheer luck! So please please please let me get what I want :)

  • I use my phone as an alarm clock to get me up in the morning. Last Wednesday, I stayed up late working on a group project for class the next day. So, I set my phone and went to bed. I woke up to silence. My cell phone had mysteriously shut off in the middle of the night! I had 10 minutes before my presentation was due! I live 25 minutes from campus!

  • My friends make fun of me asking me when I am getting rid of my “Zack Morris” phone. The other day, someone left me a post-it on my desk that says…”Just Thought You Should Know”… and written on it is..”Your cell phone is stupid”. My phone is a little older, ok, a lot older and the screen is broken so I never know who is calling….but it still works…so I haven’t upgraded yet. And no, I don’t have internet, email OR text on my phone. ah, someday….

  • What a lovely giveaway! I love this site. Well, my story is much like the ones above. Dropped calls, late texts, random freezing of the screen, and deathbed battery. A new phone would be lovely!

  • Right now, I have a super-chic slider phone, circa 2007. The back is held on with duct tape and every time I drop it the battery flies out. I definitely need a new phone and to join this century!

  • Oh, perfect timing on this contest! A few days ago I turned off the wake-up alarm on my phone and proceeded, in a half-asleep daze, to drop it straight into the cup of coffee that was on my bedside table. The phone itself wasn’t terribly nice, but I’m sad about all the grainy photos and contact info I lost.

  • My phone always has poor reception, and for some reason periodically turns off all on its own. I’ll look down to check my phone, and it’s just off, even though the batteries are not dead!

  • I have an old car, 2 kids,and no cell phone.This would be so awesome to win.Thanks for the chance!

  • I’m using a phone from 2001. My newer one died after spontaneously shutting down for weeks so I’ve been stuck with an old one until our contract is up. I would love a new phone!

  • Not sure if my comment before qualifies so i’m going to try again – I’m reliant on public transit in Boston, and the T has just developed new apps that let you know when buses are arriving, in real time. My flip phone, apart from turning off randomly, doesn’t have the option to add any of those apps. I would love to be able to lay in bed those extra minutes in the morning, watching my bus make its way towards me!

  • After my son was born, I was laid off from my book design job and ever since, we’ve moved so much I haven’t been able to establish myself anywhere. Fast forward to five years later and I’m a struggling freelance designer with a husband who “gave” me a simple cell phone, but controls the minutes I’m allowed to speak on the phone. (20 minutes every three months). Now the phone turns off every time I flip it closed, a problem because with my son in school, I need to be reachable at all times. As I rebuild my career (and my entire identity), I know I’ll get to a point where I’m totally independent again. The phone would help me stay organized, be accessible to my son and help me break free of my clunker phone, which has always had too many strings attached to it anyway.

  • I got my phone free with my plan three years ago and using it is like being in the dark ages. I don’t have a keyboard and just last week broke my thumbnail off trying get T9 to understand the word I wanted.

  • Oy…. my phone does not like certain numbers, and locks up when my boss and my partner call. Unfortunately, my phone has locked up several times when my partner and I have been in the middle of a fight, causing her to think that I am ignoring her! Ack!

  • I think the most frustrating thing about my phone is that it doesn’t like to work when I most need it to. Case in point, trying to talk to my boyfriend about the deterioration of our relationship due to his cheating on me with my best friend. I feel like it drops every important call. Perhaps it just drops every call but I only bemoan the important ones. Text messages are also spotty so I can never tell if he is ignoring me, while in truth, he may be frantically sending me messages to help salvage our relationship. Turns out he had tried to send several. That would have been nice to know before I accused him of not putting effort into communication.

    By its crummy memory space, lack of picture messaging, and indecent service, my phone has been doing no favors for my currently tumultuous relationship. I’d love to have one less worry about it by having a better phone that functions normally.

  • My phone is so ghetto that I can’t even receive picture texts anymore! It just shows up as a bunch of jumbled numbers and letters! Anyways, winning a new Windows 7 phone would help my life so much- especially receiving those fun pics from friends!

  • My lovely little phone likes to periodically switch the caller ID I have assigned. A few times my boss has called to be greeted by a very confused me because I thought it was my aunt calling. No matter how many times I fix it it still is a loose cannon!

  • My boyfriend has such issues with his phone, which is really frustrating for me :), recently the last straw was when the screen all of a sudden started making weird color patterns and then died completely, we’ve been holding off on buying a new one since he’s already on his 3rd in the last year, so if I won I would give the phone to him, it’s a gift for both of us you could say.

  • My service has stopped allowing me to use my free email client and instead has switched to a new improved $5/month extra email client. Whatever, I worked around it, but for the past month, they have texted me EVERY day “alerting” me that the email client I used to have no longer works. Finally today, I had had enough, so I replied to the text with “f*** you.” It auto replied “You have opted out of (my carrier) text messages.” Wish I had gotten fed up weeks ago!

  • A new phone to replace my 5 year old phone maybe nice or it may just be more headaches than my current one. Technology is great when it works.

  • My phone auto-deletes all of my texts. The notification will pop up for a second, and then delete the text as soon as I try to view it. My phone also turns off randomly throughout the day and the screen freezes.

  • This horse at work stole my phone from my pocket and broke my cheap phone. now i’m too cheap to get a new one!

  • I currently have a smart phone that for some very odd and annoying reason I can’t hang up sometimes! There is a sensor on the phone to turn off the light when the phone is against your ear and is supposed to come back on when you pull to away from your ear. This more often than not doesn’t happen. Very Frustrating!

  • This would be great! I need to replace my phone which was supposed to be a temporary replacement for the one I lost in the East Coast Snowpocalypse 2010.

  • i’ve always treated my phone with care but it likes to turn itself off and on at random- it’s infuriating! i will be at a movie and it turns on and chirps! i am in dire need of a smartphone that is easy to use- i feel sad about my current phone.

  • I still have one of the clam shell, pay as you go phones. Totally itching for something “smart”!

  • my phone messes up all the time and randomly turns itself off when it’s fully charged!! and my phone is super important and i’m constantly talking or texting someone! i hate it when it does that!

  • My phone makes up words when I text, doesn’t always deliver texts, sends them hours late and replaces message content with the text from the previous message. Also has started to send me the same message twice. So it’s not only annoying, but it costs me text messages (no, I don’t have an unlimited plan). We also get mysterious data charges on our bill, despite having blocked the Internet (we’ve got pretty basic phones and without a smartphone, there’s no real reason to access it). Awesome.

