When I’m in the kitchen, I tend to cook more like the Swedish Chef (cut to 0:25 for an accurate depiction of my baking) than a cool, calm and collected Martha Stewart. I like to blame our small kitchen for my messes, but I always leave a trail of flour, breadcrumbs or chopped veggies in my wake. Needless to say, aprons and towels are a must. I normally go with something classic or striped, but these hilariously funny French tea towels from WorkShop are right up my alley. It’s hard to get too upset about a fallen cake if you look down and see that cartoon Frenchman saying “Allo Allo!”

In addition to these fun tea towels, WorkShop has some great homewares, like a London tray by Swedish designer Maria Holmer Dahlgren and the handmade wooden bowls below. If you’re looking for something colorful to brighten up your kitchen, click here to check out WorkShop’s full homewares collection online. xo, grace


Thank you for sharing this, Grace! And who couldn’t use a little Muppets reference this late in the week?!?


I love *love* ze qute lil francais. And I totally cook the same way. I invented the rule that whoever cooks doesen’t have to do the dishes, and I’m doing my best to invite people. I’d pity them, but then I’ve spent an hour or two at the stove.

Katie Truelove

I could also use a laugh while making my way around my small NY kitchen– seems I have to cook and clean at the same time to make space;) Those are super cute!

Sarah Archer

LOVE LOVE the Allo Allo tea towels! Thanks for posting these.


I have the perfect recipient in mind for the ooh la la tea towel. I checked out their shop, and the vintage items are great! Thanks for sharing.


OMG! I saw that tray every time I turned around in London last month and loved it every time. It’s actually wooden and even cuter in person!