2011 is knocking: calendars just in the nick of time

There are a slew of great calendars coming out just in time for the new year, so I wanted to kick things off this morning by rounding up a few new ones! From advent calendars and photographic prints to colorful patterns and simple line drawings, these designers offer a range of designs to fit all sorts of styles. Above, Shay and Jeff from Bee Things have a colorful new calendar that measures 11″ x 19″. The calendar has a perforated section below the print so you can tear off the months as you go along. This limited edition calendar is available right here for $25. (Click here to see a sneak peek of Jeff and Shay’s home!)

Jen Hill has a beautiful new modern advent calendar available that comes free with any purchase on the site, but you can also pick up a calendar right here for only $5.

The gang from Studio Choo/Small Stump have a great new photographic calendar available for $22 that has a range of gorgeous photos — some of which you’ll recognize from their We Like It Wild floral column on D*S. I especially love the cover print with Bernie the dog.

Lucy at The Design Files worked with 12 of Australia’s best illustrators to create her first-ever calendar this year! The calendar illustrates neighborhoods in Australia and abroad, including areas in Melbourne, New York, Paris and London. You can pick up a copy right here for $30.

Brendan Monroe’s new calendar was inspired by his first year living in Sweden. It’s an 8″ x 5.25″ design that features simple line drawings, perfect for hanging at home or in your office. I particularly like the orange floral drawing above next to the moon — they’re sweet enough to hang as art but simple enough not to distract, if hung in your office. Click here to pick up a copy for $12.

Last but not least, Stephanie at The Paper Thieves has a sweet new bunny calendar that is hand screenprinted on chipboard and attached to a walnut-veneer backing. I love the little poplar wood bunny and think it would be a sweet gift for the animal-lover in your life. You can pick one up right here for $25. xo, grace


That first calendar is just adorable! Thank you for all the inspiration of how to keep track of my various fun-times and obligations. ;)


Great calendars! I especially love the modern advent calendar… Thanks for sharing these wonderful finds!


Goodness, those calendars. Can’t decide which I love best! I think the idea of doing something with neighborhoods is really cool. Would be a fun neighbor gift in an actual neighborhood!


is there such a thing as a pretty wall calendar which I can actually write things on??? i can’t find anything other than the mall calendars!!!


THANKYOU GRACE for including The Design Files Neighbourhood Calendar in your esteemed line-up! :)

VERY grateful! xxx


they are all beautiful, but that bunny calendar is perfect since 2011 is the chinese year of the rabbit!