  • I just wished my phone did more things! It’s a basic old flip open kind and I can’t even text on it – would LOVE to try the new windows phone…cross my fingers!

  • My husband needs this new Windows phone. His doesn’t hold a charge, which kida defeats the purpose of having a cell phone if you can’t use it when you need to, right?!

  • I’m a text message hoarder and with my tiny memory card, my inbox is always full. Always. It also takes a year to even load a text message/photo/any screen of the interface.

  • My biggest frustration with my phone is the carrier (who is NOT T-Mobile). I’ve been on the phone for hours with customer service, trying to resolve issues, and they’ve stiffed me more than one occasion. My phone is also a 5-year old flip phone. I’d love to switch!

  • I love it when my phone randomly restarts itself when it has a full battery, especially when I am right in the middle of a text message. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I have a gorgeous olive green trench coat, but the pocket is woefully shallow, and despite my best intentions I always absentmindedly put my phone in there and it almost always falls out when I sit down. Poor thing has been abused to death and pops open at the slightest bump.

  • Wow! My husband says I’m not allowed to have any more Apple products as they run away from me. I went through 2 Iphones in a week (both stolen, totally my fault, nothing to do with Apple) and have lost 2 Ipods, all in the last year :-( Sooo, not i’m stuck with the cheapest phone we could get. It has nothing but phone calls and texts. It works fine, but I sure miss having a smart phone

  • Current phone will not hold charge. I ordered new battery which helped a bit. It is really old. Last spring I got a new one but it “dematerialized” in 24 hours. Never to be seen again. I think it must be caught somewhere in my car. Have a friend who lost one and 6 months later it fell out of the car!


  • I have my phone service via the internet. Recently, the converter box died and I was without my phone for a week. Then, when I got a new converter box, I started losing bits of conversation of “packets” of data were dropped. I spent a bit of time on the phone to fix the problem, and thought I was all set, but then it started up again. I have an ancient cell phone, and while I have a mega-cheap plan, it doesn’t have a great coverage area, so in most of the rural places I travel, I have no cell phone service. I think it’s time for an upgrade!

  • I have a very cheap phone that’s recently started acting like it’s not on when clearly it is. Nothing like missing calls AND not getting the messages to frustrate one.

  • I was phoning in to a meeting once, and kept having to move around the house to get a signal — finally ended up walking up the street. Strong signal, but unfortunately a windy day and underneath a flight path … clients finally said, “Heather, are you …. outside?”

  • I’ve dropped three (THREE!?) phones into a pool. When will they make a waterproof phone?

  • My biggest complaint about my phone is that it’s an old school flip phone. My husband loves to text me, and it takes me forever to text back with my keypad!

  • How sad is it when your favorite accessory has cracked face glass? I use it all the time — I guess a little too much — because the glass has arcing cracks in it. Unfortunately, not bad enough to completely shatter, just enough to make it hard to read.

  • My phone keeps turning itself off at the most inconvenient times- awaiting a phone interview, in the middle of a conversation, etc. I need to upgrade!

  • I’ve had the same phone since I first moved to the USA, having no American credit history, in 2005. It’s thus the absolute bottom of the line pay as you go type (no internet, pictures or email), and costs a fortune to keep stocked with minutes.

    I’ve been unemployed since 2009 and with finances tight, often cut corners and do not keep my phone stocked. MY HORROR STORY: last week I actually got a call with a job offer and did not receive it as I did not have any minutes on my phone. When I refilled, I frantically called the person back. The reception was TERRIBLE (as always), and after struggling to maintain a semblance of a conversation, I discovered the job had already been given to someone else.

    Having the ability to text and call easily would really help with my job search.

  • A week or so ago, I locked my keys in my car. Not a big problem, as I have AAA. However, when my lovely phone decided to refuse to place the call, I was left begging employees at a fast food establishment for their cells so that I could get my car unlocked. Irritating.

  • I’m old school and don’t yet have a smart phone-am I the only one? I would love to check out D*S on a new phone!

  • The (internet-incabable) phone I have has been re-gifted twice before it reached me.

    While I have never considered getting a new phone (it has been dropped repeatedly, submerged in water, and taped together, yet functions still), it would be nice to have one that does not fall apart on the regular!

  • This is actually kind of perfect timing. I bought a G1 a few years ago, and dropped it & the screen fractured. I cursed a bit, and finally settled on buying a new (used) G1, and even put it in a hideous “mouth guard”-style case. A few months ago, I went to put my phone in my pocket, missed, and..wouldn’t you know it. I cracked screen again. I feel my G1 luck is cursed (& they’re still too expensive!), so I’m currently using the fractured screen. I’d love to break the curse, and maybe update!

  • I currently have a really old Blackberry Curve that has been working just fine up until today, it seems like a sign that this contest would come up!

    I have started getting the hourglass symbol pop up any time I try to do or select anything, or even at times when it has just been sitting there. The hourglass means it’s processing and I can’t do anything the entire time the hourglass is up. The worst experience, besides it taking at least 10 minutes to be able to even open my email, is that it accidentally called my boss, then brought up the hourglass, and because I couldn’t just exit it out, it rang through, went to voicemail, and I just had to wait in a horrible silence until it finally let me hang up.

    I would LOVe a new phone!

  • Honestly, nothing is wrong with my phone (the occasional turn off for some strange reason) but the W7 is just such a cool phone, I’d give mine up.

  • Ohh I would absolutely love to get this phone for my husband! He uses an awful phone that makes his life miserable, the poor dear…and to make matters worse, he forbids to buy a new one or spend money on any “non-necessities” until we pay off MY student loans. He is a videographer/editor at a local advertising agency but he also does lots of creative work on the side, such as wedding videos and, most recently, a music video. So when his phone decides to turn off for no good reason it hinders his ability to get these extra jobs to pay off MY student loans…( he’s an angel). And I feel just terrible! He has to set his alarm on my phone too just to make sure that he gets up in the morbid in case his phone turns off! Not to mention that he gets texts all of a day late…nor does he get all too important emails. So this phone would just thrill his soul! Thanks y’all for reading! Did I mention that the “0” button doesn’t work?

  • If I switch my phone off, it freezes for around 10 minutes after I switch it back on! It is driving me bonkers.

