alphabet contest: finalists ROUND THREE + voting

Alright! Today is the third and final round of finalists that we’ll be posting. Tomorrow we’ll be voting to determine placement for the winners but today you’ll have another chance to pick a new artist who should join the winners from Monday and Tuesday’s voting. Today we’re meeting 10 new artists and 10 more beautiful alphabets so I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as the previous 20.

Please note: Voting will be open from today at 1pm EST to tomorrow, November 18th at 1:40PM EST. The additional 40 minutes is to make up for the extra 40 minutes Monday’s group was given due to a poll malfunction. So you’ll have a little over 24 hours to cast your vote (once) and help get your favorite alphabet into the finals! I’ve posted a preview image above, but VOTING and the full alphabet imagery will be below, after the jump!

CLICK HERE to VOTE after the jump!

Image above: David Watts “Glorious Tefan” (Made from pencil shavings)

Image above: Sommer Sheffield “Peacock” (Hand-drawn)

Image above: Ian Victor “Bachata” (Hand-drawn)

Image above: Lila Symons “Copperprint” (Hand-drawn)

Image above: Adam Kirk “Bklyn”

Image above: Jeremy Purser “Sparrow”

Image above: Cherisa Hawkins “Smoked Out”

Image above: Victoria Lane “French Press” (There are tiny animals behind the letters)

Image above: Jason Jones “Skunkling”

Image above: Rosie Moss “Yarn and Glue”


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Kate Dowling

Just curious. Are you going to do a post on other designs that didn’t make it? Honorable mentions? Would love to see some of the other submissions!


How can we download Skunkling! I’d LOVE to use it for a family calendar I’m making! please please please!


Oh rats, I think this is the best of the lot too! Yay for hand drawing! I especially love Copperprint, Yarn & Glue, and Peacock — and the little skunkling is totally adorable. Argh.


Drat! There are so many beautiful ones! Can I choose Glorious Tefan and Bachata and Copperprint and Skunkling AND Yarn and Glue? Oh the decisions!



these fonts aren’t available for purchase yet, but when they are, i’ll happily update the post and let you know :)




for now i’m going to stick with this top 30. originally we were only going to post 10, so i added an addition twenty so people could see more ;)



It’s not letting me vote! Its just showing the results…and NO, I haven’t voted in this pole yet..


why can’t i vote? i can see only the list of how many votes are given but i can’t give my own vote.


definitely the toughest round to date….so hard to pick one but one just jumped out at me that i kept going back to – so i hope it makes it to the finals!

really awesome submissions. everyone is so talented!


Grace, you made my day (stuck at home with a nasty cold) including my copperprint with the other outstanding 30! I’ve been having so much fun voting these past few days!


It was such a tough choice between Skunkling and Yarn and Glue. Why can’t we pick two?!


Agreeing with everyone who said that all the best made it into today…love, love love and can’t wait to buy them. Skunkling FTW!


These are definitely the best of the lot. Why were they all grouped together? I think that there are a few of them here that would have easily won their categories had they been on day 1 or 2. Borgata, Peacock, Skunkling, Yarn & Glue, French Press, Bklyn… which to choose?


Thanks everyone! I’m still working on more glyphs for Skunkling…a typeface can never have enough glyphs!



i broke these up feeling that there were 3-4 people per group that would be highly competitive. vote wise, the first group has still garnered more votes per hour so we’ll week how it breaks down. if it seems like this one group actually did WAY better than others in terms of votes per artist and per hour then i’ll try to break it up differently next year ;) but it’s really hard to gauge. several of the ones i thought would be crowd hits didn’t do well, and several that i thought wouldn’t do as well did really well. it’s exciting to see how it all shapes up!



oh my gosh, this is the hardest decision ever!!!! there are like five that I LOVE!!


@ SOFT WONDER…I voted for you last round. beautiful work :) possible collaboration sounds intriguing…


I love them all…..this is totally going to be a project for my graphic design class. Are we going to have an opportunity to download any of them?


What a fabulous bunch of fonts all around, from beginning to end (I mean all three groups). I love several of these for different reasons. Skunkling will have immediate and wide use, and I love Yarn & Glue, French Press, and Glorious Stefan, too. And Sparrow. And Copperprint. Wonderful.


Wow, of all three groups, this is the most difficult to choose from. The hand-drawn fonts alone are all amazing!


This is my favorite day of type so far! I love Peacock, Copperprint, Smoked Out, French Press, AND Skunkling! Who to choose?! Who to choose?!


This was a hard round to judge! I loved so many of the fonts, but had to go with Bachata because it grabbed me instantly. This was a great group!


agreed with all of the above comments, I have so many favorites in this category alone!


