makelike: forest collection

There was a period last year when I seriously considered covering not one but two rooms in my apartment with Makelike’s amazing cactus wallpaper. I decided to wait because it would be a bear to take down when we move to the next apartment, but I’ve never stopped dreaming of a living room (or kitchen) covered in the gorgeous pale green and white version. Now Makelike has gone and given me a brand new group of patterns to obsess over: their new forest collection!

This hand-illustrated collection consists of hand-screeprinted wallpaper, posters and tea-towels with a forest theme. Focusing on the “lush textures of the natural world,” Makelike drew from their Pacific Northwest roots to create a colorful range of patterns that you can now buy in textile or paper form. I’m seriously into the pattern above, but you can check out (and shop) the full collection online right here (tea towels are $26 and wallpaper is $150). That pinkish paper in the first picture above is SO going on something in my home soon. Move over cacti, these pretty trees may be taking your place . . .


Oh man! I may finally have to cave on my wallpaper is not for me thing. That green forest wallpaper is kind of exactly what I’ve envisioned for an focal point wall behind my bed!

Sarah C

You should have them make a d*s desktop wallpaper! I’m looking forward to the next version.


I like the wallpaper but I LOVE the tea towls–and both of those record storage units! Does anyone know where I can find great record shelves/ benches like those?



oh weird! i’ll email and ask- it was in the flickr set they sent me for the post. sorry about that.



Love love love Makelike. And I kind of went through something similar last year when I saw the Cactus collection but I didn’t want to wait for the forest theme. I don’t regret at all having decided to go with my first choice and my entry hall looks so much better!!


It’s very cute and lively.. the Fungi one looks very fusion, too, would work even in a more subdued interior.


the green one in the d*s post is a special order colorway — 4 rolls minimum! holy mackerel, i can’t use that much of it. anyone want to go halfsies?


as much as i like wallpaper and the illustrations shown are rather cute, i’d much rather put up a design that wouldn’t be dated eventually.



i think most designs can feel dated after a while, unless contextualized. i grew up with a friend who’s family had some seriously classic printed walls (a modified damask that wasn’t raised/velvet) and even that after a few years just felt totally overwhelming. i think patterns like this are great for small spaces or accent walls where a bold pattern won’t feel like it’s enveloping the entire space after a few years ;)


Kim at SassySisterVintage

Wow! Fab-u-lous paper. What about taking a large stretched canvas and covering it with a piece of the wallpaper. That way it’s not permanent and you can still make a large wall statement. I did this with a piece of Amy Butler fabric a while back in my family room.


Anyone know where to find those record shelves/benches from the first two photos??

makelike (liz)

Hi Amy, The bench / record shelves in both product
photographs were custom built in Portland, Oregon by a good friend
of ours who is an amazing carpenter. You can email me at
( if you want any details or to just say hi! –
best liz


I love the rooms as well with the wallpaper, very mountain 1970s, anyone know if the speakers are for sale or vintage? I love the way the wood speakers look with the wallpaper :)


So ahh Liz I see that you sell sample packs – just how big are the pieces of wall paper in the sample packs?

makelike (tara)

Hi Lisa, our sample packs include all of the color-ways available in the particular design you have chosen. the dimension of each color-way is not exact but just cut off the roll. (approx. 18″ x 27″)

Hi Holly, as for the speakers they are Cerwin Vega.
unfortunately not for sale but you could certainly find some on ebay or contact your local stereo shop…