  • My current phone frustration is that my spacebar rarely ever works so when I’m texting someone all of the letters group together. :o) Also, the internet is frustrating because my screen is super small. I have an old phone. :o)

  • I love my phone all except one feature. (although it’s starting to show it’s age). The mute feature is activated by the touch screen, which you basically hold up to your cheek. So often in the middle of a call the other person will start saying “hello, hello” because I’ve inadvertently muted my self. very annoying and hard to avoid.

  • My phone’s camera is a joke. I typically have to explain in detail what the photo is of–kinda defeats the purpose.

  • I don’t have a Smartphone *gasp*, so my phone doesn’t allow me to go online, which can be a necessity for my personal and work life. So I usually have to lug my laptop around. How amazing would it be to use this phone instead? Love the sleek design!

  • as a person who is starting a small business my phone is completely insufficient — I can only talk and text — and sometimes it just turns it sound off on its own, or forgets to sound the alarm in the morning (I get up very very early) — I need to be more mobile, and have a reliable piece of cellular equipment — so pick me!

  • I used to love my Rumor to bits, but the pool and bathtub loved it too, and now it’s water-damaged.
    It was already a hand-me-down, so some of the keys stick. Now, whenever it gets the slightest bit moist, the left button refuses to work and it keeps flashing that the USB cable is connected. The battery dies within hours, and instead of a working ringtone it only vibrates. Sometimes.
    I’ve been missing important calls, sneaking my cell charger into class with me, and can’t afford to buy a new phone anytime soon. Pity me, please.

  • This phone would be a great gift for my father, his old flip phone is beyond help. Its been dropped, drenched, sat on, god only knows what else and it doesnt even work in the house. Hey maybe I should keep it and give him mine instead LOL. JK its always better to give than receive.

  • I recently updated my $10 cell phone which I had for over a year without a back(clear tape doesn’t cut it). My newest phone is a step up, but still according to my kids “a dinosaur”. I would love to look up my work and personal emails when I’m away from home, so when I do get home, I could spend more time with kids.

  • Oh man… this phone would do wonders for me! I have a 3 yr old phone that is ghettoooo. It can make calls and that is about it. It doesn’t even do that very well. I am always traveling for work and on the go so having a data phone would be wonderful!!

  • I have a two year old Shanzhai phone. For those who dont know, Shanzhai is a city in China that makes everything you could ever want, for VERY cheap. Usually when you buy a Shanzhai product it wont last more than a few months, so mine is a rare find! However the 4 button is stuck, and when I type in English the text is very slow! I need a phone that can dial any number please!!

  • This is embarrassing, but I got drunk and I have a password lock on my phone and I could not for the life of me remember my password. So I ended up trying to many times and deleted everything off my phone…

  • my hubby is very tech-savvy & his phone does all sorts of neat things. Mine, however, is quite bare boned. I would love to catch up with him & the rest of the modern world.

  • My puppy nudged my phone with his nose, and it fell INTO a full glass of water. Now the buttons don’t work no matter how hard I press them. My puppy successfully drowned my phone… (Maybe he was jealous of the phone getting more of my attention).

  • Im currently what I call “in between phones (also known as: have a crappy one until I can aford to buy a new one, LOL). My last phone, which was one of the first smart phones that came out, literally REFUSED to charge! I took it to several buisnesses that fix phones, and they all basically told me that they didnt make parts for that phone anymore. Of course, I then went to my phone company who essentially told me the same thing. The amazing part is, that phone was really freggin’ expensive! I am trying to set up a small buisness, so hopefully I will get my crummy phone issue fixed soon :P

  • My biggest phone pet peeve is that phone companies automated customer service things don’t have a default for if you cannot push a button. You know the “if you have a rotary phone please stay on the line”. Guess what: the phone company here doesn’t have that! I have a rotary phone. Its my main phone. I won’t give it up. It never runs out of batteries, it never fails when the power goes off it still works. Etc etc. Its the best. So what if I can’t text? lol

  • i would give this to my husband. he has an older phone and I have the iphone. i would like us to be on the same level. we run a business together and need to have the same capabilities.

  • My phone – a circa 1997 AT&T model that is practically rotary – is possessed and likes to mysteriously dial strange numbers at the most random times. Most recently I saw four calls in a row to a crisis pregnancy center located 3 states away. This wouldn’t be so bad except I have a limited number of minutes, no home phone and I’m broke. I either need a new smart phone or some sort of new-age, computer savy exorcist who can rid my phone of it’s possessed drunk-dialing personality. As an added bonus, a Smart phone would assist me in my serious, and probably unhealthy addiction to looking on craigslist at the missed encounters section. Your help with this would be oh-so appreciated.

  • Wow thank you for the opportunity to win! My poor old phone is 7 years old. It’s been going strong for a long time now but over the last year it’s getting harder and harder for people to hear me and me hear them. People stare at me when I yell into the phone. It takes me a year to type a text, no internet capability of any kind. A new phone would be wonderful much appreciated early Christmas present!

  • I’m looking for a phone that actually works in my house! I lost out on a job interview because I can never receive calls at home, and the HR person could never understand my frantic messages to please call my landline. In the end, she just left me a message that since we could never connect, they’d be giving the job to someone else. Since then, I’ve been hunting for the perfect replacement. This could be it!

  • I just upgraded to a new phone about 3 months ago and was promised better service with it… well that was a pile of crap. If I’m sitting on the hutch in front of our kitchen window, next to the laundry room or out in the middle of the driveway–then I get service. Otherwise you can kiss that phone call goodbye–dropped! I could really use a new phone, something that I can even email with would be amazing! I’m ready to make the transition and have my phone surgically attached! :)

  • I lost my nice phone and was so mad at myself that I replaced it with the cheapest one I could find (since I was still locked into the contract) and it’s been nothing but a vex!!! I would love a new phone!

  • I’ve wanted,for a while now to cancle my home phone (no one really calls it and I’d like to save some money) however I don’t have enough trust in my cell in case of an emergency.

  • This girl (skillfully) dropped her BlackBerry in a puddle. It dried out, and while mostly still functional, many of the buttons don’t work. Am trying to hold out until my “new every two” is up so I can get a new one without breaking the bank…

  • I have an oldschool flip phone, and am embarrassed to admit I have never texted in my life. I feel old admitting that. I would love to have a real smartphone!

  • I need that phone! I lost the battery cover to my current phone when I dropped it. When I tried to order a replacement, they said that they don’t sell that phone (or its parts) anymore. I guess I need to upgrade!

