alphabet contest update!

Well, after two days and over 400 emails, I’ve finally narrowed down our Design Your Own Alphabet Contest winners . . . to 30. There was NO way for me to get it lower than that because you guys seriously went above and beyond to design amazing alphabets! So rather than one day of voting, we’re going to have three days of voting next week. Each day will represent a style of alphabet from the designs submitted and we’ll choose a winner from each category. Then those three winners will go head-to-head to determine 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Yep, that’s right — I decided to extend the prize to include a 2nd and 3rd place. There were just too many amazing entries to limit it to one winner. So Design*Sponge will be covering the 2nd and 3rd place prizes: $300 (2nd place) and $200 (3rd place). If you entered, stay tuned because on Monday we’ll start with the top 10 in one of the categories. The second group will go up on Tuesday and then the third will go up on Wednesday. On Thursday we’ll vote to determine the order of the top three and the winners will be announced on Friday. A big congrats to everyone who took the time to enter — you’re seriously all winners already for putting so much work into your entries!

*Images below are shots from alphabets entered in this year’s contest!


Ooh, teasing us with that beautiful lone “N” — can’t wait to see more.


[squeals with joy & claps hands together] Oh, I can’t wait for Monday!!! I didn’t get done with mine in time, but am so looking forward to seeing the lovely type goodness next week.


Did you or are you going to email the 30 contenders so they know if they qualify or not? Or will it be a surprise for them?

LOVE the teasers!


Oh geez, seeing these screenshots makes me feel embarrassed about what I turned in, hahaha.


Oh man, I NEED “Loose Knit!” I want to make all of the gift tags for my handknit gifts with that font. Love it!


Cannot stop giggling over the name “Mangy Sasquatch” – I think that name is a winner in itself. Love it!