alphabet contest: finalists ROUND TWO + voting

Now that the first round of finalist voting for the Design Your Own Alphabet contest has finished, it’s time to start with group two! You’ll have one day to choose your favorite from this talented group of 10 artists and then tomorrow we’ll vote on the last group of winners. Details on the voting process are below.

Today, voting for the Finalists (Part 2) will start and stay open for one full day, from Tuesday, November 16th, 1pm EST through Wednesday, November 17th 1:00pm 1:40 EST. Voting will close right as the third group of finalists goes up tomorrow. Each group of finalists will have one day of fast-and-furious voting and then, on Thursday at 1pm, we’ll announce the top three finalists from the week’s voting and you’ll get to vote one last time to choose their order (1st, 2nd and 3rd). Friday, we’ll announce the order of the winners and they’ll receive their prizes: $500 from Veer and $250 from Design*Sponge for the 2nd- and 3rd-place winners.

I’ve previewed the second group of 10 above, but you can find more information about each artist and see their full alphabet designs below, after the jump. When you’ve picked a winner just vote in the poll below (after the jump, after the full list of finalists)! Everyone can vote once, so please choose your vote wisely. Congrats to everyone in the first group of finalists! xo, grace

CLICK HERE to VOTE and view the full Finalists, Part One lineup after the jump!

Image above: Josh Sondelski (“Thin White Line”)

Image above: Mimi Traillette (“Severed Limbs”)

Image above: Nate Koehler (“Mangy Sasquatch”)

Image above: Alena Skarina (“Clover”)

Image above: Jordan Kay Phillip (“Soft Wonder”)

Image above: Brian Carroll (“Icarus”)

Image above: Eli Scheer (“Pretzel”)

Image above: Melissa McFeeters (“Bandit”)

Image above: Alice Young (“Ribbons”)

Image above: Natasha Mileshina (“Equilateral”)


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Man, today’s group is tough! Lots of faves in this group. Hmmmm…..


I’m in love with Soft Wonder, sooooo pretty! And Severed Limbs just kills me (t’as une nouvelle fan Mimi Traillette!)

Alice Y

If I vote for a font besides my own, then it would be for “Clover.”


When I clicked Read More, for some reason the page opened and showed that I had voted, even though I did not. Has anyone else had this problem? Maybe I accidentally selected w/o realizing it? thanks.


Same problem as Maeve, and no one but me uses this computer…It seems to indicate that I voted for Bandit but I didn’t vote at all…


Hi guys-

Shoot me an email at designsponge at gmail dot com and we will try to figure it out- you must be overlapping with someone else’s IP



Love that there are 2 UW-Stout Alumni who made it to the semi-finals!!!
Good Luck Josh Sondelski (“Thin White Line”) and Nate Koehler (“Mangy Sasquatch”)!!


I had the same problem as Maeve and Cosha, but I refreshed the page and it let me vote.

Tough decision today! Love loving Icarus and Soft Wonder, but had to go with Bandit since i’m currently obsessed with crystals.


Natasha Mileshina’s Equilateral is my winner. It’s the most consequent system, which is essential if you design a typeface.


Love severed limbs! Too hilarious! Though I must admit Bandit was a close second in my mind.


Soft Wonder, Severed Limbs, and Icarus has won my heart. – can’t decide between the three!

but great job to all who designed these!!


had to go with Bandit today, but that Icarus is pretty crazy impressive! I want both in my library!


A good font should beautiful and functional. There are some definite standouts here – but had to choose one – such a tough choice!


hi guys!

so glad you like everyone’s entries so much. i just wanted to leave a quick note- votes left in the comment section will not count towards the winner. all votes must be made in the poll unit above.



quick note- i saw we have a tie between first and second place anyway- so we’ll be doing a tiebreaker tomorrow to determine the winner from that bracket.


Olive Jane

Oh my if i could vote over and over it’d be for Soft Wonder.

(I wish my garden looked like that!)


I think I have to vote for Clover althought Icarus is great too! If we can vote twice those are mine :)


Wow! They’re all so good! Soft wonder is so dreamy. I love it. 20 thumbs up!

Alison May

Soft wonder must have taken days to draw out… so much lovely work Jordan Kay Phillip


I loved Ribbons except for the capital Q. It looks like a 2. So I went for Icarus in the end. There is a marvellous amount of creative thought here. Congratulations to all.

Diana K

soft wonder and bandit are nice, it took me a long time to choose between them, good job ladies

becca roy

i surely hope we’ll be able to download these after voting is over!! they all look great. Severed limbs is fantastic. love clover and ribbon.

mimi traillette

thanks everyone, I’m not sure I’ll ever turn severed limbs into a real font but maybe I’ll put out prints of it on my etsy store..

Jen Preston

Soft Wonder is goooooorg. What a talent. I would use that for monogram stationary. Jordan, you should make it into stationary and sell it!! Please!!

d*s fan

Yesterday I was really impressed, I thought there was no way that there could be so many more great entries, great job to everyone!!


love ribbons!
kind of like my “all tied up” from yesterday’s 10.

Alisa Shea

I love Bandit. The colors grab me and the name is adorable to the bet.

Lisa Cole

Bandit was a fresh concept. -Love it. (and no offense, but Equilateral is really hard to read)

Cannibal Cupcake

I LOOOOOOOOVE the Mimi Traillette’s one! Really cute and spooky, that’s zombiliciouss


I love ribbons, its so simple and pretty and I can see it on so many things, you’ve got my vote, Alice Young! Severed Limbs is also great and very creative, well done Mimi!

Andy Babb

Yeesh these are ridiculously good! Mangy Sasquatch, Clover, and Soft Wonder look tailor-made for great album art that would be ready to go to press tomorrow. And Bandit’s palette is impeccable.

heather Bulmer

wow, great to see people who are genuinely inspired to create beautiful and unique type faces.
I’m genuinely impressed by the diverse styles and creativity.


I voted for Thin White Line. It’s nice and clean. It’s also legible if used as a font.

Bill @ AFCU

Bandit is very cool. They are all very original, but Bandit stands out above the rest!

holly regan

I love Nate’s Mangy Sasquatch which surprises me a little bit but it seems “current”, timely, and well done!
I love it NATE- good luck!

Deborah S

This artist has done an amazing rendering of the alphabet “Soft Wonder” Gets my vote


I have to go with Sasquatch for sure- I love the simplicity/creativeness of it! Very fun and new.


I clicked on “read more” and it told me I have already voted, so I assumed maybe I accidently clicked on something, but sounds like others have also had that problem. (there’s no one else sharing this computer.)



are you at an office? or at home? it restricts the same computer IP from voting, so that’s normally the issue. if you can’t refresh and vote shoot me an email…


Ginny Miller

Soft Wonder…detailed and each letter is unique. Go, Jordan!!!!


Eli Scheer “Pretzel” – guys this is totaly the best of all!!! clean, interesting and well done! lovely colours!