  • I bought myself one of those fancy schmancy smart phones for my birthday a few months back but my A-hole of a husband made me return it the next day. I had to reactivate my ancient flip phone that has this awesome knack of dropping calls at the worst possible times. I’m just waiting for my puppy to chew it up so I’ll have to get something new.

  • My current “smart phone” just isn’t very smart. It sometimes doesn’t send texts, I receive texts a day later than anticipated. This has resulted in missed social activities. Boo!

  • I wish my phone wouldn’t get an hourglass and freeze for 30 min when i need to make a 1 min call….

  • recent phone frustration – my blackberry would freeze up everytime I tried to make a call – eventually I figured out that I need to be very careful about which buttons I pressed – otherwise it got mad at me and would not cooperate

  • My cell phone is so old and on its last leg. I think there must be aliens roosting in it, because my screen is ever so slowly turning black. At the moment, the black has spread across the top of the screen so that I can’t tell when I have a voicemail, and in little bits in the center of the screen, so I can’t really look at pictures. I’m just waiting for the whole thing to blacken so I can justify switching over to a brilliant phone like the Windows 7.

  • Thanks for the opportunity, d*s. I went back to a semi-basic phone because my old one ate up so much battery life whenever I tried to check my email. As I anticipate being out on the road more in the coming year, I could really use something that more ring tones, let alone could actually look things up! At least it has a full keyboard.

  • Why do I need a phone? Many, many reasons. Because sometimes it doesn’t send texts. Because sometimes it can’t recieve texts. Because OFTEN, my phone randomly shuts off…always when I lose it amidst a pile or laundry or in my duvet. When I enlist a friend to call it to attempt to locate it, it doesn’t ring! Either I need mitten-strings designed for a phone, or a I need a more reliable phone! :)

  • My phone refuses to work inside my house. How convenient. I hate it…I often find myself yelling at it and threatening to throw it out the window, and proceed to drive over it. Please, help me.

  • Battery life = arrrrrghhhhh. Real words don’t describe how frustrating it is. My current phone won’t hold a charge for more than a few hours.

  • More with less…oh this would be a great theme to incorporate into my life. Would love the phone, I’m sure it’ll help me do more with less. ;)

  • My first phone was indestructable. It fell into a glass of water, swam in a bubble bath and regardless of this, i could still play snake.

  • my current phone is a little over two years old, and seems to be slowing down with old age, or with the increased amount of data it needs to process. by the time i get an internet connection, the phone has powered down:(

  • my stupid old blackberry takes forever to open anything and has a required password that add so much time – and it needs constant authentication. I can’t do anything on it. I hate it.

  • My ‘little guy’ (as I like to call him) no longer responds to the 4, 5 and 6 buttons. If your number includes one of those I can’t call you unless it’s already saved in my phone and texting is basically impossible except with certain friends who have learned how to decode my messages. Painful but I can’t afford to buy a new one until my contract is up in March.

  • I think my worst problem with cell phones is that I’m a terrible texter. Not really the phone’s fault, but what I want in a new phone is a QWERTY keyboard!

  • it’s like murphy’s law — whenever i’m lost and 5 minutes late and need the map app, or have to make an important conference call or am stranded at the airport for hours — inevitably, that is the time my phone takes an hour to load, can’t get reception of drops the call 5 times or runs out of battery after 30 minutes of use.

    sometimes i think these “smart” phones are actually just here on earth to drive us insane :]

  • I love this blog. I have a phone that company’s give as the ‘free’ phone. I am fortunate to have one, though this phone has a mind of it’s own. Like many others, it will only let me know someone called when it feels like it. I can put someone in as a contact only to have it disappear and never be entered. Funny things like that.

  • Well I basically want to win for my hubby! He needs something that can get reception in a basement and in the middle of nowhere! PLEASE and Thanks!

  • I have an iPhone 3G that is on its last leg. The volume button no longer lets me increase the volume, only turn it down. The screen is cracked and the headphone jack is totally jacked. And those are only the hardware issues. Each app takes so long to load these days that it is pretty pointless as an app device. If I had any idea what I want next from a phone I would get it but I am curious how the Win 7 phones turn out.

  • Getting calls dropped all the time, needing about 15 minutes to warm-up, having the battery die after 30 minutes of use… all reasons why I could definitely use a new phone! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Frustrations abound, but the worst was when the green ‘call’ button would only work intermittently!

  • My phone has the advantage of being basically indestructible (apparently, it’s marketed mostly to construction workers and the military). But it persistently takes forever to get a connection and dial certain numbers. It also drops calls like there’s no tomorrow, leaving me blathering on with no one at the other end. Kind of embarrassing!

  • I hate my current smartphone! It turns itself off whenever it wants too, even if it is fully charged, and usually when I really need it. I’m lucky if I get voicemail notification once a week. All the apps that I can download you have to pay $2.99 or more for (the free ones are useless!) and when I do download something, no only does it take forever but it uses all the battery juice! It won’t open anything that uses java or any games other than Mineseeker…Oh, it also won’t initiate my Pandora app…it says the file is too large. I really need a new phone!!

  • I got a new phone this last year and the voice reception has been terrible. Even when it has reception, the person on the other end is so, so quiet and it cuts in an out. I’ve also been having issues with voicemails not popping up until later. I’d love a new phone-thanks for the opportunity!

  • Hmm. doing more buy making more things instead of buying them! Especailly for gifts.

  • From time to time my phone does not let me answer anyone’s incoming phone calls! I have to wait until they hang up or leave a message and then call them back. Needless to say, it is absolutely ridiculous!

  • Well, my phone likes to forget to send text messages, act like it’s off when it’s really on (freezing up), and necessitates me flipping it upside-down and right-side-up if I want to do anything other than text or call.

    My phone is a “flip phone,” but not one that flips open – it’s one that has a screen on the front and back. It’s almost archaic and more-or-less pathetic, but I still use it because I haven’t found one with my carrier that is the right price or the right fit!

    Take today for example: one of my jobs is finding host families for foreign exchange students. Turns out that representatives (like myself) from other regions were able to take the kids from my roster and put them with other families before I got a confirmation from my potential host families. If I had a real smart phone that could show full web-pages without me having the flip my phone back and forth to type in web address with t-9 Word and then show a page on a 1″-by-1″ screen, I would have been able to make a placement happen! I did almost drop this phone in the toilet this morning; maybe that should have been a sign for what was to come today!

