before & after: molly’s sofa + lisa’s dog house

I know we’ve featured several before & afters with textile patterns from skinny la minx, but I continue to love the many ways in which people use the fabrics to create such different results. This love seat from Molly is a great new addition to the list. The “before” image of this sofa is truly frightening — this looks like it’s been sitting on the curb for weeks in bad weather, and frankly, I’m not sure I would tackle stripping this piece. The frame shape is nice, though, and I’m amazed with the crisp, cheery new personality of this little sofa. I love the unexpected brown piping, as well. Great job, Molly! — Kate

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As someone who does a lot of online window shopping, I can safely say that, while pet needs are beginning to attract the attention of modern designers, the majority of pet accessories leave something to be desired, visually. I’m looking forward to the day when I can go to a standard pet shop and not have to walk through aisles of beige carpeted monstrosities. I’d much rather see more designs, like this little doggy nook by Lisa made out of an old side table. Thanks to the fresh white paint, the piece has not only lost some of its clunkiness, but it also provides a chic side table and hidden resting spot for her dachshund Toby. Great transformation, Lisa!

Jacquelyn @ Charm Design Studio

I can’t decide what I love more – how much more decidedly modern the sofa is (impressive upholstery job btw) or how much I ADORE the little dog house! So wanting to make one of those! Love it!


Marvellous! These are the people who are going to change the world- I think I have an eye for repurposing and loving castoffs and a good imagination but I would have taken the sofa to the dump and overlooked the table. Absoluutely splendid!


The dog bed is fantastic. If only my pit could fit into something like that. The wheels are now turning, ideas coming. Thanks for the inspiration!


i’m so glad the dog made it into the picture – SO CUTE! the sofa transformation is lovely.

Olives and Daisies

I love the dog bed! It is so cute – and what a great way to take a dated side table and make it functional! My little dogs would love a space like this to call their own!! Craigslist here I come…


Aw! I have a dachshund named Toby (although he is a black and tan) too! I have been thinking he could use a special place to call his own in our bedroom. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for a side table I can update like Lisa has :) Thanks for the inspiration!


The dog house is such a cute idea!! My pup might be a TAD too big for it, but maybe with a larger table…? Right now he mostly just goes under my boyfriend’s desk (or up on the couch :P).


Wowwww! These are both genius! The most amazing thing about their transformations is that the originals look so dated! Most people wouldn’t have given these pieces a second glance. It’s great that you saw them with a creative eye! Nice work!


I am so freakin jealous of that tall back sofa. I have been searching craigslist for something like that for months. Of course I have no where to put it, but i NEED it :)


i LOVE the couch. the fabric is AMAZING! i think this project could be taken one step further and have some really fabuous feet added to it.


Oooh… I adore that doggy nook! Now I just have to find sometime big enough for a 90-lb Malamute, lol. Great idea, and beautiful execution on that project. :)


Love the dog house! Love it so much, in fact, that I’m about to see if Cragislist has any similar tables for sale. I once saw a fancy dog crate/side table that was going for $150 a Petco– I’m not sure why it didn’t occur to me to make my own!


Both of these projects are fantastic! The sofa looks great in that fabric and the dog bed idea is genius.

Candy from Candied Fabrics

These are 2 fantastic redos! Molly did an absolutely MARVELOUS job of lining up all those critters just so. I’ve done my fair amount re-upholstery and know just how hard it is – BRAVO!


Seriously genius idea for the pooch retreat! I completely agree that there needs to be more innovation when it comes to pet supplies. Any other inspirational creations out there?


Thank you Kate! And for all the lovely comments. We’re so pleased with our sofa and honestly one of the reason’s we went to the effort to re salvage it is that it’s a really comfy seat! And now so beautiful.
My husband’s inspired by the dog house too, look out for our reimagined dog bed using the leftover Skinny laMinx fabric!

janet kusmierski

the end table cabinet dog house is very nice! it is wonderful that someone can envision a transformation like this. Toby looks pretty happy about it too.


Before and Afters are my favorite. So many great ideas. I especially love both of these. That dog house is genius!

clever tomato

wow!, wow!, wow! the fabric on the sofa~ amazing what a little fabric can do. love skinny la minx etsy shop. thanks for the share!


The sofa is beautiful, but I’m dying for the little doxie house! I’m definitely going to have to try something like this when I finally get one of my own!


Very inspiring! Would have loved to see that sofa on a serious velvet for its adorable shape, but surprisingly i love it with the whimsical print.

That dog bed is too cute!


I love Skinny La Minx Fabrics, this is the most incredible transformation, a real zero to hero job… Good work Molly!

Miss B.

The dog house may one of my fave before& afters here ever, so inspired and Toby is a great model.


I LOVE this so much. That is a fantastic update and really modernize the piece. I think my wiener dog would love this!


both of them are so adorable! i have a dachshund named tobey who looks just like that little guy , maybe i should make him a bed too!


That before and after dog bed is genius!!! I have try that for my little Olive! Love it……..


These are two really terrific before and afters…Not sure which I like better, they’re both great! The doghouse might be good for cats, too…or even litterboxes. Hm.

You are right about “beige-carpeted monstrosities”. My poor feline overlords (it is a benign dictatorship) have been in pretty desperate need of a new scratching post/tower, but they are all SO HIDEOUS…even some of the $$$ ‘designer’ ones (many of them not offering enough ‘scratch room’ for one of our cats, who is rather tall). I think we’ll be DIYing it after Christmas. Maybe if it is nice we’ll start selling them. lol


Amazing upholstery job! The way that the pattern matches and flows on the back cushions. Beautiful work!


I absolutely love this project. It’s totally doable and there are tons of these old side-tables yearning to be transformed into something useful! Love it, love it!

Ha Uyen

It’s incredible how you’ve changed the nasty love seat into an adorable one. I also love the pattern very much. So amazing!


Ahhhhh! I LOVE your doggy!!! I saw the before of the couch and thought that wont look cool no matter how its covered I was wrong. It looks great! I’ve been trawling this site for months and never made comment before, for some reason a before and after of a cool couch and dog has got me. I guess I like that you saw something in this couch even through its hideousness!! Me likey!