miriam bereson 2011 yearly planner

AC’s cold from last week finally caught up with me and I spent most of the evening and this morning sneezing and coughing. I always seem to catch the cold of anyone who walks within 10 feet of me, so next year I’m hoping to ward off early winter sicknesses by reminding myself to stock up on healthy foods and vitamins and scheduling a flu shot. When I saw this beautiful new yearly planner from Miriam Bereson, I thought, “This would be perfect for scheduling next year’s ‘Avoid Winter Illnesses’ plan.” Of course, it would be perfect for scheduling happier, more exciting events, as well, but I tend to forget anything that I don’t write down. Whether you plan to keep track of fun or functional plans, this pretty new planner has got you covered. It’s available right here for $15 and measures roughly 38 x 17 inches. Here’s to a healthier winter! xo, grace

*PS: Stay tuned for a special font-themed day tomorrow next Tuesday! We’re celebrating our favorite typography in home and interior design, interviewing some of my favorite type designers, and launching a fun font-design contest! UPDATE: Sorry for the delay guys. We had to push things back a bit. But that means I have more time to interview additional designers for the video so stay tuned!


I have the same problem, when someone around me is sick I can bet for it I have it in a couple of days too.


Wow! That is really striking. And so cute. Love it ;)
p.s. feel better soon! i feel the sickness coming on myself…