    Alas, so many people have asked me “why don’t you get a new phone?” Well, maybe this contest could be the answer! :)

  • So, I’ve had my phone for 4 (going on 5) years. I love it dearly, but there are several reasons why it needs to retire. Let me count the ways:

    1. Horrible reception. This may or may not be the phone’s fault, but everyone else with the same service plan has no similar issues. Issues that fall under this umbrella — dropped calls, awful voice quality, and texts that never get sent, lost in the universe.

    2. Slow. This phone is lag central. On the rare occasion when my phone can take a picture without it freezing on me, I have to wait a good thirty seconds to for it to comprehend what just happened. Also, when I’m flipping through my pictures, my phone always freezes when I get to a certain mystery picture. I wish I could delete it.

    3. Outdated. I’m a full-time student about to embark into the real world. I am always on the go. It would be fantastic to be able to access the internet from my phone to check emails and such. It’s a luxury, for sure, but I feel like as I get older, it becomes more necessary.

    Like I said before, I love my phone, and I get by with it, but I’d love a shot at a smartphone. I’ve been saving up for one, but at the current rate, I’ll be taking it out of my retirement fund before I can afford a smartphone.

  • Windows PHONE – Yeah!! They have GREAT TV commercials. AND I do not own a cell phone. How 80s of me.

  • I’ve tried all the Smartphones. iPhone 4 is close to fulfilling my every need, except for the part where calling others doesn’t work. Go windows 7 phone!

  • I can’t afford to maintain a cell plan plus a real landline. But I need a cell for work (it has *literally* saved my life!) and my mickey mouse cell doesn’t work inside my apartment so I have VoIP for that, and that works like crap, too. I’ve been told a smartphone will likely have a better signal and maybe would work better here. If so, I could dump the VoIP and the cost of smartphone plan would be worth for one actual working telephone PLUS smartphone capabilities. Yippee!!

  • I’m actually in the market for a new phone right now too. Mine works ok at the moment besides its occasional habit of dying even when fully charged.

    My real dilemma is that I don’t know if I should give in to a cell phone that’s all tricked out, with internet, email, gps, camera, etc., etc. Have you see the cell phone ad where people communicate strictly via their phones even though they are in the same room? Kinda freaky. Deep down I crave a fancy phone…but I wonder if I would will become addicted to being constantly connected!

  • I haven’t wanted to get a new phone even though I can get a new one. In fact it just died. I’m using an old phone that my mom owned just because I haven’t seen/can afford any phone that I want. I think this would be a great phone!

  • id love a new phone that actually does something other than txt and make phone calls :)

  • My current phone is due for retirement and this Windows phone looks like a great new option. Great blog too.

  • My phone drops calls all the time. It doesn’t work in my bedroom (which is where I like to have most of my conversations). I’d love a new phone!

  • I have an old basic boring phone that does little other than make calls — which is exactly what I wanted when I got it. I can’t really justify buying myself a cool new phone since the one I have works well for my purposes, but it sure would be fun to have a better phone!

  • My phone – though a major brand and less than a year old – has a myriad of issues. It often freezes so that I can’t use any features or answer calls, it doesn’t deliver text messages until hours (and sometimes days) later, and the battery life is diminishing as the days go on.

    I would LOVE a new phone. that functions properly. Pretty please, pick me :)

  • My friends will attest that I have the most annoying phone problem ever. The touch screen on my phone is so sensitive that my cheek or my chin is constantly putting people on hold, mute, or ending the call together. The worst is when I’m in the thick of a conversation and I realize I’ve been on mute for over a minute of my rambling!

  • drove me nuts last year when my phone suddenly had no memory left & it was completely empty. not even room for the ringtones it came with. i couldn’t hear calls. i came to find out, this was a problem that happened w/ that phone ALL THE TIME, but b/c it was software & not hardware, my insurance wouldn’t cover it. i sent it off to a find at mit, reinstalled the os, & it’s brand new. now, why couldn’t the company that made it do that????

  • Hello? Hello? Are you there? Oh! No! Another bad cell area…ok, need a phone with access to fab service! It’s an issue!
    Would love to be able to call from anywhere!

  • Since the phone would be going to my husband, I’ll describe his frustration – that he still has a rinky-dink (yep, I did just type that) flip phone. He still has not upgraded to a smart phone yet. It’s partly because he’s lazy and partly because he hasn’t found the right one. So the poor guy is stuck watching everyone else show off their phones, and he’s only got a lame one.

  • My phone is really not that bad, it just does a lot more battery wasting than anything else. The battery usually doesn’t make it through the day. Also, it seems to have a problem keeping up with my email. Sometimes I will look at it, and it will literally be hours since it shows I have received an email. If I turn it off, then on again it then all the emails come tumbling in and my inbox is about to explode!

  • I procrastinate when getting a new phone. I always hate learning the new phone, especially the ring. It takes me weeks to realize, oh, that annoying person not answering the phone is me. I only get a new phone if it is easier than the last…except that time I dropped it in my oatmeal and it never recovered. Got another one that day.

  • When unemployed and trying to get freelancing design jobs, my phone didn’t give me the message of a potential job until a day later. I frantically called back, but the job had been given to someone else :(

  • Ohhh my goodness it would be an early Christmas miracle to get a free new phone! I live in San Francisco and my boyfriend lives in a dodgy area of Oakland. My phone is always dropping calls and losing texts, and more than once I’ve had to make my way to his place alone at night because we couldn’t communicate well enough to meet up. Worse, I’ll tell him I’m nearby and then drop the call and he thinks I’ve been jumped (not an unreasonable inference). Please, for his sanity and my safety- a new phone!!

  • I’m graduating early from college this December, and a smart phone would be a “grown-up” addition to setting out in the real world.

  • My phone turns off whenever it wants to which generally seems to be in the middle of listening to important voice messages…ARGH

  • I thought I was the only with a phone that gives them text messages a day late. I’m sure people think I’m ignoring them, but it’s just my stupid phone.

  • My phone doesn’t always have service in my office, where I am ALL DAY. It also decides when it will send and recieve texts, just because it’s not in the mood I guess.

  • I make drawing machines from outdated cell phones. The momentum gathered by their tiny offset motors, conveyed through the antenna stub, generate line drawings of nests and knots. My art has a phone number. I want one too.

  • Awesome giveaway! I have a first-generation (ever) smartphone, but really, it’s pretty unintelligent for such a “smart” phone. For example, it takes about a minute for the web browser to load, and by that point, the battery has died. Needless to say, a new phone would be appreciated!

  • Yesterday, during a meeting, my phone woke up and (using an alarm sound I haven’t heard before) reminded me about an appointment that happened *last week*. Bad phone.

