meet my 2011 calendar

For the last month, I’ve searched for the perfect 2011 calendar and, barring any major surprises, I think I’ve found my pick: Cicada Studio’s new tea towel calendar. If I had to pick one design component I love above all others it would be fabric, so having a calendar in fabric form is a big plus for me. And this one is just plain adorable. I love the colorful floral print and the fact that it would work equally well in a living room, home office or a child’s room. The calendar won’t ship until next week, but you can pre-order one right here for $42. xo, grace


ooooooh! the colors are perfect for my kitchen wall! thanks so much for the tip grace!


Love it! This would look SO perfect in my kitchen with the curtains I made out of tea towels. Oh irony of ironies, however, if I spent $10 on curtains and $42 on a wall calendar. Alas.

Angie Burr

I agree Janell Beals. My grandmother had one too. I loved them then and love them even more now. This one is especially nice.

It would be great to circle especially eventful days in permanent marker, that way when the year is over you’ll have a towel reminding you of those super awesome days of 2011. *a


I saw this on Design Crush yesterday and pretty much shouted “YES YES YES” at my computer screen… but I couldn’t find where to buy it. I don’t have a kitchen of my own (yet) but when I get one (soon?), I need this calendar in it.

And now I know where to get it. Thank you!


Wow, I will obsess until I purchase. Thanks alot, hahaha jk! :)