stop-motion wedding video

I love a good short video, especially when there’s a happy ending. This wedding video is a fun, festive and unique way to document a special day and I love the playfulness of it. Bonnie and Rhys were married at Margaret River in Western Australia and worked with photographers Sophia Bayly and Simon Moore to create this fun stop-motion animation of their wedding. From the opening shots of the walking shoes to the final moments, it’s a beautiful four-minute look into a special day. Thanks to Grace for the tip! xo, grace


Totally love this! @ Andrea: the song is “Buffalo” by the Phoenix Foundation – love it, too!


I do too, Andrea! It’s “Buffalo” by the Phoenix Foundation. (Thank you, Shazam…)


wow, this is so cool!!! i love the scenes with the groom and the best men and the shirts! awesome!!


Such a sweet video! Makes me smile and look forward to my own Big Day that much more!!!


I always cry at weddings but this one had me grinning all the way. Great video, super music! Big happy to the couple!!!!


I love stop motion! It makes everything so great. + great song choice.

Cheryl @ House of Shine

LOVE! Stunning! Not enough good words in the human language to describe how cute their wedding was and how wonderful that stop video is! Awesome! And the song! :) Wow.


We West Aussies love to play out loud but have to give it to those guys, that little vid takes the cake. The wedding cake!


BEST wedding “video” ever! I wish I had something like that from mine!


Wow – that was incredible! And so proud that it was someone from WA! Welldone guys. x

Sizza @ Six in the Suburbs

that’s so unique and refreshing! what an awesome job the photographer’s did. I have the feeling a lot of people are going to be wanting a similar video for their wedding after watching this delightful clip!


Seriously the BEST wedding video I’ve seen and one that could actually be seen again and again. Love it!

Renee loves

This is awesome, love the part where the orange balloons were passed along…. actually loved all of it!!!

d*s fan

so much better than an actual video! it captures the highlights and the overall feeling of the day, i love it!

my only suggestion would be to maybe slow down the pace just at one spot right where they said I do or turned to walk down the isle since that was the biggest part of the day.



Beautiful! The couple’s personalities shine though in this video. Oh the song is “Buffalo” by The Phoenix Foundation – I had to shazam it :)


Wooo! Yay for the West Aussies! My cousin-in-law actually got married at the winery that this couple got married at.


Soooooooooo Sweet! Make me smile and cry :) because its simply naturally. Congratulations! ;)

Ron Ruth

Extraordinarily fun and creative video. Would love to have one of my client’s wedding receptions shot in the stop-motion style. Very cool!

The Urban Potager

Amazing and yet so special! A truly wonderful way of capturing the essence of the day without having to sit through hours of wedding footage…ahh technology, wish this had have been available when I said “Ido”, saying that it has given me a few ideas for our next big family event…the Canon is going to get a workout! Love it! Thanks DS for showing this.


This is brilliant and BEAUTIFUL! I am a wedding photographer and it gives me a whole other level of appreciation for this as an art form. Such delight for my eyes!


This video made me get all teary– looking forward to my wedding 7/23/11! I had to send this to my friend and photographer, :-)


Bayley and Moore <3 I love stop motion! I agree slow down the part where they are walking down the aisle after the 'I do's'… perfection!