  • My poor hubby is actually the one in need. He was being so responsible and sold his old phone (a pretty sweet htc) to an online company to get cash in hand before buying one of the Windows 7 phones when he became eligible to upgrade his phone. As his wife and the mother of his 6 children, I certainly appreciated this! Well, despite being extreme tech/internet savvy, always getting me out of trouble on the interwebs, he seems to have finally gotten himself scammed. It’s now weeks past the date he was supposed to get the money, and I don’t think he’ll ever get it. To top it all off, the guy is now stuck with his Grandma’s old phone, which has to be 10 yrs old. It’s EMBARASSING! Nov 29th is his bday, and I’d be the most awesome wife every if I can win this phone. Got my fingers crossed!!

  • my friend, who I am writing this for, is about to lose his apartment & has been unable to work for quite a while now. I can never reach him outside of driving the 35+ miles because of the reception on his phone. I stay worried about him and would love to be able to give him a reliable phone!

  • My phone tends to have a mind of its own – it dials people without my knowledge, turns on multiple programs draining the battery and loses its signal regularly…I’d love a new phone!!

  • Got my fingers crossed for the phone. I’ve held off getting another phone for over 7 yrs now to save money. it would be awesome to win. Good luck people.

  • I had terrible terrible service with my most recent phone- the worst was that the screen broke- I could never see who was calling or receive any texts, and my carrier refused to help.

  • I have a super old phone. Text messaging is so painful. For example, to type the letter C, I have to press the 2 button three times. Can you imagine tying a whole message like that? In addition, the battery dies constantly, I can’t tell by looking at the phone if I’ve missed a call or a text and sometimes I don’t receive messages and texts until a day or two after they were sent. A new phone would be so wonderful!

  • My LG has a battery life of one decent phone call. It frequently decides it’s “all done now” and shuts itself off requiring a restart at least 3 times a day. I bought a new battery online, thinking that might be the issue, and nada..same old, same old. Not to mention that I feel like an engineer every time I have to plug it in to recharge…the charger doesn’t fit well into the phone and I have to constantly wiggle it back and forth to get it to connect and then gently lay it down so it will charge the phone. UGH.

  • Well, I just got myself a new phone, and I gambled on a refurb. THAT was a mistake. The thing turns itself off randomly. What’s most frustrating to me, though, is that it randomly buzzes even when I have no message coming in. I get all excited, and then–nothing. Sigh.

  • My prepaid phone is 7 years old & barely works. I laugh when people ask,”Why can’t you take a photo w/your phone?” Um, I can barely talk on the phone. I’m out of work, living on disability insurance & trying to run two blogs, finish a book, & worrying about buying food. So doing more w/less here pretty much means going to bed early so I can turn down/off the heat. Seriously.

    It’s a bit difficult to relate to some of the comments here…it’s been so very long since I’ve been in any position to do much at all. In fact, I just took out the blog link. Too embarrassing & I don’t want people to know. It kind of ruins feeling like nearly everyone else.

    Anyway, good luck to everyone.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter.


  • My phone has a personality of her own, and loves to chime in when she isn’t wanted or needed! To clarify: there is an ultrasensitive touch pad on the outside of the phone, so when I have my phone in my pocket (always) and the touchpad makes contact with keys, a coin, the seam of my jeans… anything, either the female automated voice asks me to input a phone number or contact name, or I start hearing annoying bells chiming (I like to say my phone is giggling– funny, but not really.) It’s pretty embarrassing, especially when I’m someplace quiet like a library and suddenly the little box in my pocket starts chiming and prompting me to do stuff (does so even when ringer is off)! I put a piece of duct tape over that section of the phone, now there is just a sticky, lint collecting mess on the face of the gal. Time to let ‘er go! I really need a new phone that stays quiet when I need it to, but functions nicely when called into action; I think the new Windows Phone will fit the bill nicely, and I promise not to put duct tape on it!

  • My curret phone freezes like crazy and the battery life is non-existent. I would love to have all of the essentials that come with owning a smartphone.

  • “No, Grandma, I didn’t mean to dial your number over and over constantly for the past hour. It was my phone, I swear!”
    I do swear. It has the most sensitive dialing feature ever, so if I forget to lock the buttons before I put it back in my purse, the demons in my phone will choose someone in my address book to harass until I finally look at my phone again.
    It hates me. I hate it. The end.

  • My phone…well let’s just say…rocks! Okay…maybe it is a freaking rock…b/c it 1) looks like a teenager owns it 2) When you call someone you can’t hear anything/anyone for prob..30 sec… but they can hear you cursing, throwing a tantrum and yelling at the rock-gem of a “phone”. 3) One of the main buttons on the keyboard does not work – of course it is the most used button of all of the buttons. 4) this is the second “Bedrock” phone they gave me to replace the first one… b/c you know… it just might work better than the first petrified piece of technology. 5) Oh goodness… seriously… I could go on forever… and few might actually believe me…yet, only those who own this “Gem of the Stonehenge” can only truly…empathize…Good Times is all I have to say…and happy calling!

  • Insteadof going out to movies and restaurants, my friends just go to free local festivals an events or just the park, all the fun with less money! The perfect exaple of doing more with less!
    It would be great to win this!

  • sweetbeans a new phone! someday this piece that only texts and calls (gosh!) shall be tossed aside and we’ll all be part of the smart-phone world…it really is a cult isn’t it? Ahoy! Let’s join!

  • a new phone would be great especially considering the economy is so bad and I am trying to save up for the holidays :)

  • I really don’t have many complaints about my phone as it usually works just fine. The only thing I wish it had was more options to customize it, like the iphone does. I had a “quick alarm” on my old phone that I used alla the time to time my work breaks and my new/old blackberry doesn’;t have that. Thanks for offering this contest.

  • My phone is its own symphony. It buzzes until I respond to it when it is out of battery (often), when I have a missed call (also often, sorry all), when I have a new voicemail, when I have a new text. Each buzz is unique and it seems only I can distinguish them all. Now if only I could get a phone that was smart enough to know that sometimes, a single reminder is enough.

  • Well, I’m still using an old flip phone which is beginning to be embarrassing, even for an “old lady” of 55.

  • Bad phone: current LG- can’t begin to even see my picture mail or share to FB.
    Want: Windows Phone with beautiful camera/ pictures and sharing possibilities!

