trend roundup: typographic home decor

After seeing all the great font content coming up today, I was inspired to add a few typographic touches to my own home. The best thing about type in print is that it is incredibly versatile — be it small or large scale, blocks of text, single words or single letters, it all looks great in the right context. The same goes for type design in home decor, which explains why there are almost as many great font-related design objects as there are typefaces. With that mind, I rounded up some of my favorite pieces of furniture and home accessories that incorporate type in some way. Since every typeface has a different personality, it follows that not all typographic home decor would have the same feel. So I separated the items into three different styles. Enjoy! — Kate

Image above: 1. Lucky Number Knob, $8; 2. Garvey Chair, $998; 3. Oak Alphabet Drawers, $4,305; 4. Ordinal Dresser, $998; 5. Numbered Edition Placemats, $55; 6. John Derian Ampersand Plate, $44; 7. French Laundry Letter Pillows, $28–$32

1. Jonathan Adler Letter Pillow, $98; 2. Felt Coasters, $28; 3. Conversation Piece Pillows, $60; 4. Marquee Alphabet Light, $178; 5. Alphabet Coasters, $28 each; 6. Letters Fabric by Gunnar Anderson, $112/yard.

1. Letter Garland, $12.95; 2. Wary Meyers Le French Dresser, no price listed; 3. Alphabet Ceramic Plates, $33.50; 4. Artwork by Tauba Auerbach, no price listed; 5. John Derian for Target Tray, $12.99; 6. Jessica Hische Letterpress Print, $40; 7. Initial Pillows, $58


Love the “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry” felt coasters. Something like that would look great in my wine-themed dining room!


Those are all lovey! I really like #4 on the top there … but I have to say some of my fav. type accesories are typesetter’s drawers. I have them on my walls they look beautiful all by themselves or with some treasures hidden inside.


Great post. I love touches like these in a home. They make great conversation pieces. So much of these pieces can be DIY’ed.

Jennifer McGee

oh my goodness! I’m giddy with all the typography! My graphic design senses are on a wonderful overload! What a fantastic inspirational post!

Thanks Grace!!


As someone who has various typographical decorating items in her home, I thought I’d just toss in a bit of me experience.

A bit of typography goes a long way. I have found that if there are too many of these in a room, it feels like something is always vying for my attention…I gotta read it, kwim? So choose wisely and get the biggest punch from one or two carefully selected “wordy” decorating items.

Debbie @ VintageScout Interiors

I love the dresser with the French words on the drawers. I see a DIY in the works…

And I can vouch that the Jonathan Adler pillows are amazing- we have them here in the Studio. Worth every penny.

I have collected vintage letters for many years now- I find the initials of our family members. It’s funny how many people ask me if it’s supposed to say something.


oh cute — I just added the lucky number knob to the side table in my nursery! Fun round-up!


Just wanted to contribute that “Letters” by Gunnar Andersen is sold by Maharam ( for $90 per yard and comes in some fabulous colors! That of course is the net price (they do not sell retail) but if you are trade or know a designer/upholsterer you can purchase at that cost :)

Decor Girl

Love the fonts! They are such easy and often inexpensive ways to add interest to a space.

I’ve used the fabric Nikki mentioned – they have a wallcovering too which I’m suggesting for a boy’s bathroom.

Classic and timeless. Great post.

Modern Country Lady

Fantastic post- love and adore- no WANT- the alfabet drawers- am reeling in shock at the price- so will have to make this myself!! Love love it.Thanks for this great post!!


THANK YOU! I have been looking for a design theme for my apartment. I think I just found it.

No Coast Design

I LOVE this trend!!! It is such a relief to see typography incorporated into decor in such a beautiful way… that doesn’t include the words live, laugh or love!

Barbara Shaw

I’m a great fan of typography used as art. I made these coasters that are bright a cheerful. I love not only english letter what about hebrew letters

MB @ YarnUiPhoneapp v1.2

One typeface you don’t see even now is Spencerian Script, so beautiful when rendered in white on black. I want my wedding invitations done in Spencerian Script.


Fantastic trendspotting! My fiancee and I just bought our first initials on large wooden imitation typesetter blocks a few weeks ago. Now we’re just missing the ampersand! (o:

Julie @ Simon+Kabuki

WOW! I love this trend and I am such a type addict, this is probably the best post ever :) I love that this collection of finds has a graphic design flair. Also, how cool are the alphabet plates?