2010 gift guides: $25 and under

The holidays are here and that means it’s time for Gift Guide season! This year, we’re doing a whole slew of gift guides to suit a number of styles, budgets and needs. This week, I’ll be kicking things off with budget-themed guides for gifts under $25, under $50 and under $100. I’ll also be writing a roundup of splurge-worthy guides and my own personal wish list toward the end of the week. After that, we’ll post guides dedicated to colors, pets, regional gifts, kitchen goods, holiday decorating, recycled/upcycled finds and much more. So stay tuned every afternoon for the next two weeks and hopefully we can help you find something special for the people you love. Today, I’m starting things with a guide geared toward affordable but adorable gift ideas for $25 and under. I hope you’ll find something in here that captures your (or your friends’/family’s) style. xo, grace

Image above: 1. Donna Wilson Tea Towel, $25; 2. Wood Block Stamp Set, $22; 3. Bird Photo Clips, 8 for $12; 4. Magnet Bar, $8; 5. Polka Dot Coasters, $20 ; 6. Monogram Sachet, $18 each; 7. Butter Nail Polishes, $14 (they make the most gorgeous colors!); 8. British Beeswax Candles, $13+.

Image above: 1. Dahlia Placemat, $8; 2. Scout Soap Set, $22; 3. Bow Napkin Ring, $22 (love these!); 4. Prospero Journal, $18; 5. Totem Votive Set, $26 (this was $1 over, but I thought it was close enough to include); 6. Hedgehog bottle opener, $18; 7. Sailor/Captain Mug, $24; 8. Salt and Pepper Logs, $16; 9. Branch Bit Stopper, $14; 10. Apple Pinch Bowl, $24; 11. Bumpy Berry Candleholders, $22

Image above: 1. Princess Dishcloth, $7 ; 2. Eraser Ring, $6; 3. Loomed Bowls, $14 each; 4. Pocket Mirrors, $16 each; 5. Rabbit Napkin Ring, $18; 6. My Hashi Chopsticks and Case, $16; 7. Set of Three Turners from Rice DK, $20

Image above: 1. Cork Notebooks, $15–$22; 2. Birdseed Squirrel, $14 (for your bird friends, or the bird-lover in your life); 3. Papercut Eyelashes (WOW), $22; 4. Ring Holder, $7.95; 5. Paint Can Pinhole Camera, $20; 6. Vintage Thumbprint Candles, $16 each; 7. Felicite Liberty Print Coaster, $14; 8. Stamp Set, $12.99; 9. Mini Gold Heart Sparklers, $16 (these are so cool!); 10. Hickory Coaster Set, $20; 11. Wood Compass, $24


So many unique and beautiful finds! This is trouble for me….I want to buy so many of these things for myself. I especially love the beehive tea towel. Hysterical.


the pin hole camera is a super cool idea. my husband used to make me shoe box cameras with polaroid backs.


Unfortuantely, the birds on the wire aren’t available until January!


argh! they must have sold out and then made a re-order. so sorry, sonya. it was available when i built the guide the other day :(



oh wow–there are seriously 2-3 perfect gifts for each of my friends, plus a dozen more items I’d adore on this list! I’ll be dreaming of of that woodblock stamp set and wee little hedgehog bottle opener all evening. So cute!

lorrie daugherty

You can also get the dahlia chilewich placemat at Crate and Barrel. It also comes in silver.


These are all so fantastic and I agree with Jennifer that it would be hard to give them away! I’m very partial to the stamps myself…


Great guides – thanks! Love the way they’re organized. Who knew so many lovely things were to be had for under $25 in this day & age?


I am so digging those Dahlia placemats…just gorgeous and perfect for my tiny round table! Thanks so much for sharing, but do you all ever do an eco-minded gift guide? I think that would be pretty cool b/c you seem to be in the know when it comes to hip design!!!



Will we see AJ’s gift guide for men this year? Hope so!


Stephanie Vega

We have the Princess Dish Cloths and think they’re great. I held on to them for a while because I didn’t want to actually use them because they’re so unique.

Kim Rawks

My husband bought us a set of the Rice dk Melamine Turners (with butterflies) because they matched our new kitchen. He’s so thoughtful and I really like them (even though he’s the one making me breakfast with them!)

Jennifer Darnell

Hey Stephanie I know what you mean about those dish cloths. You almost want to use them as decorations instead of washing and drying dishes with them.


I bought the birdseed squirrel for my mom right after I saw this on your post. She is going to love this. (She’s really into birds and squirrels and has countless feeders in her yard.) Thanks SO much!