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sneak peek: ma mamie hippie

by anne

Textile designer Sarah Caniot and photographer Nicolas Grandmaison call the 12th arrondisement of Paris between Bastille and Nation home. Their two-story apartment is only 54m2 (581 sq. ft.) and it provides both living and workspace for Sarah’s line of fun homewares, Ma Mamie Hippie. The apartment was recently renovated and is now completely open with no walls except those separating the bathroom. Still, they’ve been able to create an inviting and functional space. Enjoy the full post below, and you can find more snippets of Sarah and Nicolas’ home here, and more from Sarah on her blog here. Thanks, Sarah! Anne

Image above: We decided to paint the lower floor of the apartment chocolate brown for a cozy atmosphere. The staircase (to our office and workshop) was custom made and is brushed stainless steel. We had a carpenter friend build this large oak shelf where we could consolidate all of our book collection of art and photography. We love designer, retro and colorful items like this silkscreened limited edition table, the Sentou Jiedlé yellow light, and the garlands of Tse & Tse creative. We unearthed old school chairs for the table. We like to have friends over, but the corner is also great for reading or taking a nap.

Image above: You enter the apartment through the kitchen. The counters are made of oak, with all the tools we need within reach since we love cooking and having friends over for meals. Various cloths from my collection that I silkscreened serve as curtains to hide what’s behind the counters. I have created patterns inspired by cooking: our market where we go every day, and traders in our neighborhoods that we know well. I like to use neon colors to give pep and provide good contrast with the chocolate brown wall of the kitchen.

Image above: Our trick for hiding our electric meter was to cover it with slate where our friends can leave us messages every time they come over.

Image above: We decided to paint a wall in the bedroom bright pink to give the room punch. The painting “Snow is pink in Paris” is by a Parisian artist. The wood and yellow steel workshop chair is from the 60s and is paired with an old school desk. My office is used for a lot of computer work. Behind the computer, there is a picture by Cedric Delsaux, a friend of ours, who gave it to us as a gift. We love this photo he took of the old neon lights of Las Vegas. Small metal lockers hold lots of photo equipment.

Image above: As a textile designer, I create silkscreened objects for the home. “Ma mamie hippie” translates to “My hippie grandma.” This is my studio, where I keep many fabrics and different materials for silkscreening.

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Image above: A large column of books with a garland of colored Tse & Tse flags follows you to the top of the stairs. I use the railing of the stairs to dry my screenprinted tea towels. We unearthed an old trunk at a flea market for storage. I keep all the cards and objects I like on the edge of the trunk. There are many design and decoration books on the shelf for inspiration. The little blue chair holds magazines with recent press for Ma Mamie Hippie. Even the shoes in the workshop are some of the elements that inspire me in my work.

Image above: Our room is simple; there is our bed and the dresser that had to fit. We painted the walls in a light brown with a hint of pink to create one quiet and zen side of the room.

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