  • My husband’s company has gone under. He is working to rebuild, but for the past year and half we have been living off savings, which we are starting to run out of. I have always made things by hand and am trying to start my own business. I just can’t afford a smartphone. Right now I am successful with friends. Word of mouth is amazing, but a smartphone just might help me out to go further with this Passion! Thanks for the opportunity to try and win a phone. Thanks also to the phone provider!

  • My woe is that I’m kind of scared of a phone that does anything besides make a call. Which is all my current phone can do. However, in one year I’ll be a speech-language pathologist, and there are (I hear) wonderful apps for augmentative communication, and I want/need to be able to show my clients how they can use something as beautifully functional and simple as a phone to speak for them! That is why I would like to take the plunge and try out a new fancy-dancy phone.

  • my phone turns off randomly, and it is getting worse, like multiple times a day. and i think i’ve noticed a trend that it turns off when i get text messages. luckily my contract is up next month, so i’m looking to get a new phone. those smart phones are so fancy!

  • I am sensitive but my phone even more. The merest touch sends it to an unwanted screen but when I try to accept call or view message its feelings are gone. Sometimes it goes off completely or switches to emergency calls only. HELP ME!

  • My phone has some orange spots on the screen, jo jo, and it can be unbloked, like that time I was at the club dancing, with my phone in my pocket and with the friction i started to calling my cousin who got scared cuz i didn’t answeared, so she call my mom and my mom didn’t know where i was, so later i half drunk had to tranquilize my mother, and i dropt the phone and since then it has orange spots… ANY WAY, I would like that phone!

  • My phone has a penchant for missing calls and not informing me until a couple months later.

  • We just moved up to the mountains and my cell reception is terrible. I was trying to activate an account for an online jobsite and they needed phone verification. Every time they tried to call, I had to run outside for a signal and kept missing them. After 5 tries, and stepping in dog poop, they suspended the account for 24 hours and I had to start all over again.

  • If I get a text message while I’m talking to someone on my phone, it drops the call! So annoying!

  • I’ve never had the newest phone. I’ve always had a hand-me-down from my mom or brother. Right now I’m rocking a pink razr (remember those?) because I used to have another equally awful phone and actually dropped it in the toilet. My pink razr won’t charge unless I hold the charger to the phone and it keeps turning off by itself. Awful.

  • Not sure if it’s my phone or my carrier, but I consistently get voicemails so garbled I cannot understand them. After 18 months with my current phone, I FINALLY know how to use most of its features… so I expect it to die at any moment.

  • The only cell phone I’ve ever had is *gasp* a non internet capable phone. I could really use a new phone because according to just about everyone I know, I am a hopeless throwback to an earlier stone age :)

  • my fustrations with my phone are as follows! 1) I have a new little baby and have been trying to take photos/record his beautiful face and i can’t seem to access them at times 2) when I get a picture text – the screen is too tiny for me to see the pic – so bad so my sister had said that I can’t receive pic texts cuz its not worth it 3) no internet – come on its like i’m living in 2001 and 4) the battery life is a joke

  • A new device to keep me up to date and in check with my family, friends and clients would be such a useful tool! I’d love to be able to work and play at the same time!

  • Actually, my phone complications have been many recently. Aside from the double-character texting and quick-to-diminish battery life, the most frustrating problem has been when I don’t receive messages until it’s too late! A new smartphone would help me and my business be on top of my game and able to be there when it matters most.

  • The screen on my phone I cracked, so if someone I don’t want to talk to calls I just have to answer it! And no internet!!

  • My current phone has keys that are realy hard to press down. The end call key is so hard to push that I think I’ve pushed it but I’m still on the line! People always ask why I don’t hang up and I say it’s my phone’s fault! A Windows Phone would be great!

  • My daughter, Willa, is 16 months old and doing the most adorable things. I love to use my phone to snap photos of her to send to her papa and grandparents throughout the day. My current smartphone has been freezing (with the cursed little hourglass icon) every time she is displaying all her cuteness! I need a new phone before she grows all the way up!!!

  • To replace my husband’s obnoxious squawking end-of-times receptionless phone would be a blessing to our household’s ears (not to mention peace of mind- it’s maddening!). It’s beyond time to be green and exile his phone to a recycling program- a move that would put the smart in a new smartphone for him!

  • This has been a year of finding many ways to do more with less and what a great giveaway.

  • I have been using a $20 phone from Target for 3 years, not the same phone of course. I just use it until it dies and stick my SIM card in another $20 model. No camera, no touch screen, no photo texts, no alarm clock. Just a phone. When it works. And it only stays charged for about an hour or 2 at a time. Lame!

  • still trying to get use to the whole world of phones and technology, I personally have a phone handed down from my sister, I was content with my old phone ya know the simple slide up and down one; but with this touch vibration screen to do anything is simply a hassle and oh so confusing. Basically every morning i have to set my alarm to get up for class, making sure that it rings at least 4 to 5 times so i can hear it, i feeel so bad every morning because it ends up that my roommate has to wake me up becasue she can hear it through her wall before i can. phones can be fun, but stressful and frustrating no matter what the case.

  • i do more with less when i use coupons they help so much and it hard sometime. But it help when u use then with a store sale and u cant save so much money it makes me so help when i do more for less.

  • my phone is ok… considering it’s age… it’s now losing it’s hearing, it’s memory, is covered with wrinkles (scratches), etc……

  • I have a short attention span and with my slow phone I just turn it off – I would love a phone that thinks as fast as me.

  • I was really enjoying finally having a smart phone! Until I dropped it on the pavement at the local farmer’s market and shattered the touch screen. RIP phone. You were smart, but I was not…

  • I’m all about doing more with less by using free tools such as the Google calendar to organize my day, week, month, year…need I go on!!!

  • i’ve had a decent flip phone for 4 years, but as a newly self-employed PR pro (and former journalist), i really need a smart phone to keep up with networking, freelancing and the loads of queries every day. but they’re really expensive! helllp! (please)

  • With a full-time job as a marketing coordinator (40-45 hrs a week), a part-time job selling used cars (10-20 hrs a week), a husband (who is also employed with full and part time job of the same hour per week commitment), a family in Maryland, friends scattered from Cali to NYC, and a baby on the way (is it May yet?!), a WORKING smartphone would be a fabulous addition to my insanely busy, crazy life. My 3 yo smartphone is on its last leg – functioning mostly just for regular calls :(. The software on it is so outdated you can’t upgrade it and the battery is shot (but they dont make or sell batteries for this phone any more!). With holidays and baby expenses around the corner, I had resigned myself to a free phone from a cell company – but this givse me hope! Maybe I will be able to take pics of my new little one and send to my family, live time chat with friends via the cool apps I see everyone else using, not get lost b/c the phone has maps that are actually updated. The possibilities seem endless with a new phone :)

  • Like they say, the best camera is the one that’s with you and for today, it was my camera phone. I was at lunch with friends that I didn’t really get to see and wanted a picture and my camera stopped working! It would be great to get a new phone with a more adeqate camera!

