2010 gift guides: $50 and under

I’m continuing my budget-themed gift guides with a roundup of beautiful gift ideas for $50 and under. Yesterday, we tackled presents under $25, so today we’ll up the ante a tiny bit for gifts that will make beautiful presents but still won’t break the bank. The fun thing about a slightly higher price point is that it starts to open doors to things that are sparkly, shiny and a bit more luxe. I hope you’ll find something for your loved ones, or that these gifts can spark an idea for something even more exciting. xo, grace

Image above: 1. Ticker Tape Mug, set of 2 for $50; 2. Jingle Bell Key Fob, $50; 3. Rob Ryan Wooden Key, $45; 4. Bamboo Radio, $45; 5. Jingle Bell Bobby Pins (14k gold), $45; 6. Rob Ryan Wooden Key, $45; 7. Quill Pen, $32; 8. Glass Piggy Bank, $39; 9. Porcelain Bunny Bank, $32; 10. Gold Pineapple Bowl, $32; 11. Canvas and Leather Books, $38+; 12. Radiance Flatware, $48

Image above: 1. Stick Lighters, $32 each; 2. Virginia Johnson iPhone Case, $35; 3. Printed Silk Hangers, set of 2 for $30; 4. Ripe and Ready Salt and Pepper Shakers, $30; 5. Lacquer Serving Set, $38; 6. Cross-Stitch Pattern Pillow Case, $34 each; 7. Liquid Water Jug, $38; 8. “21 Drops” Essential Oils, $28 each; 9. Polka-Dot iPhone Cover, $40

Image above: 1. Railing/Balcony Planter, $28; 2. Harvest Apron, $38; 3. Fog Linen Bags, $50 each; 4. Porcelain Chemistry Flask, $30+; 5. Candleholder, $30; 6. Snake Trivet, $38; 7. Pumpkin Candle, $28 (my favorite candle of the year); 8. Pipe Match Strike, $42; 9. Aluminum Station Clock, $28

Image above, left to right: Bijoux-Dots Pillow Cover, $34 (Sequin Squirrel, $15); Convex Mirrors, $39

Caitlin Kelch

awesome! especially the banana s&p shakers & 21 drops oils…


The 21 drops oils are fab and a great gift. I’ve given them to several people and they are always a hit!

Shirry Dolgin

This really is one of the BEST!!!! shopping guides I have seen for the holidays. Such lovely selections. Bravo Design Sponge, from one professional designer to another :-)

-Shirry Dolgin, Owner A.S.D. Interiors

Rachel M.

I don’t really know why, but I’m especially attracted to that sequined squirrel, lol.
Great picks! Thanks.

*Ashley Terese*

The piggy bank link says it’s $39 not $29 :/ though it is still super cute..


I have the VJ iphone case! It’s awesome, I call it my phone snuggie, except way more stylish.


My 4 year old nephew is a coin counting freak and will love the glass piggy bank. Thanks for these fun gift guides! I’m really enjoying them.