Like Dominique, I can’t seem to vote either. Also, I couldn’t find your note to her either.



if you’re having an issue you please hit refresh and try to vote again. the issue is most likely that your computer is sharing an IP with someone else- a roommate, or, most likely, another person in your office. i can’t undo the IP settings because then everyone could vote multiple times and it wouldn’t be fair :(

however, we can try to troubleshoot. if you’re at work, it’s most likely the work IP that’s the issue. try voting from a smart phone or, when you get home, please try to vote again with your home computer, which should have a different IP. if that doesn’t work shoot me an email and i’ll see what i can do manually.



It keeps getting more difficult to pick just one alphabet! These are so fabulous!


Hi. Sorry. I can’t seem to vote either. This is a personal computer and I’ve tried to refresh. I would love to vote for Peacock. It’s so beautiful and elegant. Thanks for doing such a fun competition.


Absolutely love Peacock!!!! The Yarn and glue is great as well, tough choices on this one.


OMGOSH I have so many favorites in this group!

glorius tefan, peacock, bklyn smoked out, and french press!!! Especially peacock and french press.. WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE ahhh

Amy in AK

If Skunkling were a real/published font, I’d download it and use it all the time for various graphic design things. Amazing kudos to the artist.


Well done to all the artists! Lovely work, and SO hard to choose just one. I finally went with Yarn & Glue since I think I would use it most for my own work. Thanks Grace – such fun!


Yarn and Glue and Skunkling are fantastic. Will these become available somehow?


LOVE Skunkling! It’s bright and happy with a little retro nod. Love love love.


These are getting harder to choose from. I LOVE about five of these but Bachata has my vote. Awesome look!


So many lovely ones! Each round was harder to choose than the last. I voted for Skunkling, thinking it was a little too 50’s retro for most, and that Sparrow would be in the lead (also lovely). Imagine my surprise when I saw the results!


For sure the winner should be Skunkling. I love it’s retro vibe.

d*s fan

yet another round of amazing fonts! i’m so impressed! great job everyone!


Thanks everyone! If Skunkling wins, maybe I will get started on turning it into a usable font ;)


it would be nice to have runoff voting (each person ranks there top 3). so far i like these ones the best!

Andy Babb

Again, these are all so good as to make choosing impossible. Sommer and Jason’s work is fantastic. The “Bachata” poster is also great and “Glorious Tefan” without a doubt has the best name!


My favorite 3 of all week are in this vote :( sad that I can only vote for one!


I love french press, If you look closely you can see the coffee blots that she turned into little creatures. Very artistic.

Betsy Lou

So many wonderful fonts in this group! I do have a personal favorite–peacock :) I do hope there will be another alphabet contest next year!


Every day it gets harder to choose! I thought Copperprint was so elegant, Yarn and Glue was intriguing … then I smiled when I saw Skunkling.


I still can’t vote either and no one else shares this home computer – I want Yarn and Glue for my write-in vote!



please email me so we can verify your IP and log the vote manually. you need to email though, i can’t do it via comments. designsponge at gmail dot com



BKLYN is best by far!!! Great hand drawn font…. I would love to collaborate with the artist!



if you see results it means your IP has already been registered as voting. shoot me an email at designsponge at gmail dot com and i can register your vote manually.



Wow…so hard to pick! Smoked Out was my pick…I could just see so many fantastic uses for this one. It really is my favorite all around.


I tried to vote for the fun and cool Skunkling, but I’m not sure it actually worked… But completely my vote!!!


It’s all good, but my favorite is Peacock. The eyes in every letter just caught mine. So creative!

Rosie Moss

Thanks to everyone who said some nice things and voted for my alphabet. I felt very proud to be amongst such lovely designs. Well done guys!

Monica Mendoza

I want to vote for Skunkling. Please count my vote. The website is not giving me the option to vote.
Thank you!


I am so madly in love with all the fonts from this contest.
Would it be possible for these folks to post them onto for downloading? (esp Peacock…)



After seeing that my work was in the contest, I’m thinking about turning my entry into a working font. Being a designer who is currently back in school studying type design, I’ve come to discover that turning hand-drawn type into a working font takes awhile to do correctly.

In the meantime, I do offer custom lettering services to those who would like to use my lettering in their work or in a job. is where you can see examples of my hand lettering, and my portfolio is at

I will also speak on behalf of all the other contestants that they would probably love the custom lettering work as well, so don’t be afraid to get in contact with any of us!


Thanks for the support folks! what a great experience/opportunity!


Peacock is the most lovely font I have ever seen. And HAND DRAWN… So beautiful. Well done Sommer!


i was only able to get to my computer to vote for the first round. had i voted yesterday i would chose the peacock and made it a tie. all of these fonts are so creative though. i love design*sponge for being so awesome!



i’m sorry to hear about any voting issues we had. we’re definitely going to use a different polling program next time, but i made a note about emailing me to log votes manually so everyone could get their vote in. sorry it you missed it- i would have been happy to log your vote for you :)



How can we get the fonts here?

I love Sommer Sheffield’s Peacock (and would love to use it for my wedding!).