anchor typeface poster

Before anyone makes the joke, no, you don’t need to adjust your screen’s resolution. The poster above for Process Type Foundry’s newest typeface, Anchor, is a beautiful piece that has been screenprinted and then overprinted to create a hazy, multiple-print effect. I love the slightly trippy look but I also love the symbols that go along with the actual typeface (see them here, scroll right once). If you’re interested in picking up one of these fun prints, they’re part of a limited edition of 50 (each one is signed) available right here for $25 each.

*Speaking of typefaces, there are still four more days to enter the Design Your Own Alphabet Contest that we’re hosting with Veer. The grand prize is $500 so click here to check out the details! If you’re more interested in typeface style than designing your own, click here to check out our themed posts from last week’s Font Day.

Gareth Coxon

Like this effect, it really plays with your eyes, excellent
work as ever. You can’t beat hand screen printed artwork.