  • I have a very slow phone, so with a Smartphone I could do so much more. I wouldn’t even have to curse my phone anymore for not answering a call. Would love it!

  • I have two phones that don’t work — my old phone and my less-old phone. They can only be charged with intricate placement and construction of cable-holding contraptions. A new phone would be so lovely!

  • I’ve always kept my client schedule by notepad calendar and pen, and taken calls separately. Until recently, this plan worked splendidly. When my bag went missing, there went most of my business-doing capabilitites, i.e. appointments and contacts! I’d love a phone that could back up it’s info onto my computer and save me and my clients’ well-being from ever scrambling to recover/remember/make up this vital information again!

  • …and the ability to stay connected to my clients wherever I am (via Facebook, Twitter, email, etc), well, that’s a bonus that would be unbelievably beneficial to the quality of service I’d be able to provide them with!

  • My phone occasionally refuses to send text messages until I restart my phone. It also doesn’t like to recognize the fact that it’s plugged in… which is annoying because the gigantic screen drains the battery in record short periods of time. Who says these phones are smart!?

  • Welp, my phone drops calls like nobody’s business — a serious occupational hazard when you rely on your mobile to run your business! If Santa were to bring me a Windows 7 phone, it would be a great start to keeping me more connected in 2011! Thanks for hosting.

  • My phone drops calls and locks up whenever I try to do anything other than text. Oh, and it’s a Blackberry, so I’m supposed to be able to use it for emails and such. And those calls it drops…

  • I do more with less by using awesome phone apps. There are many useful, fun, and creative apps out there that help make life a little bit easier to manage.

  • I had a cheap Virgin Mobile pay as you go phone …finally switched to At&t and it has been a nightmare. Would love to try T-Mobile and the new Windows phone.

  • I can’t say that my phone has dropped a call nor that my service really sucks but it’s definitely it’s technology or lack there of that is the main problem. I have a regular flip phone which has helped me tons till now, but trying to find a job in NYC requires you to be connected to your email 24/7. Guess my “phone drama” would be a couple of months ago when I was coming back from an horrible interview another promising company had emailed me to set up an interview “urgently”. Obviously I didn’t get the email until I was home again and by the time I got to reply back it was a holiday weekend and my reply didn’t get to them until the following week. When the job market is as bad as it is now it is the little details that can place you ahead in the line of your fellow applicants. Needless to say I can’t afford buying a smartphone now, winning this would help me tons while I continue my job search!

    If you have an open position I’d take that instead!

  • my fiancée is using the saddest phone… the buttons barely work! it needs an upgrade before carpal tunnel sets in from trying to send a text message! i would love to win this for him :O)

  • OK. So Thanksgiving is sort of a big deal. We cook, we plan, we are merry, we eat, we host friends and family. However all of this requires communication! Not an easy task when I am within my own home and am simultaneously dropped in and out of service. When the delicious details about my mom’s treasured recipe for roasted garlic, yukon gold and jewel yam mashers are garbled with dropped-called status, this is when I know I need a new phone! Do you think there is a my-mom’s-recipe-box app? If so, I will start using it immediately if I win!!

  • I’m a hospice volunteer and get calls when someone needs a friendly visit, time away from caring for a loved one or simply to be present when someone is living out their life. Two weeks ago, my calls were delayed and calls from Monday were received Thursday! That’s often too late to help. Aghh!

  • One example of me doing more with less is carpooling with friends to school (when I don’t take the train). Being college students, we’ll save all the money we can and it’s so convenient that I have a group of friends that all live pretty close! It’d be so awesome to win!

  • during the holidays i give coupons for watch your kids for 1 hour or clean your house. its cheap and easy and everyone is happy

  • If only if only the woodpecker cried, the bark on the tree would be as soft as the sky, I would have that phone in my hand and the gods would be with me on that day.

    Did that even make sense? Haha, I bet not…

  • This might be a little too simple, but I do more with less by always having my laptop with me. Nowadays, since I’m in college, it seems like everything is being moved online, from turning essays in to math homework. It definitely helps me do more when I have free time and I have less stuff to carry around!

  • I’d like a new phone because it seems like I’m carrying so much stuff with me when I have my camera, mp3 player and phone. I want something that combines all 3!

  • My phone can not hold a charge- it’s so much fun when it dies in the middle of a conversation :(

  • Thanks to the social networks, I no longer have to call every one of my friends when I have a party coming up. Now, I only need to post the event on my Facebook page and all my friends know about it!!

  • heck, i’ve done just about everything to my phones – run over them, dropped them in the toilet (my 14 month old helped with that one), lost them, and the list goes on. but the reason i need one is because we had to go down to one cell phone when my last one broke. just don’t have the money to replace it, so we make do. is that more with less?

  • As a courtesy in my business, I text my clients reminders for their next appointment, usually the day before they are scheduled to come in. Unfortunately this hasn’t been an option for me for the last several weeks because my text option has all but died on my current phone. And this has recently manifested in a few client’s being no-shows (thus, lost business. boo!). I’d love to amp up my technology and communication ability to help my clients (and me) be informed and ready!

  • My phone has a text message stuck on it. I tried everything to try to delete this message but it stays on my homescreen as a new message. It’s this one text message from 2 months ago. I see it everyday when I open my phone and I even have that text memorized. There’s no way for me to delete it since I’ve tried everything and asked everyone. They’re all puzzled at why it’s stuck on my phone. Maybe one day it will get unstuck and I will miss having that little message on my phone. Who knows.

  • Yesterday I was texting on my phone and just out of the blue, my phone randomly shuts off and restarts. This has already happened a few times and I’m hoping that a new phone will not do this to me!

  • I really like keeping notebooks around for ideas. It doesnt cost much and it helps me later on when I am bored or uninspired to give me new ideas

  • Lately my phone has been giving me fits. It keeps turning off and restarting right as I answer it so now I can’t ever officially answer my phone. I’m lucky if it doesn’t quit when I call.

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