do you really love lamp, brick?

Nothing is a bigger reminder that I watch too much TV than the fact that almost anything reminds me of a movie or a TV show. When I saw these amazing lamps from designer David Taylor, I immediately thought, “Ooh . . . I love these lamps.” Directly followed by an internal, “Hahaha . . . I love lamp. I LOVE LAMP!” If you haven’t seen Anchorman (Why not? It’s hilarious!), that will seem like total gibberish to you, but if you have, you’ll remember Steve Carell’s character, Brick, and how he says “I love Lamp!” during a discussion about falling in love. (If you haven’t seen that scene, click here to watch.) I couldn’t think of a more appropriate description for my admiration of this piece. It’s beautiful, it’s interesting and well, I love lamp. Sometimes there’s not much more to say than that. Click here to check out more from David and to see additional photos of his gorgeous brass lamps. xo, grace

The Art of Doing Stuff

I wish I could look at this sort of thing without immediately trying to figure out “geez … how would I go about making that”. It’s exhausting. I *love* the second one. Love it. Beautiful design Mr. Taylor.


Or like in Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense– “I have written a love song. In this film I sing it to a lamp.” I wonder if Steve Carell was just channeling David Byrne. :)

alex sunday

hehe, i say “i love lamp. I LOVE LAMP!” way too often! though this is one of the rare occasions when i really do love lamp(s).