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So far, I’ve spent most of my vacation drooling over the amazing antique hardware covering the homes here in Martha’s Vineyard. From shutter latches to door knockers, this island has the “New England Charm” thing down pat. Today I thought I’d devote my work hours to rounding up my favorite hardware resources on the web. After this, I’ll share some of my preferred hardware options on the market right now, but these are my go-to sources for all things drawer knobs, pulls and door knockers. If you’re looking to update your furniture (or even a whole room) on a budget, hardware can be the best (and easiest) way to do it. I tend to like hardware of the “make a statement” variety, so if you’re a fan of something more understated, feel free to suggest any places I didn’t mention below. xo, grace

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  • Anthropologie: Anthropologie is my first and last stop for hardware. They always have affordable decorative hardware in a wide range of styles.
  • Bauerware: Bauerware has a great collection of funky knobs and pulls.
  • eBay: It goes without saying that eBay is an excellent source for just about anything. I love their vintage sellers for truly unique door plates and pulls. Keep on eye on the sellers with good ratings. My favorites are Penn Antique, Uneedone20four7, The World Travelers, Sixtytwoolds and Milford Antiques
  • Etsy: The same goes for Etsy as with eBay. Their sellers offer great vintage hardware finds at reasonable prices. (Sometimes eBay can be a serious collector’s battle and I find Etsy to be more of a casual collector’s home base). My favorite sellers for hardware are Violette Slippers, Vintage Works, Cool Vintage, RiRi Creations and Monkeyshines.
  • House of Antique Hardware: If you’re craving something that feels antique, House of Antique Hardware has a great selection of reproduction hardware.
  • Liz’s Antique Hardware: If I lived in Los Angeles I would be in this shop everyday. They have an amazing collection of vintage and antique hardware.
  • One Stop Modern: If you like clean, minimal and modern, this collection of hardware is for you.
  • Rustica Hardware: This shop has an easy-to-use website that’s full of nice reproduction, modern and rustic hardware styles.
  • This website has a huge collection of knobs, pulls, door hardware and everything in between. I love their twig- and branch-style pulls.
  • CDH: Contemporary Door Hardware has a nice selection of modern hardware, from door knobs and pulls to doorbells and hinges.
  • Urban Archeology: I love Urban Archeology’s collection of metal pulls.
  • Dayoris: This clean, modern line would be at home in a chic city apartment or a modern home.
  • Robin’s Antiques: This site is a little awkward to navigate but their antique selection is amazing. If you’re looking for something unique and really special, this is a great place to start. Just come with a little patience — there aren’t a lot of image previews, just links. (They carry furniture and home hardware.)
  • Build It Green: This NYC salvage shop is a must-visit if you’re in NYC. Obviously your own local salvage yards will be a great option, but if you’re in town, they have an amazing collection of hardware. (If you’re in NYC, check out Moon River Chattel for great vintage-style hardware, too.)
  • Olde Good Things: This NYC institution is an amazing place to shop for real show-stopper hardware. They recently added an online shop for those outside the city. If you’re looking for something really striking, they’ve got you covered.
  • Colonialworks: I love this shop for their barn-style hardware.
  • Overstock: Overstock is a great place for discount hardware in all styles.
  • Rejuvenation: Their reproduction doorplates are some of my favorites.
  • Eugenia Antique Hardware: Their genuine antique hardware is phenomenal. Their one-of-a-kind options are pricey, but man, they are NICE.
  • Barn Door Hardware: If you’ve ever wanted to install a sliding door in your home, Barn Door Hardware has a nice selection of rolling hardware options, ranging from modern to more rustic.
  • Willow & Stone: This UK shop really packs a punch. They have an amazing selection of knobs, hooks and hardware accessories.

Thanks for this great list! I have a 1915 Dutch Gambrel and have been talking about replacing some of the mis-matched and updated hardware to more correct-looking hardware. This is just what I was looking for.

Lynn-anne bruns

I love so many of these, and I’m going to keep this list for yummy new sources — what about restoration hardware for basics? I use a lot of pretty old eastlake pulls in kitchens (from eBay or salvage) and I think rh crystal knobs in bronze go super well and looks sparkly :) thanks for a lovely post! lynn-anne


I wish you had a Facebook link, so we could easily share great articles like this!



we’ll have all that available next month when the redesign goes live. i know it’s annoying not to have one, sorry :(


Does anyone know where you can get really chunky ring pulls like you find on Tommi Parzinger sideboards? The ones I normally see are too petite.


This is off topic, I am looking everywhere for your post on how to etch glass bottles to use for storing pantry goods. Was I dreaming? cant find it anywhere here..:(

AMH Design

Just wanted to pass along this tip for anyone in NYC- the Gracious Home store @ 26th & 6th is closing this month and they have knobs & drawer pulls for $2.10 each. I got some amazing brass pulls that were originally marked $25 each.


This post was exactly what I needed! I’m refinishing an old library card catalog and looking to replace the cheap plastic label holder/drawer pulls I found it with. But I wasn’t having any luck finding the right style at hardware stores, etc.



I love these! I have an old chest that I painted and it needs new hardware. My problem is that the screw holes are 5.5″ apart. Any suggestions for the best place to look for odd sizes?

Kate S.

These “Resources” lists are so, so helpful. Thank you so much!


thank you, thank you, thank you! I was nearly convinced that anthropologie was the only place for interesting drawer pulls. what a relief :)

Denise Faraone

Great hardware. I find myself trying to age hardware, to give it an interesting look. Also to accomplish an old word design look on a piece of furniture or in a kitchen.


The best source for high end antique hardware in amazing shape is The owner is a long time collector of the finest hardware, and unlike most of the collectors, he is willing to sell and trade hardware. If you want something that will blow people’s socks off talk to Tom


Thanks for all the great resources. I just wanted to throw another resource out there as well:

I’ve shopped this place many times. They are a staple in the Washington, DC architectural salvage industry. Their site is a little dated, but they have a great selection of antique hardware products and will ship nationwide.


I’ve just spent the last 30 minutes looking at these sites, some amazing hardware! We also sell Antique Reproduction Hardware in The UK including Coat Hooks, Cabinet Hardware, Drawer Handles & Pulls & lots more :)