weekly wrap up + boucherouite rugs

Last weekend Amy Azzarito, Amy Merrick and I gathered at Amy A.’s house to watch as the final stages of her bedroom makeover came together. With the help of Nadia and Myriah from Nightwood, Amy has totally reimagined her bedroom and created a great before & after video that will be up on Design*Sponge soon! Part of the video shoot involved Nadia and Myriah bringing in some beautiful new furniture and accessories to finish the look. One piece in particular, a Boucherouite rug from Kea in Brooklyn, caught my eye. And by caught my eye I mean it made me consider “accidentally” taking it home with me on the subway.

Boucherouite are freeform “rag rugs” from Morocco made with leftover scraps of fabric and inexpensive materials. As wool became rarer and more expensive to buy in Morocco, family looms started using found scraps to create exciting patterns and color juxtapositions that wouldn’t normally be found in traditional Moroccan rugs. This new take on an old tradition has yielded some dramatic results and I am a full fledged fan. You can find more information on these rugs right here, or check out the selection that Kea carries at Brooklyn. Thanks to Nadia and Myriah for sharing these with us last week. Images above and below via Kea, Sri Threads, Turned Out, Brix Pix and the Cavin-Morris Gallery.

I’m off for the weekend so I’ll see you again on Monday. Have a wonderful weekend! xo, grace

*Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:


Wow! those are gorgeous! I wonder if it would be possible to make something similar?


Are we ever getting anymore of the desktop calendars?? I really miss those :(



i talked about this earlier this month- i’m afraid the series has come to an end. it was a 12 month long gift and now we’re focusing on getting the new site redesign up and running and getting the d*s scholarship funded.




prices really vary depending on size, dealer, etc. i’ve seen them starting around $1500, but they can be fairly expensive due to the extensive hand work that goes into them.



By far the most beautiful rug i’ve ever seen! I hAVE to one or learn to make one of my own!

Karen> i am checking your blog on how to pronto!!

thank you thank you!


Very beautiful.

They really have a sense of the ‘spirit’ of Morocco – I travel to Marrakech for work about once a year, and there’s such a wide range of works the artisans there do.

You get everything from the traditional, to the very edgy interpretations of culture, like these works.


The kaleidoscope of colors are just so visually interesting – these would really wake up a room that has grown visually dull and boring.



amy’s room? i’m not sure off hand. i’ll ask her if she feels comfortable sharing it when we post the video.



these are quite cool designs.. i love the one with five girls kinda drawing on it. they would really add cheerfulness and color to any room.:)

Elaine Corridoni

They are great pieces. I am a huge fan of boucherouites and have been collecting them for 18 months now. I have travelled 11 times all over morocco to get my pieces and to talk to ladies who made them. They are really awesome and so is the story behind. I even tried to make new ones with artisans, they looked nice but not the same thing. Oh well, I would love to share my pics with you. Let’s see if I get a blog for that. Have a good week!


For those of you in Australia you can source these beautiful boucherouite rugs at online store Fossik.


Even better you can buy them for $150 to $300 usd from beyond marrakesh website and the posting is reasonable. Certainly cheaper than the $1000 AUD asked for in Australia. I am now attempting to make one myself which makes you appreciate the morrocans style so much more. Not easy to get it as gorgeous